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Judy Skutch-Whitson 1931-2021

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Judy Skutch-Whitson

Judy Skutch-Whitson

Judy became the very public face of A Course in Miracles in the late ‘70s. She personally introduced it to thousands of people in events around the country. She told a compelling story of how ACIM had been scribed by Helen with connection and support from Bill, how miraculously it came to Helen word for word just as it was printed, and how the whole copying, distributing, and then publishing of it was one miracle after another. She told how she at first had to “xerox” copy after copy to give to people who were interested and how there was no way she could keep up with the demand for early copies. She talked about how the money to professionally publish was miraculously received. The story seemed almost too good to be true.



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A Christmas State of Mind

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Panettone Christmas Bread

Panettone Christmas Bread

In that reading that Rev. Dusa Althea read, along with the Christmas being a state of mind quote that is not in the Foundation for Inner Peace book, there is also this quote which actually is in the FIP book. A Course in Miracles says "The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen." (OrEd.Tx.4.43) The Course gives us that affirmation. That's what I need to think about when I tend to indulge in: I don't have an employee, or totalitarianism is like creeping into the world, my video was removed from YouTube, or any of those types of things. "The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen." (OrEd.Tx.4.43)

Then A Course in Miracles says this, "That was written in that form because it is a good thing to use as a … prayer in moments of temptation … a Declaration of Independence." (OrEd.Tx.4.43-44) That is my prayer this holiday season. That is my declaration of independence. That is my prayer for Christmas. "The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen." (OrEd.Tx.4.43)


CMC Mission Statement

The Community Miracles Center is a local and worldwide fellowship. We share our experience of A Course In Miracles and other related spiritual teachings in order to heal our perception of ourselves, our relationships, and the world."

What Does ACIM Say about "Church?"

"There is no choice in this because only you can be the foundation of God's church. A church is where an altar is, and the presence of the altar is what makes it a church. Any church which does not inspire love has a hidden altar which is not serving the purpose for which God intended it. I must found His church on you because you who accept me as a model are literally my disciples." (OrEd.Tx.6.12)

Who We Are - ACIM

Hnds in Rainbow Sky

The CMC is a fully legal and recognized A Course in Miracles based Church organization with the legal right to ordain ministers.
We are a 501[c][3] Public Charity recognized by State of California and U.S.A. Federal governments.
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We recently began our 35th year (in 2021) and are set up to go on in perpetuity.


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1. Articles of Incorporation Secretary of State of State of California Feb. 9, 1987 (Shows Church intended purpose)

2. Recognition Letter Franchise Tax Board State of California Jun. 17, 1987 (Shows legal Church status)

3. Recognition Letter Internal Revenue Service U.S.A. Jan. 8, 1988 (Shows 501[c][3] Public Charity status)

4. Amendment to Articles Secretary of State of State of California Jan. 14, 1998 (Shows name change)

5. Reissue Recognition Letter Internal Revenue Service U.S.A.  Oct. 10, 2018 (Shows 501[c][3] Public Charity status with new office address)

The End Is Near - The Happy Ending

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Homer Simpson Proclaims the Apocalypse

Homer Simpson Proclaims the Apocalypse

I've been getting the guidance lately that we are coming much closer to that sufficient number. When a sufficient number become miracle-minded, or when a sufficient number, let's say, start tuning into the Holy Spirit, start tuning into their own wisdom instead of relying on external authorities, the time shortening, the miracles, the healing, get accelerated very, very profoundly. Actually, this particular quote teaches it becomes immeasurable how fast things will speed up. It's saying that when there's a critical number, when a critical number of the Holy Children of God who believed they were separate start learning that they have a connection with each other, that they have a connection to the Voice for God, that they can receive their own wisdom, that they don't have to rely on external authorities any more, something amazing will happen.

When a critical number of people get that, then something exponential takes off. It's not just a linear progression, it's an exponential progression. So at certain point, we're going along, we're going along, things are slowly increasing, things are slowly increasing, but then all of a sudden this critical number get it (Rev. Tony is using his hand to track the path of a rising exponential curve) and then it just takes off. I have gotten the feeling and the message that we're approaching that. We're approaching that critical mass. There's another way of looking at this, like the 100th monkey thing. When the 100th monkey learns how to wash his pear, all the monkeys suddenly know how to wash their pears. There's a cascade of increased healing that I believe could be right around the corner.


Hiding in the Spiritual / Religious Closet

by Rev. Tony Ponticello 

Man Scared in the Closet

Man Scared in the Closet

This came up for me this week, when I got a communication from one of our students. This is a new student taking a class with us. When this student joined the class, they paid for the class with two different credit cards. They paid part of the fee with one card, part of the fee with another card. About 2 weeks later this person emailed me, and I could tell that the person was upset. This person said — it was a woman — that I had to immediately ... please would I refund the money charged on the one card, because her husband saw it and her husband did not approve. She was going to have to tell her husband that this was some kind of mistake and she got the business to reverse the charge. Then she would find some other way to pay us, but please do it quickly because her husband was very upset. So of course I did, and that was what it was. She was very grateful that I did that.

However I thought about this, taking a class, a simple class, in a spiritual program and not being able to be open about it, not being able to tell key people in your life — like your husband — having to hide it. And I wish I could say that this is a rare experience, but I've actually had it many times, even recently, when people have some issue about how they pay for a class, because they don't want key people to know. There's also people who can't take the Zoom class in their home because then other people would find out. So they have to go to a public place like a library or a cafe to take the class. There's all these issues with some people.


Happy New Year! Get Busy!

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Busy Man Running Late

Busy Man Running Late

I am going to focus in on some of the teachings that A Course in Miracles has about the new year. Here is one. "So will the year begin in joy and freedom." (OrEd.Tx.15.122) Joy and freedom – joy! We just got through the holiday season with lots of festivities with love – interactions with friends, and family. Hopefully it did begin with joy – and freedom. Freedom is one we don't think about a lot, but A Course in Miracles is really a teaching about freedom. It is freeing us from the shackles – the thought system – of the world and the imprisonment that those ideas actually have. So we are to begin this year with joy and freedom.

Then it says something interesting that really nobody wants to hear. It says, "There is much to do, and we have been long delayed." (OrEd.Tx.15.122) There is a lot to do here in the new year – there is a lot to do. Jesus has a lot for us to do. It's now the time to get on doing it.

This whole thing about doing and having a lot to do, this is a challenge for many spiritual students, and A Course in Miracles people. They like to focus on the "I need do nothing" (OrEd.Tx.18.67) idea, so thinking that there are truly things for us to do – that Jesus has stuff for us to do – is a little bit challenging for those students. I do want to acknowledge that.