Rev. Paula Carpe

Rev. Paula Carpe

Rev. Paula Carpe is CMC minister #125. She was ordained Feb. 14, 2021. She teaches CMC's Wed. morning 9:00 a.m. Pacific, A Course of Love (ACOL) class on Zoom! She also facilitates CMC's Thu. morning 8:30 a.m. ACIM drop-in "Global Miracle Workers" meeting on Zoom! Meeting ID: 8560 203 8327

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This Sunday, July 10th, join us at the CMC Zoom Service for a special talk about relationships in Love. Our speaker, Rev. Paula Carpe, will share key steps that unlock the doors to the dance floor of life, for your authentic "Dance of Love." First, find out what steps she took to manifest her love relationship after many years of living happily single. Next, discover the spiritual principles, practical practices, and specific Course lessons that helped her before, during, and continuing daily on this journey of Love. Finally, find out how you too can choose the "Dance of Love" and what it takes to keep it going and growing forward in Love, in peace, joy, and harmony. Rev. Paula understands you may have experienced a past love that didn’t turn out in a good way, or for whatever reason, it didn’t last. She has also experienced her share of past heartbreak. That experience might have left a memory you believe, and fear, will repeat itself. Rev. Paula will share ways to recognize any fear arising from the past, in the world of illusions, seemingly holding you back from experiencing a new love or getting in the way of forward movement in an existing love relationship. Learn how to recognize, release, and let go of that past belief, get out of your own way, choose a new possibility for Love, and in so doing, clear the dance floor of life for your next "Dance of Love"! It may not seem easy, but it is simple when you listen to the Divine Guidance of the Holy Spirit's quiet but always present Voice. That Voice is always speaking to us! May your next "Dance of Love" in peace, joy, and harmony begin now! 21 min. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE

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Tuesday, 29 March 2022 03:23

The Truth Is Not Any of That

Dear Miracle Workers,

As I watch the mainstream news and alternative news sources reporting the state of affairs playing out in our world, it seems that there is evil everywhere. How can this out-picturing of division, destruction, attack, death, pain and suffering, lack of food and water, confusion and displacement of millions of refugees, struggling in fear and despair, be real? It seems so unbelievable. Yet looking at our world history, it appears to be more of the same insanity, another story playing out with victims of yet another war. We see a world in chaos appearing so real and so sad.

My inner voice of reason, reminds me not to believe all that I hear and see, to know the truth is not any of that! I am instructed to allow the correction to take place, to stop watching and start listening within. In meditation I ask for guidance to facilitate miracles of peace and love in our world.

I remember this world is an illusion, the appearance of "evil" is of the ego thought system. It’s a dream we created, fear based habits and destructive beliefs of the sub-conscious mind that we can change.

"... it must be realized that it is you who dreamed the dreaming that you do not like. It is but an effect which you have caused, and you would not be cause of this effect." (OrEd.Tx.28.19)

"The miracle is the first step in giving back to cause the function of causation, not effect. For this confusion has produced the dream, and while it lasts, will wakening be feared." (OrEd.Tx.28.24)

We are divine beloved Children of God – one with that power, intelligence and source. We are as God is: love, peace, harmony, joy, grace, happiness, and abundance!

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #330, Mar. 29 2022)

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Rev. Paula Carpe helps you to shift your thinking, open your heart, inspire, guide, and support you on your journey. From the depths of our own being, God speaks to us through a medium of our own dreams, our imagination, and visions. What we believe is manifest as our experience in the world. By Knowing our Divinity, and choosing an open and receptive state of being, Divine Guidance comes through loud and clear. Find out how you can tune into the power within, pause and find the cause, allow a shift in consciousness, rewrite your story and move the invisible to the visible. Rev. Paula shares personal experiences, spiritual principles and lessons from: ACIM, ACOL and other spiritual teachings. 28 min. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE

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Tuesday, 23 November 2021 05:34

Happy and In Love Again

Dear Miracle Workers

I’ve been praying for a new love – a partner – someone like-minded to hang out with and share this life journey. I’m very happy on my own, being single for many years, enjoying life. But still, there has always been a feeling that I would be even happier with a partner again. I love what I do for work and play, and I have many friends and family – realizing I am blessed with love and happiness, and none of us are alone.

So now that I’ve met someone (and feel good about that) why is there a sense of fear coming up? I wonder if this could really be a love that will last forever, having a few that didn’t work out as I imagined.

It’s interesting when fear and doubt come up from the past, when the ego-mind tries to warn us and sabotage happiness. I realize that fear is a choice and not what I choose now. I remember to be present, to let go of past relationships ⏤ to forgive and allow new love to be expressed uniquely as it is. As love just is Love.

My prayers have been answered. All the attributes of my perfect partner are being checked off my list. We seem to be a great fit, and this feeling of love is mutual. The timing is perfect for us both, So in this moment, I’m grateful for being happy and in love again. I’m grateful for A Course In Miracles for reminding me to let go and let love, to forgive the past, and to know that our natural state of being is Love.

All fear is past because its source is gone and all its thoughts gone with it. Love remains the only present state .... (OrEd.W.293.1)

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(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #314, Nov. 23 2021)

Dear Miracle Workers,

It’s always been important to me to maintain a state of healthy vibrance and vigor, that sense of wellness inside and out. Even now as society considers me a member of the senior community, I haven’t changed that belief. What has recently changed is a test result showing a decrease in bone density. Being young at heart and never feeling my age, not believing in physical limitations (until, of course, something hurts). I continue to believe that we are as young as we feel, however, I’m letting go of the boxing class for now. I continue lifting weights, cycling, walking, swimming, yoga, golf, and dancing. All of which bring me joy and a physically fit body.

I have learned that wellness ultimately derives from attitude. Outer forms and inner shifts can work together to accommodate this. A physical workout builds a sense of self-satisfaction, as well as getting the blood pumping and the endorphins "dorphing." An inner workout, like blessing one’s body with gratitude, helps us to feel integrated and whole.

Knowing there’s no one right way for our bodies to be, my body vehicle that gets me around the earth plane responds well to appreciation, Love and respect. This inner practice supports an optimal state of wellness at the level of form. At the level of Spirit within we are and remain only well and whole.

The Course reminds us that:

"I am as God created me.
I will remain forever as I was,
Created by the Changeless like Himself.
And I am one with Him, and He with me."


"A mind that recoils from a hurt body is in great need of rehabilitation itself. All symptoms of hurt need true helpfulness, and whenever they are met with this, the mind that so meets them heals itself." (OrEd.Tx.4.105)

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #302, Sep. 2 2021)

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 22:31

Manifest Perfect Health

Dear Miracle Workers,

A common belief among most New Thought practitioners is that the essential key to health maintenance is affirmative prayer. This is believed to be the most direct way of manifesting the desired outcome. Denial prayer, on the other hand, (for some) is not considered an essential step in the process. Emma Curtis Hopkins, the founder of New Thought, taught her students the importance of denying the truth of the belief - accepted by the human mind - which gave rise to whatever untoward condition presented itself in the body. It is the denial of whatever thought caused the condition to manifest in form.

A Course in Miracles speaks of this in the teaching "Healing as Release from Fear": "The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself. This means that he recognizes that mind is the only creative level and that its errors are healed by the Atonement. Once he accepts this, his mind can only heal. By denying his mind any destructive potential and reinstating its purely constructive powers, he has placed himself in a position where he can undo the level confusion of others. The message he then gives to others is the truth that their minds are similarly constructive and that their miscreations cannot hurt them. By affirming this, the miracle worker releases the mind from over-evaluating its own learning device (the body) and restores the mind to its true position as the learner." (OrEd.Tx.2.65)

As a professional practitioner, I use proven spiritual practices such as Affirmative Denial prayer to correct misbeliefs, manifest miracles and heal. Most important of all I’m open and receptive to hear God’s Divine Guidance.

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #295, Jul. 13 2021)

Can we simply choose this? The answer is “Yes!”
I bring this up today as I have been observing a lot of discord in our world. People seem to be living in fear of losing their: jobs, homes, family, and freedom. I hear these concerns in daily conversations, in person and on social media. The appearance of a world divided is not what I know to be the truth. So instead of engaging with what I don’t believe or desire, I choose to trust in God, the All Good, All Love, and hear Jesus speak the truth through A Course in Miracles.
“I am determined to see things differently.” (OrEd.WkBk.21) First – choose this when experiencing something you don’t like. Know that what took place in your life before was perfect exactly as it appeared in your lifeline, and appropriately belongs in that spot of your evolution. But that moment is now past and you must make yourself available for the next moment’s vibrational pull today. No matter what was your life experience in the past, you can change it! The key to moving on from the past is letting go of the story that you repeat in your mind and stop sharing it out loud with others!
Lesson 132, “I loose the world from all I thought it was” teaches us this truth, “… that anyone is free to change his mind, and all his thoughts change with it. … You free the past from what you thought before. You free the future from all ancient thoughts of seeking what you do not want to find.” (OrEd.WkBk.132.2-3)
So now, embracing the vibration of Love, choose what you want to experience. How freeing it is to realize that the Divine Plan for us is whatever we choose it to be!
(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #283, Apr. 20 2021)

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