Rev. Kim Wilson

Rev. Kim Wilson

Rev. Kim Wilson is CMC minister #85. She was ordained Mar. 15, 2015. She teaches CMC's Tue. evening A Course of Love (ACOL) class on Zoom! She also co-facilitates CMC's Fri. afternoon "Southern Spirit Sisters" meeting also on Zoom!

Wednesday, 14 April 2021 20:58

Are You Damn Well Ready?

Dear Miracle Workers,
It’s like momma not wanting to get outa that chair, not wanting to come outside to hear the birds singing, to see the green grass and feel the soft breeze. She’ll be the one that says when she’s damn well ready to get outa that chair!
That’s kinda how I’ve been about remembering who I am. I’ll be the one who decides when I accept who I am and thus end suffering. Why would I wait? Maybe this holds a false sense of power to be the one who decides? Maybe I’m not willing to quit suffering? Maybe even though there is some pain experienced in suffering, it still is a familiar and somehow odd comfort? “My death was meant to demonstrate that the end of suffering had come, and with it, eternal life.” (ACOL-D.Day2.24)
During Jesus’s time on earth most were not willing to accept the end of suffering. Jesus made his choice to end suffering.“We will crucify it upon the cross of time and space, bury it, so that it need be no more, and demonstrate that new life follows the choice to end suffering.” (ACOL-D.Day2:23) Now, we are willing to accept who we are. I hear this message of love everyday on the television, at the grocery store, in almost every song on the radio. I notice we are all speaking of love for one another. I know if I am experiencing these changes, you are too! "And in your willingness for this lies also your acceptance of yourself as you were meant to be." (OrEd.Tx.18.33)
What is stopping me or you from accepting our true Self? From accepting the end of suffering? The only thing stopping us is our choice. Maybe it is time to damn well make that choice!
(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #282, Apr. 13 2021)
Friday, 05 March 2021 23:52

The Dinner Table

Dear Miracle Workers,
As we sat across the dinner table I thought, “Does she have to know my name? Does she have to laugh at my jokes? Does she have to know my God?” My sister Cindy told me for years, “Momma’s not gonna change, Kim.”
This did not deter me! I kept trying to get Momma to change. I kept smiling, trying to get her to laugh at my jokes, call me by my name, and know that I believe God is Love. Alas, Momma is contented with the way things are. Three squares and running water is living in high cotton!
When I accepted the Atonement for myself, the idea became clearer to me. I need only accept the Atonement for myself. I have old thought patterns. A Course of Love talks about thought patterns. “What this means is that you are still in need of unlearning, of undoing old patterns of thought. This is atonement and it is continuous and ongoing until it is no longer needed.” (2Tr.4:15)
As we sit across the dinner table, my mother and I, I realize we love each other. We do not understand each other and that does not mean anything.
A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 49 states, “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.” The part of my mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God whether I am aware of it or not. Dinnertime has become a time to get very still and listen to the Voice of Truth, which is calm, always at rest and wholly certain. Lesson 49 continues, “We are trying to reach your real home. We are trying to reach the place where you are truly welcome. We are trying to reach God.” (OrEd.WkBk.49.4) 
This is Truth.
(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #282, Apr. 13 2021)

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