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We are in the midst of the Jewish Festival of Lights - Chanukah. Sunday will be day 3 of the 8 day celebration. Chanukah is a wonderful holiday to mesh with the ACIM teaching. The story always relates the miracle of how after reclaiming the Temple the Temple's menorah lamp burned for 8 days even though there was only 1 days worth of fuel oil. Looking out at the world it can seem as if many peoples' - and perhaps our own - fuel oil is running low. The light can seem to be flickering. However our steady light can shine into the lamps of others and ignite their eternally burning flame illuminating and thus reclaiming their Temples. Hallelujah! "The power of one mind can shine into another, because all the lamps of God were lit by the same spark. It is everywhere, and it is eternal." (OrEd.Tx.9.91)

Wednesday, 09 December 2020 07:23

Another Guest "TV" Appearances for Rev. Tony

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Dear A Course in Miracles Students,
Fri. Dec. 11 ... and after
2) TGF (Teachers of God Foundation) TV with Kelly Russell (see below)
10:30am Eastern / 9:30am Central / 8:30am Mountain / 7:30am Pacific
Chanukah Up! "Rock Your Inner Menorah and Be the Lamp"
This is a live interview for free, followed by Q&A for subscribers
In the Jewish tradition, Chanukah, also known as The Festival of Lights, celebrates the purification and rededication of the Holy Temple after its reclamation from those attempting to force the people to worship false idols. Fast forward a couple of thousand years, and isn’t that what we’re still pretty much doing right now? Liberating and reclaiming the sacred temple of our minds from the false self of the ego?
Please join Kelly and her special guest Rev. Tony Ponticello as they explore the symbolism of Chanukah and its relationship to the thought system of A Course in Miracles. They will discuss how the power of faith and the miracle of forgiveness allow the abundance of Light to illuminate the temple of our hearts and minds, transforming the darkness of fear, scarcity, lack, and conflict to peace, love, and joy.
In this Season of Light, choose to reclaim your inner temple and BE THE LAMP that lights the world!
Premiers 10:30am Eastern Fri. Dec. 11th on Zoom and TGF's Facebook page

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #265, Dec. 9 2020)

Wednesday, 09 December 2020 07:20

Guest "TV" Appearances for Rev. Tony

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Dear A Course in Miracles Students,
I am excited to report that I have collaborated with two other ACIM content providers to produce two different video "TV" programs. The first will be shown Thu. Dec. 10 and the second will be shown Fri. Dec. 11. Hey I'm in demand! The shows have entirely different topics, so plan to watch them both. Both will be available after their premiers for later and multiple viewings. Please forward this email to all your ACIM friends. (Look there's an angel over my shoulder!)
Thu. Dec. 10 ... and after
1) A Course In Miracles TV with Robin Duncan (see below)
3:00pm Eastern / 2:00pm Central / 1:00pm Mountain / 12noon Pacific
Practical Steps to Healing
This is a prerecorded and edited hour long interview with Robin. We covered:
  • How the ACIM community has evolved
  • Practical steps to physical healing
  • Students approach to practice
  • Miracle Story on Mental Health
Premiers Thu. Dec. 10, 9 am Eastern, on Robin's web site and YouTube channel:

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #265, Dec. 9 2020)

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Thanksgiving has always been a time to focus on gratitude, abundance, and joy. That begins a Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Holiday Season which also has a foundation in abundance and joy. This year (2020) we face challenges that we have not had before. Many usual abundant celebrations seem restricted, less, or fragmented ... that seems to speak of lack. Yet it is still the ACIM student's challenge to understand that perceptions of lack are "faulty" or broken. Abundance or wholeness is the only ground of being that is a reflection of eternal truth. "42. Wholeness is the perceptual content of miracles. It thus corrects or atones for the faulty perception of lack anywhere." (OrEd.Tx.1.61) Let's look at some practical ways to see wholeness and abundance in the midst of a holiday season challenging us with lack, loss, and fragmentation. Let's manifest abundance miracles instead.

Thursday, 03 December 2020 07:14

"Sparkly" Version of ACIM Resurrecting!

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Dear A Course in Miracles Students,
I am happy to announce that the Sparkly version of ACIM is in the process of resurrection. "WooHoo!" Based on the early copy of ACIM found in the Edgar Cayce library during the copyright trials (~1996) the version of ACIM affectionately named "The Sparkly" (because of it's unique cover) is having new life breathed into it. It has been out of print for about 5 years. Published by Ted Poppe and Diamond Clear Vision press The Sparkly was long the least expensive ACIM available and in fact ~20,000 were given away free to anyone who asked for one. While the cover was a bit controversial (just not formal enough for some purists) I (Rev. Tony) always LOVED it. A special Sparkly resurrection and fund raising event will be held on Saturday December 5 through Zoom & Facebook Live.
  • 8 p.m. Eastern
  • 7 p.m. Central
  • 6 p.m. Mountain
  • 5 p.m. Pacific
  • 4 p.m. Alaskan
  • 2 p.m. Hawaiian
There will be: music, talk, and MIRACLE inspiration.

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #264, Dec. 3 2020)

Friday, 20 November 2020 04:02

11.22.20 Video "The Pursuit of Virtue"

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A Course in Miracles teaches us many things including that we always have a decision to choose the miracle. This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving which is a holiday that reminds us of the virtue of gratitude. Aspiring to live by virtues brings us closer to the ultimate virtue of true love. My talk will be about how living a virtuous life can inspire us and propel us to a miraculous life! Please come and share your virtue!!

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I realized recently that my main job, while functioning in my role as miracle teacher and healer, was to keep students trusting in the process, to keep them engaged. Some students drop out of dedication to the ACIM discipline at the exact moment when they should actually be increasing their engagement time and practice dedication. Some form of fear gets the better of them (literally). However we all have to be "... willing to follow the Holy Spirit through seeming terror .... You are severely tempted to abandon Him at the outside ring of fear, but He would lead you safely through and far beyond." (OrEd.Tx.18.87) There is a ring of fear or fire at the foundation of the world illusion. As we approach our center we have to pass through it. Keep trusting both your own path and instill that trust in the people you influence.

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Now that the 2020 presidential election is over (sort of) I feel that we are entering a new time of healing. Regardless of what our political views are, and who we wanted to win the election, it is the time for all of us Miracle Workers to rise above the current "battleground" and let the healing energy flow through the American society. It is actually easier to do than many realize because Holy Spirit is always providing the perspective from above the battleground. "The overlooking of the battleground is now your purpose." (OrEd.Tx.23.50)

Sunday, 01 November 2020 04:00

11.01.20 Video "The Real Election"

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Unless you have been meditating in a Himalayan cave this year, you know that the United States is voting for its President. Many people refer to the Presidency as the most powerful position in the world. Wow! Awesome! Well, no, not really. The truly awesome insight is that we get to see what it is truly for. My talk will be about how we can have fun and be in the world, but remember that our real work and peace is found in another type of election - the election to see and choose the real alternative. Come to my talk and share in the revelation! Awesome!

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In the midst of abundant miracles this week (literally) I found myself strangely confronting thoughts of discouragement. On one level I knew this was my ego reacting to the miracles that were happening. ACIM tells us that the ego switches from suspiciousness to viciousness when it is severely challenged, and the discouragement was actually an indication that I was making fast spiritual progress. I was also comforted by this thought, "If the way seems long, let him be content. He has decided on the direction he will take. What more was asked of him?" (OrEd.Mn.22.2) I know which way to go, and I was heading in the right direction. That was all that was required. What a comfort it is to be able to declare this confidently. However the miracle was remembering that the healing is happening NOW and actually not in the future at all. "One source of perceived discouragement from which you suffer is your belief that this takes time, and that the results of the Holy Spirit's teaching are far in the future. This is not so." (OrEd.Tx15.2)

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