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Friday, 05 March 2021 23:57

The Purpose of the World

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Dear A Course in Miracles Students,
The purpose of the world from the ego's view is to get whatever you can however you can and do it before you die. Oh – and you’re always right and everyone else is wrong. And compare yourself and your progress of "getting and knowing" (being right) to everyone you meet. Then ... you die. That's the ego’s purpose. The Holy Spirit gently asks that you change the purpose of the world to forgiveness or true perception. The Holy Spirit simply says, "You cannot change, because your function has been fixed by God. ... Forgiveness does not aim at keeping time but at its ending when it has no use." (OrEd.29.41)
I mention forgiveness specifically because of the presidential election next week. Apply these ideas to the winner whoever he may be. Do not allow your fearful ego to tell you that all is lost or that you're moving to Canada ... or that you hate anyone. We cannot hate. Hate, judgment, loss, comparison and "being right" are all part of the ego mentality that we came to heal. It's easily done if we give a new purpose to the world we see. That purpose is forgiveness. "Only my condemnation injures me." (OrEd.WkBk.198) We can do this. It is why we came. Blessings.
(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #263, Oct. 28 2020)
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Rev. Joanie Schaeffer-Goss

Rev. Joanie Schaeffer-Goss is CMC Minister #71. She was ordained on Feb. 16, 2014. She co-facilitates the "Southern Spirit Sisters" Fri. 4 p.m. (Pac.) Zoom! meeting. Zoom ID: 9424 662 0530