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More Lethal than the Disease

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Dear Miracle Worker,

I haven’t totally given up on the medical establishment – yet. I still have medical insurance through an HMO. I still get yearly check-ups. I still do regular blood work.

Today was the day for me to again go for the year’s “blood letting.” It again felt absurd though it all went smoothly. The wait was short. The phlebotomist was friendly and found my vein easily. I watched my body’s blood fill all the little vials – so many vials, so many tests needed. What strange rituals we have agreed upon. There were also: urine samples (will I have enough?) fecal tests (no comment – I’ll just move on quickly), throat swabs, … "The rituals of the god of sickness are strange and very demanding.” (OrEd.Tx.9.93) Somehow all this is supposed to insure my body’s health? Really?

I wonder how much longer I am going to participate with these. I feel conflicted. Why are there no tests for the things that truly matter. Where’s the test for our connection to guidance from Holy Spirit? Why no test for how our relationships are, or if we even have any at all? Why no test for happiness? Why no questionnaire which asks if we have strong spiritual community connections? All these things have been proven to promote health and longevity. Even the medical establishment knows this.

Did you know that many doctors no longer ask men with body’s over 50 to take PSA tests anymore (prostate specific antigen). This was done for years (decades) to screen for prostate cancer. Why no more? Studies found that just having PSA tests were contra-indicated for longevity. These test caused men to take treatments and have major surgery that decreased their life span. The treatments were more lethal than the disease they were treating. Think about that.

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #363, November 15 2022)

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Rev. Tony Ponticello

Rev. Tony Ponticello is CMC Minister #20. He was ordained on Oct. 17, 1997. He is Executive Minister of Community Miracles Center and serves on the CMC Board as President. He is the Master of Ceremonies for the CMC Sunday Gathering and teaches 2 other CMC classes.

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