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10.02.22 "Bringing Healing to the World That Doesn't Want It"

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In my early life, let’s call it my time BC (Before the Course) I would have thought that everyone desired to be healed. Now, after involvement with ACIM for 42 years, I clearly see that this is indeed not so. A vast majority of the people in the world do not want healing and actively decide to endorse thought systems that diminish their power. People make decisions that continuously lead them to sickness and death. "Those who fear death see not how often and how loudly they call to it and bid it come to save them from communication." (OrEd.Tx.19.84) ACIM keeps reinforcing the idea that we are choosing sickness because it brings us something we want. No one like this teaching. However the fact that they don’t like it doesn’t make it less true. "Certainly sickness does not appear to be a decision. Nor would anyone actually believe he wants to be sick." (OrEd.Mn.22.4) Many ACIM students think that they are learning how to heal themselves and to extend that healing to others who also want it. I have found that a much more truthful (and thusly effective) foundation is to realize that we are bringing healing to those who do not want it and are actively choosing against it, and all too often that includes us. Don’t miss this talk. It will transform your ability to heal and be a healer. 29 min. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE

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Rev. Tony Ponticello

Rev. Tony Ponticello is CMC Minister #20. He was ordained on Oct. 17, 1997. He is Executive Minister of Community Miracles Center and serves on the CMC Board as President. He is the Master of Ceremonies for the CMC Sunday Gathering and teaches 2 other CMC classes.


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