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The Truth Is Not Any of That

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Dear Miracle Workers,

As I watch the mainstream news and alternative news sources reporting the state of affairs playing out in our world, it seems that there is evil everywhere. How can this out-picturing of division, destruction, attack, death, pain and suffering, lack of food and water, confusion and displacement of millions of refugees, struggling in fear and despair, be real? It seems so unbelievable. Yet looking at our world history, it appears to be more of the same insanity, another story playing out with victims of yet another war. We see a world in chaos appearing so real and so sad.

My inner voice of reason, reminds me not to believe all that I hear and see, to know the truth is not any of that! I am instructed to allow the correction to take place, to stop watching and start listening within. In meditation I ask for guidance to facilitate miracles of peace and love in our world.

I remember this world is an illusion, the appearance of "evil" is of the ego thought system. It’s a dream we created, fear based habits and destructive beliefs of the sub-conscious mind that we can change.

"... it must be realized that it is you who dreamed the dreaming that you do not like. It is but an effect which you have caused, and you would not be cause of this effect." (OrEd.Tx.28.19)

"The miracle is the first step in giving back to cause the function of causation, not effect. For this confusion has produced the dream, and while it lasts, will wakening be feared." (OrEd.Tx.28.24)

We are divine beloved Children of God – one with that power, intelligence and source. We are as God is: love, peace, harmony, joy, grace, happiness, and abundance!

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #330, Mar. 29 2022)

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Rev. Paula Carpe

Rev. Paula Carpe is CMC minister #125. She was ordained Feb. 14, 2021. She teaches CMC's Wed. morning 9:00 a.m. Pacific, A Course of Love (ACOL) class on Zoom! She also facilitates CMC's Thu. morning 8:30 a.m. ACIM drop-in "Global Miracle Workers" meeting on Zoom! Meeting ID: 8560 203 8327

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