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Let Me Assure You One More Time

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Dear Miracle Workers,

Wrap your mind around this. No matter what you think, no matter what you believe - I am on your side. I am here only to be truly helpful. I am telling you – just like A Course of Love (ACOL) is telling us - that we really are sharing one consciousness in unity. “The self-centeredness of the final stage of learning is over.” (ACOL.T4:12.20) So here! Hear this! Our condition as beings sharing the Embrace of Christ-consciousness is only known through our joining. “Realize that it is a truly new state, a state that cannot be learned, a state the awareness of which can only be revealed to you through unity and relationship....This is akin to being stranded in a foreign land with none of the ways you learned how to adapt in the past being of service to you." (ACOL.T4.12.26)

“Let me remember what my purpose is." (OrEd.Wkbk.257) My purpose does not change. My purpose is not to make sure you sit up and take nourishment. My purpose is not to please anybody. My purpose is not to make you happy. My purpose is to extend the good, the holy, and the beautiful in all affairs and in all relationships.

As Dr. Rev. Gwen Evans reminded us during the CMC Labor Day Community Voices Gathering, “What could be more holy than to use each moment of relationship in the recognition that only God’s children can truly relate one to another, and that the purpose of their relationship is to heal illusion, that the holy might be extended? and what could be more beautiful than to join together - you and we — in this moment to recognize that what is truly beautiful is the recognition that I and my father are one?” (The Way of Mastery, p.229) Our purpose is to extend the good, the beautiful and the holy as we embrace our shared unity which is limitless and all inclusive.

“Little Child, return! I am with you still. Let us create together the good, the holy and the beautiful.“ (The Way of Mastery, p.229)

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #304, Sep. 14 2021)

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Rev. Kim Wilson

Rev. Kim Wilson is CMC minister #85. She was ordained Mar. 15, 2015. She teaches CMC's Tue. evening A Course of Love (ACOL) class on Zoom! She also co-facilitates CMC's Fri. 4 p.m. "Southern Spirit Sisters" meeting also on Zoom! ID: 9424 662 0530

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