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Tuesday, 10 August 2021 22:45

A High School Reunion When the Past Is Gone

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Dear Miracle Workers,

Tomorrow, Wed. Aug. 11, I fly from San Francisco, CA to Syracuse NY. I was born and raised in a small town named Canastota near there. I went to Canastota High School there. Sat. Aug 14, I will be attending my high school reunion. The last reunion I attended was 15 years ago.

While I have been “Rev. Tony” for many years I have never gone home wearing a cleric shirt and collar before. I sought guidance on if I was indeed going to show up like this. Eventually got a clear “yes” – so here I go.

ACIM tells us many times, “The past is gone.” (OrEd.Tx.16.73) I did pull down my old high school yearbook and took a look through. I felt very disconnected from it all. It seemed remote and held little interest. In truth that past IS gone and it doesn’t interest me.

What does interest me are the relationships I have and can have with some of these people now in the present. There were 144 people in my senior class. I believe over 30 of them have already made their transition from earthly life with a couple passing this past month. I have felt a certain openness from some as they accumulate years and witness classmates pass. Perhaps I can bring a new perspective. I am interested in experiencing the Holy Encounters I can have with the ones who remain and who will be experiencing me for the first time as not only “Rev. Tony” in name but also in appearance. They have no past reference for that. "When you have learned to look upon everyone with no reference at all to the past, either his or yours as you perceived it, you will be able to learn from what you see now." (OrEd.Tx.12.46)

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(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #299, Aug. 10 2021)

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Rev. Tony Ponticello

Rev. Tony Ponticello is CMC Minister #20. He was ordained on Oct. 17, 1997. He is Executive Minister of Community Miracles Center and serves on the CMC Board as President. He is the Master of Ceremonies for the CMC Sunday Gathering and teaches 2 other CMC classes.