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I Don't Have the Time -or- I Do Have the Time

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Dear Miracle Workers,

As of Tuesday, July 20 we entered a section of the Workbook that said the minimum amount of quiet time after reading the lesson needs to be 15 minutes. It’s in the introduction to Review VI, "Besides the time you give morning and evening, which should not be less than 15 minutes …” (OrEd.WkBk.RvVI.1). I read that this morning and said, “Oh crap!” I have made a commitment this year to up my game and truly do the lessons to the best of my ability the way they are put forth. There is no reason why I could not give 15 minutes – so I did. It helped that I had a lesson partner keeping me accountable as well.

I have never been much of a meditator and was always glad that ACIM didn’t seem to have a focus on meditation. In fact – it seems to say it wasn’t necessary in a couple of places. "Nor is a lifetime of contemplation and long periods of meditation aimed at detachment from the body necessary." (OrEd.Tx.18.56) The rest of that passage talks about how tedious and time consuming these meditations could be. That was certainly my experience.

Still, I couldn’t get past today’s instruction and how clearly stated it was. I certainly don’t want to reinforce an idea that I do not have enough time by choosing to NOT do the 15 minutes asked. If my belief is that I do not have enough time then I will continue to manifest a life experience where I don’t have enough time. I’ve done enough of that in my life and I am willing to let it go. I do have enough time. I have an abundance of time. How are you all doing with your lesson practice?

(originally appeared in Miracles Weekly #296, Jul. 20 2021)

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Rev. Tony Ponticello

Rev. Tony Ponticello is CMC Minister #20. He was ordained on Oct. 17, 1997. He is Executive Minister of Community Miracles Center and serves on the CMC Board as President. He is the Master of Ceremonies for the CMC Sunday Gathering and teaches 2 other CMC classes.

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