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CMC Associate Ministers

# Associate Minister Min. # Ordination Date
1 Rev. Tedosio Samora 6 Sep. 9, 1990
2 Rev. Rudy Colombini 15 Nov. 4, 1995
3 Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh 21 Oct. 17, 1997
4 Rev. Peter Graham 40 Feb. 23, 2002
5 Rev. Vincent Fuqua 51 Oct. 2, 2004
6 Rev. Charles Mawson 58 Feb. 26, 2012
7 Rev. Paul Marinkovich 61 Feb. 17, 2013
8 Rev. Joshua Haun 96 Jul. 17, 2016
9 Rev. Mary Haun 98 Jul. 17, 2016
10 Rev. Brooke Vernon Grant 101 Apr. 8, 2017
11 Rev. Steve Ibarra 110 Jun. 9, 2018
12 Rev. Anthony Bopp 120 Aug. 23, 2020
13 Rev. Deb Canja 122 Aug. 23, 2020
14 Rev. Paula Carpe 125 Feb. 14, 2021
15 Rev. Elaine Turner 127 Aug. 01, 2021

Updated January 20, 2023


CMC Associate Ministers are legally ordained CMC ministers who take active roles, in some agreed upon manner, in performing the CMC's healing mission. Rev. Tony Ponticello currently serves as the CMC's Executive Minister and is therefore not on this list. He was originally ordained by the California Miracles Foundation on June 17, 1986. That organization no longer exists. He was also ordained by the CMC on October 17, 1997 and was the CMC's 20th minister.

CMC Mission Statement: The Community Miracles Center is a worldwide community for anyone who is interested in the spiritual teaching A Course in Miracles. We are on the "Great Crusade" in learning how to forgive the world that we are in. We do that by LISTENING to guidance from Holy Spirit or our Higher Power, LEARNING about true cause and effect, and actively DOING things to shift the errors in perception. Our mission is to transform the world we see into a reflection of Heaven and manifest the "Real World." We do this locally, nationally, and internationally.

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"Any church which does not inspire love has a hidden altar which is not serving the purpose for which God intended it. I must found His church on you because you who accept me as a model are literally my disciples. Disciples are followers, but if the model they follow has chosen to save them pain in all respects, they are probably unwise not to follow him." (OrEd.Tx.6.12)



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What Is A Course In Miracles ? Six CMC Ministers Answer This Question

  • Rev. Peter Graham

    ACIM is a metaphysical masterpiece that shows us how to undo the ego as we encounter the experiences of our daily life.

  • Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh

    One of the first things I say is that ACIM is about working on changing your mind. This is about shifting your thought system so you

  • Rev. Steve Whitson

    We face two constants in life, change and choice. Change is constant in our perception of the world around us in every second of every day.

  • Rev. David Thornton

    ACIM is a spiritual teaching based on the teaching of Jesus Christ. It shows the reader how to deal with this experience we call life

  • Rev. Mo Benson

    We face two constants in life, change and choice. Change is constant in our perception of the world around us in every second of every day.

  • Rev. Adrienne Bermingham ans

    ACIM is a spiritual discipline that consistently focuses on mind training. The idea is that we, as humans,


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Community Miracles Center Supporting Members

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•• Archangels ••
($200 plus)

Rev. Tony Ponticello**
Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh**
Rev. Rudy Colombini**
Rev. Peter Graham**
Rev. Tedosio Samora**
Paul Beavin
Rev. Kim Wilson**

•• Guardian Angels••
($100 to $199)

Rev. Vincent Fuqua**
Rev. Geri Baskind
Bertie Gilmore

Randy Gunn
Rev. Jim Johnson - new

•• Angels ••
($50 to $99)

Kirk McKusick/Eric Allman
Rev. Charles Mawson
Sharon Sherrard
Margaret Merrifield
Rev. Gwendolyn Evans
John Hutkin
Rev. Brooke Vernon Grant
Christine Milly
Rev. Julie Vance
Donald Jones
Theresa Covington

 •• Supporting Members ••

($20 or 30 to $49)

Kitty Rohrs
David Smith
Mary Tansey
Earl Purdy
In memory of Rev. Larry Bedini
•Vivian Petrucci
Rev. Marilyn Grant
Rev. Joanie Schaeffer-Goss
Richard Pope
Rev. David Thornton
Jane Peery
Greg Maciulski
Rev. Daniel Tipton
Rev. Larry Glenz
Al Gilbert
Rev. Paul Marinkovich
Mary Gerard Lenihan
Laurel Kenner
Sara Penna
Rev. Steve Ibarra
Evan Fowler
Jon Mundy Ph.D.
Barbara Weber
Rev. Kimmy Scarpine
Tom Whitmore
Rev. Heather Holmes
Rev. Mary Haun
Rev. Joshua Haun
Rev. Lucas Sanchez

Rev. Judi Kirkland
Rev. Sharon Casey

Rev. Deb Marlin
Rev. Lydia Huston
Vicki Thomas-Poppe
Judy Kelley
Lisa Natoli
David Blood
Rev. Jack Owen
Ron Zaleski
Rev. Deb Canja

Rev. Anthony Bopp
Rev. Adrienne Bermingham
Rev. Paula Carpe
Dennis Gaither,MD
Rev. Elaine Turner
Carol McLaughlin
Natalie Ullmann 
Luus van Leeuwen - new
Dean Goss - new
Candace McMahon - new
Paul Frishkoff - new
Laura Wright - new
Rev. Barbara Adams - new
Stephen Mercer - new
Brenda McLennan - new
Cherie Ross - new
Deepa Daya -new
Beth deLaney - new
Diane Eisenman - new
Gloria Morra-Dineen - new
Herminia Escobar - new
Rev. David Brunn - new
Rev. Brenda Culbertson - new
Rose Gannon - new


** indicates CMC Board Member
Updated January 16, 2021

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Download and listen to mp3 audio files of lectures at the Community Miracles Center. On Macintosh, hold "option" and click on title to download. To just listen to the lecture while connected to the internet, merely click on the title. (Most will have to enter their login name and password twice.)
On the PC, right-click on the title or choose "Save Target As" or "Save File As." To just listen to the lecture while connected to the internet, merely click on the title. (Most will have to enter their login name and password twice.)


Rev. Tony Ponticello:2009

  1. 12.25.09 Unconquered
    (20 min. 32 seconds)
  2. 11.29.09 A Course For All Seasons
    (20 min. 44 seconds)
  3. 11.08.09 Judging As We Would Have It Be
    (20 min. 32 seconds)
  4. 09.06.09 Ted Kennedy - Fulfilling Our Special Function
    (20 min. 57 seconds)
  5. 08.23.09 A New Definition Of Enlightenment
    (20 min. 6 seconds)
  6. 06.28.09 Death Insights
    (20 min. 57 seconds)
  7. 04.19.09 Witness For A World Of Peace
    (22 min. 57 seconds)
  8. 04.05.09 Palm Sunday
    (24 min. 38 seconds)
  9. 03.15.09 Spiritual Stimulus Package
    (25 min. 06 seconds)
  10. 03.01.09 What Is Blessing? What Is Abundance?
    What Is Grandeur?

    (32 min. 33 seconds)
  11. 01.25.09 Shift In Perception
    (23 min. 33 seconds)
  12. 01.18.09 Countdown To Change
    (28 min. 05 seconds)
  13. 01.11.09 A New Year From The Time Of Christ
    (21 min. 02 seconds)

Rev. Larry Bedini:2009

  1. 07/05/09 Happy 77th Rev. Larry
    (24 min. 38 seconds)
  2. 02/08/09 Out Of The Past
    (21 min. 29 seconds)

Rev. Larry Bedini:2007

  1. 10/28/07 The Mighty CMC
    (16 min. 56 seconds)
  2. 08/12/07 Will You Let It Shine Even More?
    (28 min. 3 seconds)
  3. 04/22/07 Honor
    (25 min. 15 seconds)
  4. 04/08/07 Personal Resurrection
    (26 min. 30 seconds)

Rev. Larry Bedini:2006

  1. 03/26/06 The Green Light
    (29 min. 50 seconds)