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CMC Mission Statement

The Community Miracles Center is a local and worldwide fellowship. We share our experience of A Course In Miracles and other related spiritual teachings in order to heal our perception of ourselves, our relationships, and the world."

Who We Are - ACIM

Hnds in Rainbow Sky

The CMC is a fully legal and recognized A Course in Miracles based Church organization with the legal right to ordain ministers.
We are a 501[c][3] Public Charity recognized by State of California and U.S.A. Federal governments.
Your donations are fully tax deductible. We accept PayPal and major credit cards.

We recently began our 35th year (in 2021) and are set up to go on in perpetuity.


Five important legal documents for you to look at.

1. Articles of Incorporation Secretary of State of State of California Feb. 9, 1987 (Shows Church intended purpose)

2. Recognition Letter Franchise Tax Board State of California Jun. 17, 1987 (Shows legal Church status)

3. Recognition Letter Internal Revenue Service U.S.A. Jan. 8, 1988 (Shows 501[c][3] Public Charity status)

4. Amendment to Articles Secretary of State of State of California Jan. 14, 1998 (Shows name change)

5. Reissue Recognition Letter Internal Revenue Service U.S.A.  Oct. 10, 2018 (Shows 501[c][3] Public Charity status with new office address)

What Does ACIM Say about "Church?"

"There is no choice in this because only you can be the foundation of God's church. A church is where an altar is, and the presence of the altar is what makes it a church. Any church which does not inspire love has a hidden altar which is not serving the purpose for which God intended it. I must found His church on you because you who accept me as a model are literally my disciples." (OrEd.Tx.6.12)

My Day in Court

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Court Room Gavel

Court Room Gavel

It was also interesting to me that when they went to talk with another juror, she referred back to what I was saying. The other juror who was a woman, she said “I thought it was really interesting what number 18 said (that was me). I’ve heard that other places and it is a very interesting perspective. I want less guilt in the world and the idea that I could just choose that interests me.” I thought then, this D.A., this district attorney, was not going to want me on the case. My point of view could influence other people on the case, the other jurors. The district attorney is going for a “guilty” verdict, not a “not guilty” verdict. 


Staff Reports: 2018 San Francisco ACIM Conference

by 7 CMC Ministers 

Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh and Rev. Kim Wilson

Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh and Rev. Kim Wilson

Our Community Miracles Center Board Member and Secretary, Rev. Peter Graham, had put forth the suggestion for the San Francisco finale that we stage a "mock crucifixion" of me, and that he appear as a Roman soldier organizing the crucifixion. A big challenge for this idea was having to build a suitable cross. That isn't just something you can go buy on Amazon.


The Journey Home with Bumps Along the Way

by Rev. Peter Graham

Bumpy Road

Bumpy Road

In the reading today, A Course in Miracles says this. "The real world is not like this." (FIP.T-13.VII.1.1) That is one thing I need to remember. It's easy for me sometimes to get hooked into whatever story I'm telling myself about this. Whether it's personal, or on the national or the international scale, or whatever it is – like the "social distancing," it's incumbent upon me as an A Course in Miracles student to keep, "The real world is not like this." (FIP.T-13.VII.1.1) in mind at all times.


Saint Patrick: From Slave to Savior

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Saint Patrick in Stained Glass

Saint Patrick in Stained Glass

We can get comfort and solace from the truth, and St. Patrick did that for six years while he was a slave. But our true freedom doesn't actually come until we accept the saviors role and go back and fulfill that mission, until we really realize that we are on a mission from God and that we have to give the good news of our salvation in the very area where we were enslaved. So, when you are in slavery, your spiritual awakening will give you solace. But once you are out of slavery, your continued spiritual awakening gives you a mission. 



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