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Questions About The A Course In Miracles Teaching

Basic question about what A Course In Miracles teaches. What is it's metaphysical theory? What are it's religious implications? How is it similar to other spiritual teachings? How is it different?

What Does It Mean That ACIM Is Not About Behavior?
What Does It Mean That Words Are Symbols Of Symbols?
ACIM Talks Frequently About Our Creations. What Are They?
How Did We Create The World?
Why Does It Seem So Hard To Remember We're Divine?
Isn't The Real World Heaven?
What Is An Idol? Can ACIM Itself Be An Idol?
Does ACIM Teach We Are God?
Isn't ACIM Very Similar To Unity, Christian Science Or Religious Science?
What Is A Course In Miracles' Main Teaching?


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Questions About The A Course In Miracles Community

How is the A Course In Miracles community organized? Is there a central governing body that oversees everything? What other organizations are there? What can you tell me about going to ACIM study groups?

Who Was Ken Wapnick?
Doesn't All The Talk About Different Versions Confuse Students?
What Are The Different Versions of ACIM People Study?
How Do We Reference ACIM Original Edition?
What's the difference between the Original Edition and the FIP ACIM?
What happens at an A Course In Miracles study group?
What is the copyright controversy I hear about?
Who monitors A Course In Miracles organizations?

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Questions About Community Miracles Center Itself

What does it mean that Community Miracles Center is an A Course In Miracles church? What does it mean to be a Community Miracles Center minister? How can someone become a minister? What classes does the CMC offer?

Who was Rev. Larry Bedini, cofounder of the CMC?
How do I get my 10% Supporting Member discount on books?
How does one become a Community Miracles Center minister?
I heard that CMC is a "Gay Church." Is that true?
How is the CMC a church?

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