Minutes for the 174th Meeting of the Community Miracles Center
Board of Directors (**Public Copy)

11.25.18 12:45 p.m. at 25 Van Ness Avenue

Directors Present (7): Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Rudy Colombini, Rev. Kelly Hallock
Directors Absent (0): 


Minutes for 173rd Meeting read and accepted as amended.

Financial Reports:

3rd quarter 2018

Profit and Loss: Jul. 1 2018 to Sep. 30 2018 (3rd qtr. 2018)
Income $76,225.98 Expenses $81,814.37 Income Remaining $5,588.39

Equity Report: Sep. 30, 2018
Sep. 30, $77,829.25 Jul. 1, 2018 $70,514.59 Gain of Equity $7,314.66

(Jan.-Sep. $21,362.13 Income Remaining)
(Jan.-Sep. $21,531.41 Gain in Equity)

As of Sat. 11.24.18
Bank of America: $94,776.56
J P Morgan: $91,275.10

Supporting Member Report:

Currently 104 Supporting Members — $5,506.66 / month pledged, average $53.59 / member (net gain of 2 Sup. Mem., gain of $40 / month)

Gained 4: David Brunn, Ron Zaleski, Dr. Dana Marrocco, Marlene Brown
Lost 2: Patrick Hall, Corinna Gruber

Healing Team Report: There are now 57 Supporting Members on the Healing Team.

Associate Minister Report:

Currently 18 Associate Ministers — Gained 4
Rev. Steve Ibarra - Sunday Gathering Committee plus
Rev. David Murdock -- ACIM Gather Program
Rev. Julie Vance - teaches TWOM class
Rev. Sharon Casey - Enrolled in ACIM-2, 2019 Conference Staff

Class Report:

22 students in paid classes - Gained 2
3 ACIM Circle of Atonement Students - Rev. Tony
6 ACIM-1 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Kelly
7 ACIM-2 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Tony
4 ACOL Students - Rev. Kim
2 TWOM Students — Julie Vance

Rev. Tony wants us to do class promotion. Reverend Kelly agreed to do it.

Thursday LGBTQ & Beyond continues at 875 Post - Rev. Peter
The class is going to begin using the FIP version in 2019
Monday Miracles Meeting continues at 875 Post - Rev. Dusa Althea
Saturday ACIM Class continues at 1000 Chestnut - Rev. Rudy

Rev. Rudy will make sure the attendance and donation report is completed every week.

ACIM-2 Ministerial Projects
In program w/ projects
Jack Owen - doing an ACIM Gather program
Sharon Martin - will post weekly or more on Facebook groups
Deb Marlin - will post weekly or more on Facebook groups
Benjamin Onelove - will write an article for Miracles Monthly by beginning December
Lydia Huston - ACIM Gather program. Her project has been hard to monitor. The program was supposed be an hour once a week, but she is only staying on for ½ hour. It is harder for Rev. Tony to monitor projects for students not in his class.
Brian Patacca - just joined project not determined yet
(Rev. Sharon Casey continues in ACIM-2 even though she was ordained so no project.)

Decided that Rev. Tony should have monthly meeting with ACIM-2 students in Rev. Paul's class to discuss and monitor their projects.

Rev. Rudy’s sale of 875 Post has gone through. The classes that meet there will have to find another location to meet starting in 2019. It was suggested that Mon. & Thu. night classes could meet in Room #4 at 3006 Buchanan.

Sunday Gathering Report:

Average attendance since last Board meeting (9.23.18 to 11.18.18 - 9 Sunday Gatherings) was 10.89, just about the same as last report. Last 5 weeks at 875 were low. First 4 weeks at 25 Van Ness are a little higher. Still having internet challenge. Pursuing special personal, boosted WiFi service to see if this will improve the internet access. Everyone seems to like the new location. It is larger and in a very nice building. Also parking is often available and it is easy to get to by public transportation.

The use of musicians is very problematic for Rev. Tony. It requires a lot of work to book them and then when they come to service there are challenging technical issues which take up time and can also impair the performances. The quality of some performances has not been good.

Rev. Rudy raised the idea of taking over the production of the music for the Sunday Service. Board members asked how he viewed the production responsibilities. Rev. Rudy said it would involve him getting the performers from Music City and that improving the music would result in a big boost for the service. We would have to up the pay from $50.00 to $100.00. Several members of the Board felt that he would have to attend the services on a regular basis to facilitate the music at the service. Rev. Rudy was unable to commit to being at every service and Board members felt we could revisit this idea when Music City is complete and we get our space there. We would try to have music at "special event" services, the next one being Christmas. Rev Rudy would try to get Christmas special music.

There were some other changes made to the service including reducing the guided meditation to 4.5 minutes and timing the shares after the talk to 2 minutes maximum.



Payment to San Francisco Presenters:

It was decided at the 171st meeting that San Francisco Presenters be given some renumeration for their promotional credits. We were waiting for Conference bookkeeping to be done. It is now complete.

Summary report: 251 people

Total Registration Income: $123,074.00
Sunday and Donation Income:  $4,906.67
Bookstore and other income:  $1,216.03
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TOTAL INCOME:              $129,196.70

Total Catering Expense:     $70,066.07 ($279.15/person)
Total AV                     $9,997.63
Sleeping Rooms Staff/Pres.  $17,834.20
Bartender                      $233.55
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TOTAL to Hotel:             $99,532.73
TOTAL Other Expenses        $17,214.80
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TOTAL EXPENSES.            $116,747.53

INCOME REMAINING            $12,449.17

251 total attendees. 54 are the CMC's credit. That leaves 197 credited to others. Rev. Kelly suggests $20 per credit or $3,940 disbursed. (CMC's profit would be $8,509.17) Rev. Tony is suggesting $25 per credit or $4,925 disbursed. (CMC's profit would be $7,524.17)

A motion to pay each presenter $25.00 per attendee was made and seconded. Unanimous.

New Office Computer:

New MacMinis have been released. Plan to get one and install within the next week or two. Current MacMini will be shipped to Rev. Kelly as it is better than her current Mac laptop. The cost of the computer is ~$750.00 and the monitor is ~$400.00.



2019 Boston Conference:

Currently 445 tickets sold. We increased number by 5. There are about 12 on the waiting list but many waiting list people do not enroll when given the opportunity. $22,500 has already been paid the hotel. Rev. Rudy has a plan for Saturday night dance party music. We already have a featured music guest Neda Boin, but we do not have the Saturday night covered yet. Rev. Rudy is working on arranging the music for the 2 hour dance set and he will report back to us at the January Board meeting.

CMC Publishing Inclusive Language Version of ACIM (The Original Edition):

No progress on the project since last meeting. There was a suggestion made that Rev. Tony take some time off to get the project started. Rev. Tony reports he can’t take the time off at this time as there is too much work.

2020 Conference In Los Angeles:

The contract has been signed for the Omni in Los Angels. Dates are May 21, 22, 23, & 24, 2020 (Thu. thru Sun.). Rev. Tony still feels we should have a "Vision" theme to take advantage of the obvious meme "2020 Vision." $15,000 was paid as a deposit. Contract was for 600 room nights. Rev. Tony and Rev. Kelly will do a pre-conference trip, possibly mid to late March 2019. We could bring 550 people to Los Angeles.


Next Meeting:
Sunday Jan. 27, 2019

Respectfully Submitted, Rev. Peter Graham, Secretary

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