Minutes for the 171st Meeting of the Community Miracles Center
Board of Directors (**Public Copy)

05.27.18 1:30 p.m. @ CMC Office – 3006 Buchanan, Unit 4

Directors Present: (5) Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Tedosio Samora,
Director Absent: (2) Rev. Rudy Colombini, Rev. Kelly Hallock


Minutes for 170th Meeting Read and Accepted as Amended. Unanimous

Financial Reports
1st quarter 2018

Profit and Loss: Jan. 1 2018 to Mar. 31 2018 (1st qtr. 2018)
Income $97,365.48  Expenses $90,299.21  Income Remaining $7,066.27,
Equity Report: Mar. 31, 2018,
Current $60,822.65 Jan. 1, 2018 $56,297.84  Gain of Equity $4,524.81

As of Sat. 5.26.18
Bank of America: $88,975.60
J P Morgan: $15,825.02

This was a very good quarter, better than expected. We were ~$7,066 in the black in spite of a ~$6,984 write-off expense for over estimated San Francisco Conference income remaining. We predicted ~400 attendees and only had 249.

Net Worth did not reflect this much gain because inventory value was reduced by ~$2,541. We terminated many out of print and not selling items.

Very good enrollment for Boston a major factor. Estimating a 15% income remaining margin for Boston.

First payment to the Omni Parker House of $11,250.00 was made.

San Francisco Conference final bookkeeping can be done now. The Board agreed that the S.F. Presenters should receive some financial payment based on their enrollment at the S.F. Conference.

Supporting Member Report
Currently 101 Supporting Members — $5,401.66 / month pledged, average $53.48 / member (loss of $185 / month)

Gained 3: Liz Heller, Shana Jackson, Paula Carpe
Lost 3: Orlando Diaz, Julie Phineas, Jeannie Weston 

Healing Team Report
There are now 50 Supporting Members on the Healing Team.
Just about half of our Supporting Members are on the Healing Team.

Rev. Tony has been calling Supporting Members on their birthdays, and now on their half birthdays.

There are a few Supporting Members who are behind multiple months. Now that we have bookkeeping done they can be called with this data and asked what they want to do.

Associate Minister Report
Currently 15 Associate Ministers — no change

Class Report,
22 students in paid classes.

3 ACIM Circle of Atonement Students - Rev. Tony
8 ACIM-1 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Kelly
2 ACIM-2 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Tony
7 ACOL Students - Rev. Kim
2 TWOM Students — Julie Vance 

Thursday LGBTQ & Beyond continues at 875 Post - Rev. Peter
Monday Miracles Meeting continues at 875 Post - Rev. Dusa Althea
Saturday ACIM Class continues at 1000 Chestnut - Rev. Rudy

ACIM-2 Ministerial projects are better
In program w/ projects

Steve Ibarra — support person for Sunday Gathering
Sue Riley - post regularly (weekly) to Sup. Member Facebook Group
Julie Vance - teaches The Way of Mastery class
David Murdock - teaches an ACIM Gather Program
Tameer Siddiqui - posts regularly (weekly) on Healing Team Facebook group
Sharon Casey - posts regularly (weekly) on Healing Team Facebook group

Zoom Ordination planned for Saturday June 9. 4 will be ordained: Julie Vance, Sue Riley, David Murdock, Steve Ibarra

Sunday Gathering Report,
Attendance has decreased but this is a seasonal. Things feel good. 5 dedicated Sunday Gathering Committee members: Rev. Tony, Rev. Dusa Althea, Rev. Lucas, Steve I., & Garrick W. We are getting volunteers to be Greeters. Several have stepped up, but still need a few more. Hope to have a volunteer Greeter there every Sunday. This is the best Committee/Volunteer participation we have had in many years.


There was no old business to review


2019 Boston Conference

8 Staff
22 Presenters
86 Unassigned block tickets
210 Assigned tickets
326 Total Tickets

Rev. Tony planning trip to Boston Wed. Jul. 18 - Mon. Jul. 23 to meet with hotel staff and check out tourist excursions.
Special event planned at Vicki Thomas' home (a Boston Presenter) right outside of Boston in Quincy MA for Sat. Jul. 21 as promo for Boston Conference. 5 local Boston Presenters will participate.

Rev. Kelly Working Remotely
The transition of Rev. Kelly working remotely is going well. There was some initial technology challenges that had to be solved so she could have access to the CMC’s files and software platforms remotely.

Garrick Wilhelm Working at San Francisco Office
This is going well as Garrick is skilled working with the Apple software and he has even made changes that have streamlined some processes. Rev. Tony wants to get him working more hours and consistently each week.

General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.)
The CMC has developed a PDF for data regulation that is now linked to our Website. This is being required by the European Union and Rev. Kelly did and outstanding job of moving us towards being compliant with the new EU standards.

Rights to Publish: *ACIM: The Lives of Helen Schucman & William Thetford*
We have acquired the rights to publish said book by Neal Vahle after Rev. Tony spoke with him. Rev. Tony suggested that we take possession of the rights to publish it now instead of waiting because it could be more complicated to get the publishing rights to the books posthumously.

Motion: Rev. Kelly be elected the next Treasurer for the CMC. -- Unanimous
Rev. Dusa Althea wants to let go of the position. Rev. Kelly is working with the accounting and bookkeeping program and this makes more sense. She will have to get signature access to accounts: Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, & Chase Credit Card

Next Meeting:
Needs to be rescheduled since Rev. Tony will be in Boston on Sun. July 22, 2018

Respectfully Submitted: Rev. Peter Graham - Secretary

**Infrequently, the CMC may generalize certain items and/or names, or may eliminate an item altogether, that might be embarrassing and/or painful for a particular person and/or institution from the "Public Copy" of the Minutes. The "Legal Copy" of the minutes, held at the CMC office, may therefore be slightly different from the "Public Copy." The CMC guarantees that, to the best of it's ability, the "Public Copy" of the minutes contains no inaccurate or misleading information.