Minutes for the 170th Meeting of the Community Miracles Center Board of Directors (**Public Copy)
04.15.18 1:30 p.m. at CMC Office — 3006 Buchanan, Unit 4

Directors Present 7: Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Rudy Colombini, Rev. Kelly Hallock
Directors Absent 0:


Minutes for 169th Meeting Read as Amended

Financial Reports
There is no new financial report at this time. We should have the first quarter report done by the end of April. Hopefully the full accounting for the 2018 San Francisco Conference will be done by June 1, 2018.

As of Sat. 4.14.18
Bank of America: $74,653.49
J P Morgan: $15,825.02

We owe our first payment to the Omni Parker House of $11,250.00 on Apr. 20, 2018. All payments to the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway for the 2018 San Francisco Conference have been made.

Supporting Member Report
Currently 101 Supporting Members — $5,586.66 / month pledged, average $55.31 / member (net loss of 3 Supporting Members and a loss of $105 / month)

Gained 5: Rev. Myke Marinkovich, Scott Krajca, Lisa Natoli, Bill Free, Freedom Mauran
Lost 8: Rev. Roxie Benson, Rev. Linda Snow, Rev. Rachel Mohr, Rose Mary Cheek, Ron Zaleski, Susan Bancroft, Benjamin Onelove, Cheryl Wenzel
Most of the people dropped out due to financial reasons. Rev. Roxie had personal reasons.

Healing Team Report: There are now 46 Supporting Members on the Healing Team. There are some members who are considering joining the Healing Team. They are going to get the Healing Team emails for 2 weeks and then decide if they want to participate.

Associate Minister Report
Currently 15 Associate Ministers — no change

Class Report
24 students in paid classes.

2 ACIM Circle of Atonement Students - Rev. Tony
13 ACIM-1 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Kelly
3 ACIM-2 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Tony
4 ACOL Students - Rev. Kim
2 TWOM Students — Julie Vance 

Thursday LGBTQ & Beyond continues at 875 Post - Rev. Peter
Monday Miracles Meeting continues at 875 Post - Rev. Dusa Althea
Saturday ACIM Class at Rev. Rudy’s apartment - Started Jan. 6. Doing well. Attendance varies between 7 and 10

ACIM-2 Ministerial projects are better

In program w/ projects
Steve Ibarra — support person for Sunday Gathering
Sue Riley - post regularly (weekly) to Sup. Member Facebook Group
Julie Vance - teaches The Way of Mastery class
David Murdock - teaches an ACIM Gather Program
Tameer Siddiqui - posts regularly on healing team Facebook group
Sharon Casey - posts regularly on healing team Facebook group

Sue R., Julie V. & David M. are ready to be ordained now.
Steve I. will be in a couple of weeks. Ordination needs to be planned.

There was a discussion about students using Zoom with cameras off. The Board would prefer that most students view with cameras on.

Sunday Gathering Report
Attendance has again increased a little. Average attendance for 1st quarter 2018 was 12.92 / week. (full year 2017 at 875 Post was 11.52)
Average donation for 1st quarter 2018 was $5.21 / person.

We will research the feasibility of having a New Amp for the Sunday Service similar to the one that Rev. Rudy uses when he performs at the Sunday Gathering.


New CMC Board Members
We can have between 7 to 15 Board Members and are supposed to have an odd number. We will take this item off the Agenda for now. We can always bring up adding a Board Member as New Business.


We have hired Garrick Wilhelm as a part time office assistant
Garrick has been coming in ~ 2 times per week and has learned book order, Sunday Service program creation, and a few other things. He has very good, intermediate level computer skills and is pleasant to work with. His work can be flexible to fit around his school schedule and the office needs. We are paying him $15 / hour. This was informally approved via text and email before it happened. When Rev. Tony is away we could ask Garrick to bring computer, camera, and food items to 875 Post on Friday or Saturday. We will ask him. He could use Uber or Lyft to get from office to 875 Post with the items mentioned. We will ask him.

2018 S.F. Conference
249 people attended
7 Staff
26 Presenters
216 Sold Tickets
Very successful. Rev. Tony has Survey Monkey report.
The results of the Survey Monkey Report-
56.8% of the respondents rated the conference as Excellent
36.8% of the respondents rated the conference as very Good
6.4% of the respondents rated the conference as Good.
100% total

Rev. Kelly Working Remotely
Things are progressing and major tech issues have been been solved. There are still a few more to be worked out but things are getting better every day. Rev. Kelly didn't have her own dedicated internet service until last Monday so things took awhile. Every major bit of software needs to be handled separately and frequently with different procedures.

Should Rev. Kelly's vacation time be increased now that she has worked here 2 ½ years? Currently she would get 5 more days (after this meeting she works 5 hour days) at each anniversary date Dec. 1.

Motion: Give Rev. Kelly 10 days (after this meeting she works 5 hour days) of vacation a year retroactively in effect since Dec. 1, 2017. Unanimous

Rev. Tony wants to discuss if we continue to pay Rev. Kelly as a parsonage allowance or should she now be a private contractor? Rev. Kelly is confident that she still qualifies for a parsonage allowance. Rev. Tony wants a Board discussion. Board approves continuing paying Rev. Kelly as a Parsonage Allowance.

We are currently paying Rev. Kelly $1,300 per month and considering that she works 20 hours a week, or 5 four hour days. We will have to continue to assess this. If she is working consistently more, we should be paying her more.
Rev. Tony proposed Rev. Kelly work an extra hour every day, or 25 hours per week. Rev. Kelly would be paid $1,700.00 per month for working 5 five hour days or 25 hours a week. Rev. Kelly said she would try this. This would be effective immediately. Board approved.

2019 Conference in Boston, MA
Contract has been signed with Omni Parker House Hotel at 60 School Street, Boston, MA 02108. We have added a Pre-Conference workshop for Thu. May 23. Conference will start Fri. May 24. Conference will end on Sun. May 26 at around 2 p.m. A Post-Conference workshop has been added for Sun. afternoon. This is Memorial Day weekend 2019. Mon. May 27 is Memorial Day. Ticket sales have been very good, especially block tickets.

219 Block Tickets (purchased but not yet assigned)
8 Staff:
63 Purchased tickets or assigned blocks
22 Presenters
312 "Enrolled"

The Parker House can only hold 400. We can sell or distribute ~420 since there are always people who do not show at the last minute. We have only ~108 new tickets to sell.

Rev. Tony is going to talk to the Hotel about increasing our guarantee numbers since we estimated much lower than this. He will see if they will offer us a better deal if we do this.

Jennifer Hadley will conduct a Pre-Conference workshop and Bill Free and Lisa Natoli will run a Post-Conference workshop.

Next Meeting
Sunday May 27, 2018. This is Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. Most indicated they could make it so we stayed with this date.

Respectfully submitted: Rev. Peter Graham acting Secretary

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