169th Meeting of the Community Miracles Center Board of Directors (**Public Copy)
01.28.18 2:00 p.m. at CMC Office — 3006 Buchanan, Unit 4

Directors Present 5: Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Rudy Colombini, Rev. Kelly Hallock
Directors Absent 2: Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Peter Graham,

“Thank you” to Rev. Roxie for her service.


Minutes for 168th & 168-A Meetings Read and Accepted.

Financial Reports
Full Year 2017

Profit and Loss: Jan. 1 2017 to Dec. 31 2017 (full year 2017)
Income $133,101.69  Expenses $122,368.90  Income Remaining $10,732.79

Equity Report: Dec. 31, 2017
Current $56,297.84 Jan. 1, 2017 $40,727.67  Gain of Equity $15,570.17

A very good 4th quarter put us solidly in the black. Conference registration was good. End of year donations were good. Also expenses finally trimmed down.

Supporting Member Report
Currently 104 Supporting Members — $5,691.66 / month pledged, average $54.73 / member

Gained 2: Garrick Wilhelm, Brain Patacca
Lost 8: Rev. Susan Nakashima, Rev. Iolanda Salte, Herminia Escobar, Regina Green, Rev. Brooke Banwer, Tris Roost, DavidPaul Doyle, Candace Doyle

In spite of a large loss of Supporting Members, amount pledged is fairly stable. Several members increased pledges.

Associate Minister Report
Currently 15 Associate Ministers — net loss of 2
Lost 2: Rev. Roxie Benson (no longer on Board)
Rev. Charles Mawson (no longer taking CMC classes)

Class Report
25 students in paid classes.

3 ACIM Circle of Atonement Students - Rev. Tony
11 ACIM-1 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Kelly
5 ACIM-2 Students - Rev. Paul, Rev. Tony
4 ACOL Students - Rev. Kim
2 TWOM Students — Julie Vance 

LGBTQ & Beyond continues at 875 Post switched to Thursday - Rev. Peter
Monday Miracles Meeting continues at 875 Post - Rev. Dusa Althea
Saturday ACIM Class at Rev. Rudy’s apartment - Started Jan. 6. Doing well.

ACIM-2 Ministerial projects are better

In program w/ projects
Steve Ibarra — Support person for Sunday Gathering
Sue Riley - post regularly (weekly) to Sup. Member Facebook Group
Julie Vance - teaches The Way of Mastery class
David Murdock - teaches an ACIM Gather Program
Tameer Siddiqui - posts regularly on healing team Facebook group
Sharon Casey - posts regularly on healing team Facebook group

Sunday Gathering Report
Attendance has increased a little. Average attendance for full year 2017 was 11.52 / week. (2016 at 2269 Market was 15.1)
Average donation was $5.90 / person.

Sunday Jan. 21 was largest Sunday Gathering we have ever had at 875 Post - 25 people. Aside from a Ordinations, Holiday Community Voices, and special speakers it was also the largest regular Sunday Gathering in at least 3 years. Do not have easy access to weekly data before that. Things are going well.


New CMC Board Members
We can have between 7 to 15 Board Members and are supposed to have an odd number. Currently 7. Keep on Agenda.


2018 Conference
267 tickets sold or people otherwise enrolled
7 Staff
26 Presenters
234 Sold Tickets

Rev. Kelly Leaving
Discussion about Rev. Kelly leaving and the possibility of her working remotely. Rev. Kelly believes technology issues could be easily solved. Rev. Tony has some doubts about the technology issues and the viability of an off site Assistant Minister.

Motion: Rev. Kelly be hired on a month to month basis starting April 2018 to work remotely from her new home in Washington state. She will work half time ~20 hours a week and be paid $1,300 / month. Unanimous.

Rev. Tony has had several Skype conversations with Rev. Josh Haun and Rev. Mary Haun. They currently live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and would consider moving to San Francisco if we offer them (either both or either one) the job. They have a 15 year old daughter. They would visit first — possibly in March or April. Rev. Josh’s job finishes at end of March so timing is good.

2019 Conference in Boston, MA
Rev. Tony has been talking with hotels in Boston. Best prospect right now is Omni Parker House right near Boston Commons. There is a possibility to do it Memorial Day Weekend May 24, 25, 26, 2019. Could be good doing event over 3 day weekend as many people plan trips on those weekends and they wouldn’t need to get back on Sunday so could stay Sunday night. Meals were discussed and it was decided to stay with the current schedule of 4 buffet meals. Greater number of meals gives us more leverage negotiating with the hotel.

Next Meeting
Sunday Mar. 25, 2018. Please put this in your calendars so that you don’t make other plans.

Respectfully submitted: Rev. Tony Ponticello acting Secretary

**Infrequently, the CMC may generalize certain items and/or names, or may eliminate an item altogether, that might be embarrassing and/or painful for a particular person and/or institution from the "Public Copy" of the Minutes. The "Legal Copy" of the minutes, held at the CMC office, may therefore be slightly different from the "Public Copy." The CMC guarantees that, to the best of it's ability, the "Public Copy" of the minutes contains no inaccurate or misleading information.