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Jon Mundy and Rev. Tony in a 'Dance Off'On April 17, 18, & 19, 2015 the Community Miracles Center hosted a sold-out *A Course In Miracles* Conference in mid-town Manhattan, New York City at the Hotel Pennsylvania. 507 people were in attendance (we squeezed in a few extra). What follows are 8 short articles writen by the CMC Ministers who served as Conference Staff for this amazing an historic event.

"An Amazing Burst of Energy" by Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh

One of the most important things about the Conference, for me, was the Sunday Finale, because I had invited my family to come. My sister Yvonne, my brother Tony, Tony's wife Debbie, and two friends, both surprisingly named Gladys, were there right up front.

My sister does not go to church except for baptisms and funerals. My brother goes every so often. Both of the women named Gladys go regularly to church and decided they wanted to come and see us in Manhattan to see what I was studying. They all enjoyed the service. They all loved Rev. Yolanda's singing performance and my sister Yvonne took many pictures of Rev. Yolanda. They also all enjoyed our group singing because the songs were familiar ones they knew. My brother Tony loved Rev. Tony's sermon because Rev. Tony was so honest about his relationship with his father. Also my brother Tony was inspired by Rev. Tony talking about his own mental health issues and self healing. They all liked the title of the conference, "A Present Love."

I was able to open the service by ringing the Tibetan cymbals and bringing everyone's attention to the present moment. I asked everyone to repeat the words from A Course In Miracles, "The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love." (OrEd.26.81) It was really exciting and powerful to have so many people in strong voices saying these very inspiring words. It was easy for them to do this since we had a beautiful banner with these words on it right above the stage.

Rev. Dusa Althea RammessirsinghI was glad I could hear some of the different Presenters speak. I think it is important to listen to all the different perspectives of how A Course In Miracles is interpreted. Even though I have read the book a few times, everyone is able to point out something that I did not notice before, which helps to bring a new viewpoint and more insight into my studies. Everyone talked about  how ACIM helped them to change their life around to a more loving and forgiving path.

I am happy I was a part of the Staff again, my 6th time, because it gave me a bigger perspective of all the details and all the thinking and planning that goes into preparing for such a wonderful event. I loved doing all the shopping for the Presenter gift baskets, picking up the banners and all the other things Rev. Tony and I had to do in the days before the Conference. It was good to meet the three Presenters I was assigned, to welcome them and show them where the different rooms and events would be held. The bookstore is one of the most difficult things we had to do because of the packing and unpacking of books, and pricing. All in all it was great working with everyone. Being Conference Staff also challenges the ego, but this allows me to grow in love and to forgive.

The dance floor was an amazing burst of energy beyond my wildest dreams. Everyone just danced with anyone near-by, laughed, and smiled. Sometimes they would chat and then move on. Rev. Tony and Jon Mundy took the floor over for a short time having us all clap and cheer them on. People really just wanted their bodies to express the love and excitement of the music and all the information they had received from being participants. It was a great two hours of music and dance. We have to thank Rev. Heather for putting all this terrific music together.

Another great experience I had was the 9/11 Monument and Museum. Asher Evans and I led the group. I really did not want to go. I had seen it already and did not want to see it again because I found it very disturbing. However I was called upon to do it again so I went. Asher had set up a little ritual for us before we saw the exhibit and for after. This probably is what stimulated me to recall that I had been in a five story, building fire back in 1980. In my mind I can still see these huge flames consuming the building, and everyone trying to get out was not an easy task.   I remembered from ACIM, "I do not perceive my own best interests." (OrEd.WkBk.24) By not following my ego I was able to heal, and I am sure I will not have any problems seeing that exhibit again even though it will always remind me of my past experience.

I also got to meet Lorraine DesRoches and her daughter Angela LeBlanc and we had a wonderful conversations on the subway train and during the walk to the exhibit. She did not realize that there were different versions of ACIM and how much more there is to learn.

Gratitude goes out to everyone who participated in this wonderful ACIM Conference in New York City. If we listen to our guidance Spirit will always lead us in the direction of healing our mind and releasing our soul. 

Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh is CMC's 21st Minister ordained October 17, 1997.
This is the 6th time she has been CMC Conference Staff. 

"Evolving at Another Level" by Rev. Vincent Fuqua

Rev. Vincent FuquaAs I reflect on my experience of this past A Course In Miracles Conference in New York City, "A Present Love," I am finding myself being hopeful that change is happening in this world that we are in. I have been to a lot of ACIM conferences and this one had a different energy to it. All through the weekend I felt like there were some connections happening with everyone who was there at the Conference. As it was mentioned by the presenters, it felt like a family reunion and this is also what I felt. It is an opportunity for all of us to embrace the healing and love that exists.

One of the beautiful things that I loved about this Conference was welcoming new people to our Course community, or our family. The diversity that existed at this year's conference was amazing and a wonderful delight. It shows that we are taking away all of the perceived negativity that exists in this world. We are making life into a more positive and uplifting experience.

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, that people come into our lives for a reason, and I found this to be true in New York City. I met some wonderful new people and was able to reconnect with others who I had not seen for quite a while. This was an opportunity for us to take all the perceived hatred that we have experienced in this world that we live into a present love. This was an important message from the Course that I felt came at a good time in our society. To be able to be around so many individuals who are willing to open up their minds to see the healing that is taking place in this world is remarkable.

There is no doubt in my mind that this conference contributed to me evolving at another level than I have not experienced before. To be able to look at all of the ancient hatreds that exist and turn them into love is a remarkable experience. I am aware of the hatred that I have harbored toward this world that we are in because of the way certain people have been treated. I am learning how to turn that over and look at the good that really exists.

This is what I picked up from this Conference. It is not about me agreeing with what everyone says, it is just about being present in that moment and taking that loving energy inside of my spirit. I felt a lot of that loving energy from everyone whom I came in contact with. I felt it from the Presenters whom I called to inform them I was their Conference contact person. I felt it from all the wonderful people I encountered at the registration tables, at the bookstore, and in the dining room. I also felt it from the Presenters who spoke while I sat and listened. I felt it with my amazing group that went with me to the Empire State Building, and with the incredible CMC Conference Staff. All of these people and more have enlightened my spirit in more ways than I thought possible. This all happened because I was allowing myself to be open to this incredible experience. 

Rev. Vincent Fuqua is CMC's 51st Minister ordained October 2, 2004.
This is the 5th time he has been CMC Conference Staff.

"An Investment in Happiness" by Rev. Daniel Tipton

Rev. Daniel TiptonThe Community Miracles Center Conference, for me, was a kind of family reunion. Our A Course In Miracles community is like a family because we all "get it." We understand that ACIM is a game changer and we have made a decision to allow it to change our lives, even if it means being painfully honest with ourselves. Because of the intense inner work required by this Course, we need our brothers and sisters to be there with us. The Conferences are always a reminder that with me are my mighty companions.

The 2015 Conference gave me a chance to "recharge" the motivation to continue my practice and do what I can to carry forward the teachings. The opportunity to join with an abundance of like minds in one place is highly valuable. I brought many questions and found plenty of people willing to share their unique perspectives.

I think it is important for us to join at these Conferences, to remind ourselves why we are really here. We are here for the atonement of mankind. We may get distracted by the many perceived complexities of our lives, but ACIM Conferences help remind us of our singular goal. When I see the mighty companions who have also given over their lives to God, it makes me feel like any obstacles are meaningless.

At the most recent Conference in New York City, I went with a mission to find mentors. I want to be a teacher of ACIM so I asked several people to meet with me and share how they got started. Several people took time out of their busy days to share key insights. I had a wealth of knowledge at arms reach!

Another great thing about the New York City Conference was that the speakers brought a great deal of fresh material. I was starting to think that I had heard much of what there is to say about ACIM, but the speakers brought many new perspectives and fresh insights. Speakers that I had seen several times surprised me with all new ways to apply ACIM. It reminded me of how ACIM feels fresh and new every time I read it, even if I have heard a quotation dozens of times. The speakers are a way to have ACIM presented in nice, manageable quantities.

If you are on the fence about attending an ACIM Conference, I encourage you to remember that it is an investment in happiness. There is an energy in the air at the Conferences that I truly believe not only shifts the consciousness of all the attendees, but moves the world a big step further on the celestial speed-up. We must not work in isolation. We need to join with our brothers and sisters to keep moving. At the Conferences, you do not have to convince anyone about ACIM. You can go straight to how to enrich the study in your own life. You are surrounded by hundreds of people who have chosen a highway to enlightenment and who can help you speed up your own velocity.

All in all, the A Present Love Conference brought many bodies together, but reminded us that we were never separate. 

Rev. Daniel Tipton is CMC's 62nd Minister ordained February 17, 2013.
This is the 2nd time he has been CMC Conference Staff.

Presenters and Staff 2015 ACIM Conference in New York City

"The Eye of a Hurricane" by Tony Ponticello

Being the main organizer and "the buck stops here" authority for a large A Course In Miracles Conference like the one the Community Miracles Center put on in New York City this April, is like being the eye in the middle of a hurricane. This tremendous activity and force swirls around you, but somehow you have to maintain a calm center in the midst of it all. That is what I did.

The 2015 A Present Love conference was a professional challenge and, ultimately, my greatest career accomplishment. All together there were 507 ACIM students gathered at the Hotel Pennsylvania in midtown Manhattan which made this the largest ACIM Conference the CMC has put together. From the inception of choosing a theme, to the final packing up of boxes for shipping back to San Francisco, everything was working together to create this awesome experience of joining with like-minded brothers and sisters so that our belief and experience of the healing ideas from ACIM could strengthen and manifested. In my mind, it's all about healing the world of the separation and lack illusions that seem to inhabit it. It's all about being Miracle Workers, and it is my job to be in the middle of all that swirling energy and make it happen.

When people ask me what the best part of the Conference is for me, I usually think of an important "behind the scenes" event. This is the Presenters' and Staff meeting on Friday morning at 10 o'clock. It is my goal to get all the Presenters and Staff together in one room and have us all join for the purpose of introducing ourselves and getting clear on our goal and purpose for the weekend. For me, just being in the same room with all these wonderful and dedicated ACIM teachers and students is an energy boost that is over the top. Look at the 36 of us in the picture. Wow! Can you believe all that Miracle working power and energy was together in one space? Amazing! All I have to do is look at the picture and I feel the energy again. If I can somehow get that group of people together in one room, for one moment in time, then I can do anything. God-bless our photographer Rose Mary Cheek for capturing the moment.

Rev. Tony PonticelloMany people challenge me about why put out this "hurricane" of effort? It is so much work. Aren't I just too involved with the world? If the world is an illusion why should it all matter. Surely there must be an easier way to go through life and earn a living. We could, after all, demonstrate miracle thinking whatever we were doing.

I have a very simple answer. I do it because I am a Miracle Worker and I am not afraid to claim that title. I call on other Miracle Workers to come to Conferences like this and claim the title too. Join me. Why? "Look about the world, and see the suffering there. Is not your heart willing to bring your weary brothers rest?" (OrEd.WkBk.191.12) I believe we are called upon to be God's healers and God's teachers because there appears to be brothers and sisters around us suffering. I have devoted my life to this function. Gathering large groups of Course teachers and Course students together gives us all new opportunities to proclaim ourselves as Miracle Workers.

When we don't fulfill our function we are not at peace and we project our internal conflict onto the appearance of others. Some heard my sermon at the Conference and think I am just a provocateur, but I just say what Holy Spirit is guiding me to say. If it "provoked" some, then I believe they were ready to be provoked, and if they so choose they can be healed by that very provocation. The idea that we should all just nicely "agree" on everything and walk like compliant lambs to the worldly slaughter of bodies seems absurd to me. How like the ego. Don't rock the boat and disagree with other ACIM students and teachers. Just keep walking steadily on to your death!

At these Conferences I am calling out Miracle Workers to join me. Who will declare themselves to be on this Great Crusade to correct error with me? I am "doing" something that seems worldly, because I understand the importance of the slogan to the Great Crusade, "Listen, learn and DO." (OrEd.Tx.1.31) Many ACIM students don't even know that the Great Crusade talked about in Chapter 1 of ACIM has a slogan. You have to read an early edit of ACIM to find this important statement.

The error is always in the mind, "Yes" – but it is projected onto the world and we use the world to see the error and help us learn and heal. The world is a learning device, just like the body is. After all, the body is part of the world. Actually, I believe the world itself is our larger body. It is a pictorial representation of our self. That is why when we look out to the world and see "the suffering" we must act to correct it, because it is just a symbolic representation of our own internal suffering.

Are you a Miracle Worker? Underneath all the hurricane force of activity that is required to swirl together 507 ACIM students, that is the question I am always asking and that is why I do it. I am calling Miracle Workers to gather and to declare themselves to be what they are. If you are indeed a Miracle Worker then cooperate with me and claim it! Come to our Las Vegas Conference in 2016 and claim the title again there with me. Jesus asks us Miracle Workers to cooperate with each other. "My own injunction, 'Do this in remembrance of me' is the request for cooperation from miracle workers." (OrEd.Tx.3.10)

When joined together we can more easily learn the absolute power of our minds and thus change the world which is merely the minds reflection. That is why I expend all the effort needed to create these Conferences, because I want to change and save the world. "Learning is constant and so vital in its power for change that a Son of God can recognize his power in one instant and change the world in the next. That is because by changing his mind he has changed the most powerful device that was ever created for change." (OrEd.Tx.7.47)

For me, the A Present Love Conference held in April 2015 at The Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City was a call for cooperation among Miracles Workers. The very fact that 507 ACIM students were there at the Conference spoke volumes about them being ready to cooperate. How many will be ready to cooperate and join us in Las Vegas in 2016. Will you answer the call? Step into the eye of that hurricane with me. Help me be the transformational calm in the eye that tames this swirling life force and turns it into healing gold! 

Rev. Tony Ponticello is CMC's 20th Minister ordained October 17, 1997.
This is the 6th time he has been CMC Conference Staff.

"Life Altering Connectedness" by Rev. Heather Holmes

Rev. Heather HolmesI'm the lucky one! I had the pleasure of being personally involved with all the A Present Love Conference registrants beforehand, many of whom I had the delight of conversing with over the telephone, and all of whom received confirmation letters from me at least once, if not twice, during the process. I'm not sure I've ever been so totally excited to get together with 500 people in my life! I could hardly wait to get there and to begin meeting people just so I could put faces with the hundreds of names I had grown so accustomed to looking at!

Not only that … this would be my first A Course In Miracles Conference so my level of joyous anticipation was through the roof! What I wanted to do most was to meet everyone. Rev. Tony, being the love that he is, said "Okay, you can be the official greeter during Friday's registration period" and this was music to my ears. Of course, my fairy-tale fantasy was a poised dance of meeting and greeting, hugging, talking, laughing with everyone who would enter through the two large double doors and into the foyer of my imagination. The hiccup in my version though was that they trickled in by twos and fours, perhaps an occasional party of six, but all steadily in perfect timing, with an easy, manageable pace. Hahaha, right.

I guess you could say the conference attendees were excited too! When 12 noon rolled around and we were ready to begin, the lobby of the 18th floor of The Hotel Pennsylvania looked like a Ticketmaster line prior to the release of your favorite band's concert tickets for sale. There was no way for me to even begin to see what everyone's names were! Nonetheless, what a marvelous joy it was to see this great gathering commence — I was blown away. Here marked the beginning of what would be three filled days of fun and life altering connectedness that is still present and growing in my being this very moment.

Everyday of that Conference brought with it such abundant joy and such a strong feeling of connection that by the end it was no surprise to hear one comment after another, from the participants and Presenters alike, that folks were feeling much the same way. It was a fantastic and genuine experience of unlimited abundance. It was in truth a huge family celebration, and had in it so many of those memorable moments wherein your heart soars and you sound like a broken record because the single syllabled utterance that takes up residence on the edge of your lips is the word "Wow!"

Watching the faces and sensing the vibration, being a part of the meal gatherings where everyone was present, listening to the Presenters, and reveling in the togetherness wherein you could physically feel the light connection buzzing and binding us with one another – made this event the most inspiring, heart-opening, loving, healing, and utterly fulfilling retreat I have ever experienced in my life. I thank Our Loving Creator, our Supporting Members, my sister Crystal Kaplan who came all the way from Madrid to support and assist me, and most of all my beautiful and mighty, incredibly amazing fellow Staff members, aka "my CMC Family" who made it all happen every step of the way, and in whose presence I feel so tremendously blessed. I am so in love and forever grateful for all of you. Thank you. 

Rev. Heather Holmes is CMC's 80th Minister ordained November 23, 2014.
This is the 1st time she has been CMC Conference Staff.

"Bright Lights, Big City and A Present Love" by Rev. Peter Graham

Rev. Peter GrahamAs I began preparing for the transcontinental flight to New York City, last April I experienced some doubts about leaving my work. We had just had a high school freshmen commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and there was a great deal of work to do to prepare for the next school year. Nonetheless, the work of A Present Love Conference called and I put my reservations aside to partake as a Staff member in our biggest Conference to date. The results exceeded my expectations. 

My first significant experience of the Conference was the trip that Rev. Tony planned to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island both of which I had never visited despite living my first 35 years in the greater Philadelphia area. I was to lead the group by taking the subway down to the World Trade Center. What I remember most of that trip is the splendor of Lady Liberty combined with the humility and beauty of my trip companions. I met most of them for the first time. I had time to chat with Susan and Peter Davis from Australia. I enjoyed their appreciation for the Conference as they shared that there is not as much A Course In Miracles activity where they live. As I shared my life with the others on our visit, I was struck by their humility and dedication to practicing ACIM. We talked about how we found our way to study this amazing book in lieu of some many different wordly experiences such as migration, divorce, meeting synchronicities with like minded folks. As we departed on our ferry back to the dock, I was awed by the awesomeness of the New York City skyline but even more so by the spirit of my mighty trip companions. I knew then the Conference was going to meet the expectations of the big city and bright lights of Times Square.  

No lights shine brighter on a evening street than those of Times Square and no spirits shined lighter then the 500 plus who were now signed in to rock the A Present Love Conference. I was starting this conference in a bit of an A Course in Miracles funk. I have had some conscious and unconscious struggles with how my life appeared to be playing out. I was stuck, and I had hoped the Conference might help dislodge me from my "I would prefer not to" stance that I had taken with the Holy Spirit of late. I certainly found my inspiration.

Most inspiring to me was the amazing effort of our leader, the Reverend Tony Ponticello. How does he maintain that smile and grace under the enormous pressure of running a conference of this size? Additionally, we were privy to some of the mistakes that the hotel management had made which caused some problems with rooms and the first meal. Rev. Tony handled them all with class.

I can also recall the uplifting and heartfelt presentations that I attended given by Kathy Scott Perry. Her presentation made me wonder how one person could withstand so many personal tragedies and yet out of it all she found A Course in Miracles and accepted it as part of Holy Spirit's plan. Next, I felt inspired by the personalized, thorough, and humorous presentation of Jennifer Hadley. A very honest presentation peppered with Course quotes that hit the right cord in the audience and we all enjoyed the freebies!

The Conference moved toward mid-day Saturday and the thought occurred to me that we were going to experience a great diversity of presentations all trying to hit different notes within the theme. I enjoyed Jon Mundy's walking us through the early history A Course In Miracles by telling the stories about Helen Schucman, Bill Thetford, and Ken Wapnick. Much of the information was new to me.

As usual, I found Gary Renard's presentation engaging, substantive, thematic, and funny! He's always on point about the true message of ACIM and I love him for that. The most memorable talk for me came from the Miami based ACIM Minister, Kevin Rice.

I felt that Kevin's presentation most directly adhered to the Conference's theme. It contained significant ACIM principles like the Holy Instant as well as personal admonitions to "Give up Guilt." He described for us what A Present Love meant from a metaphysical stand point using the time/space experience as a way of creating the perceptional experience of subject/object which is rooted in the idea of separation. How do we heal? We use the celestial speed-up process known as the miracle to remove the guilt from our minds. In those moments, the Holy Instant happens and time collapses.

The last experience that inspired me was the closing service. I saw so many loving and kind gestures. I heard wonderful songs.   I witnessed the sound guys giving Reverend Tony a rousing ovation. He even inspires the sound guys! Wow! Rev. Tony's talk was very heartfelt. His openness about his struggles with Mental Health issues was one of the bravest moments of public speaking I have ever witnessed. It is amazing what you can do with the Holy Spirit behind you. I didn't agree with his interpretation of the Foundation of Inner Peace A Course In Miracles book but I forgave him.

On the whole, the experience of the New York City Conference left me inspired and hopeful. When I would return to my school we would find that another student would take his own life. I reflected on the Conference and the recent suicide of Robin Williams. I thought about how so many suicides are not counted as suicides as people kill themselves through addiction or unchecked self-destructive behaviors. I realized that the dedicated and persistent practice of A Course in Miracles is the answer for me. It provides answers for those ego attacks of sin, guilt, and fear that receive so much worldly support. Big City, Bright Lights and A Present Love. You can't beat it. 

Rev. Peter Graham is CMC's 40th Minister ordained February 23, 2002.
This is the 5th time he has been CMC Conference Staff.

"Healing Our Ancient Hatreds" by Rev. Roxie Benson

Rev. Roxie BensonI first want to thank everyone who attended the 2015 A Course In Miracles Conference in New York City, A Present Love. I want to thank you for your attendance and graceful participation in this Conference. I also want to thank you for every loving thought you have ever held, every "lily of forgiveness" you have ever extended, every grievance you let go of. And for your "little willingness" that makes true forgiveness a reality. Now is the time to hold steadfast to your commitment to practice true forgiveness. We are entering an exciting time. The love, the kindness extended, the commitment to doing this work and all the ancient hatred that was healed in New York has paved the way for what is next in our Miracles community.  

I have served as Conference Staff five times, but the depth of love I felt at the A Present Love Conference demonstrates the depth of love currently being experienced by the collective mind and the shift from fear to love that we have experienced as a community. Many said that joining together in New York City felt like a family reunion. And as a family we will still bicker over theology. As Jeshua so eloquently puts it, "theology always induces bickering". (Gary Renard and Rev. Tony we love you both.) However, I firmly believe that a result of the ancient hatreds we were all willing to let go of in New York City, there has been a shift from fear to love in our community in such a profound way that we will never be wholly insane again.  

Each one of you, each participant, each Presenter, each Staff member and all the holy brothers who served us at the Hotel Pennsylvania and in New York City were all part of the healing this ancient hatred. Thank you so much for who each of you are and for what you have done and will continue to do to serve God's purpose.  

We are now going to bring this healing and love to Las Vegas as we bring Jeshua's three books together in one conference. A Course In Miracles, The Way Of Mastery, and A Course Of Love will all be represented in Las Vegas in 2016. I am so excited to join with you again as we continue to heal our ancient hatreds and reach out to our brothers by extending love and forgiveness. 

Rev. Roxie Benson is CMC's 53th Minister ordained October 2, 2004.
This is the 5th time she has been CMC Conference Staff.

"Trust" by Rev. Kim Wison

Rev. Kim WilsonWhat is it about the New York City A Course In Miracles Conference that is held within my awareness? It is trust. How could this have happened?

I was prepared for this Conference originally called forth with the theme, "A Present Love," I had studied Chapter 26 in ACIM, dug deep into the meaning of "The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love" (OrEd.Tx26.81), and I was certain of our purpose in joining. I had prepared the holy temple God has given me in which to express the truth. I was ready for Love to come on over full-time, but Trust?

Here's the story. As scheduled I would assist a tour to the Statue of Liberty. We gathered in the lobby as a group of about 15 to begin our trek. We joined in joyful relationship with one another expressing our experience through conversation as we headed to our destination. When we arrived at the entrance to the Statue of Liberty, we were required to walk through the electronic scanner prior to access. Everyone was busily taking off excess metal objects, placing them in bins, and proceeding through the scanners. As usual, I'm talking a lot and kind of on autopilot with my usual banter. As "luck" would have it, They (the face of Christ and the memory of God) were walking beside me in the holy temple prepared for Them by Angeles Navas. Angie and I had become immediate buddies in the 45 minutes since we'd met. So I thought – immediate buddies – yeah right! Little did I know, she was about to give me a slap in the face to wake me up!

This is how it happened that an ancient hatred became a present love. Just talking out loud, I said, "I wonder if I need to tell them about this steel plate in my shoe?" Time suddenly stood still, the place where we stood was holy. We became One as Angie said, "What part of trust don't you get?" Like I was some kind of idiot!?! I had prepared for this event but, was unprepared for the delivery.  A surprise attack, I was caught off-guard! Then, she continued, all simple and sugary sweet, "I trust that all is perfect as I walk through the scanner and I do not doubt. I trust. If something is needed, I will be told what to do." Well … Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and Joseph must have been there too, because I received the revelation of truth from Angie's spoken word, right then and there, no questions asked! An ancient hatred (doubt) became a present love (trust) on that holy spot. In the blink of an eye, the 'full-nelson' of doubt that I had on trust was released by the revelation spoken by Angie. My death-grip on trust was replaced with truth. "And all the lights in Heaven brighter grow, in gratitude for what has been restored." (OrEd.Tx.26.81)

I could write a book entitled, A Present Love NYC Style describing the miracles I witnessed in various encounters, events, and Staff-love. I bow in gratitude to all who prepared the temple where They have come to dwell and brought it to NYC. Through relationships, A Present Love was embraced in our union at The Hotel Pennsylvania. This creation is expressing as we live and breathe.

"Surprise attacks" may be around the corner and I may be "up-to-bat," but I trust. "Around you angels hover lovingly, to keep away all darkened thoughts of sin and keep the light where it has entered in." (OrEd.Tx.26.82) Thank you Angie! I love you. 

Rev. Kim Wilson is CMC's 85th Minister ordained March 15, 2015.
This is the 1st time she has been CMC Conference Staff.

Thursday April 6 2015, Statue of Liberty Excursion

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