164th Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors (**Public Copy)
January 22, 2017 / 2:00 p.m.

Directors Present (6): Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev.Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Rudy Colombini.
Directors Absent (1): Rev. Roxie Benson

Director Resignation: Rev. Paul Marinkovich has resigned. Rev. Tony will send a “Thank you” email to Rev. Paul thanking him for his brief service on the Board.

Minutes for the 163rd Meeting of the Board of Directors Read and Accepted as Amended.

Financial Reports:

There are no new financial reports to review. We have not finished the end of the year bookkeeping. At the March meeting we should have the full 2016 report.

As of Saturday 1.21.2017 we had $49,674 in the Bank of America account and $6,804 in the J.P. Morgan account.m

Supporting Member Report:

Currently 107 Supporting Members — $5,851.66 / month pledged, average $54.69 / member
Net gain of 3 Supporting Members and gain of 156.67/month

Gained 4: Rev. Adrienne Bermingham, Randy Gunn, Sue Riley, Rev. Wayne Still
Lost 1: Helen Owen

Associate Minister Report:

No change

Class Report:

5 ACIM-1 Students
6 ACIM-2 Students
4 ACOL Students
LGBTQ and Beyond continues at 875 Post - Rev. Peter teaches
Monday Miracles Meeting continues at 875 Post - Rev. Dusa Althea teaches

There is still an issue with ACIM-2 Ministerial projects. Rev. Tony is working with students and Rev. Paul on this.

Old Business:

Rev. Tony’s Compensation:

Rev. Tony’s Social Security began retroactively with Nov. 2016 so as of Nov. 2016 Rev. Tony’s compensation became $1,000 / month. Rev. Tony does will not receive the 50% compensation for teaching CMC classes. Teaching classes can be see as part of his duties as Executive Minister.

New Board Members:

There was a discussion related to the financial level of commitment for Board Members. There was a general agreement for Board members to support the CMC above the basic membership level. A motion was made:

Motion: A CMC Board of Director member must pledge at the Guardian Angel level ($100 / month).

New Business:

2018 Conference:

Discuss Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan as a Presenter.

Discuss Robert Perry as a Presenter. He recently asked to be one.

The Board discussed adding presenters for our 2018 San Francisco Conference. The two presenters suggested were Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan, A CMC ordained minister, and Robert Perry, who recently published through the Circle of Atonement a new scholarly edit of ACIM based primarily on Helen Schucman’s notes.

The discussion included many considerations, and that the presentation times and meeting rooms would have to change to include any new presenters. Additionally, we had said “No” to others who had previously requested to be added to our roster of presentations. The consensus was that we would not accept any new presenters but we would consider Robert Perry and Rev. Jesse for the 2019 conference.

We will need to adjust our price increase schedule. We are waiting to see what happens with James Twyman’s Easter Conference in Utah. We will not establish when there is to be the next Conference rate increase until after we know more about James Twyman’s Easter Conference.

New Sunday Gathering at 875 Post:

Rev. Tony would like to stay in charge of this for the time being, until things settle. He needs to be able to make quick changes without consulting the Board or a committee. We could start rotating other ministers as speakers soon. Rev. Roxie wants to speak. At this time Rev. Tony wants ministers who speak to be regular attendees. We need a larger and more committed Sunday Gathering Team since there is much more set-up and tear-down work now. 

Things we have changed:
* Changed name from “Sunday Service” to “Sunday Gathering.”
* Added “Blessing Our New People.”
* Eliminated “Miracle Share.”
* Made coffee and refreshments available before Gathering.
* Upgraded coffee and refreshments.
* Added featured musical guests every week. 3 songs, 2 at beginning and 1 near the end. We currently pay them $40 plus purchase their CDs if they have them. It is a challenge to get a performer each week.
* Reduced congregational singing to one song at the end done with karaoke style music.
* Renamed “Sing of Peace” to “Shake and Hug.”
* Readings may now be up to 400 words and we will print the closing song on a separate song sheet in needed.

New Class:

Rev. Tony wants to teach a new class using Robert Perry’s new edit of ACIM based on Helen Schucman’s “Shorthand Notes.” This class would use Zoom Video Conferencing technology. Class would go through the book in a leisurely fashion and read all the Footnotes and all the “Cameos” as they occur. Perhaps class would only cover the first 5 Chapters as this is where things are the most different. Suggested cost: $120 / 10 weeks ($95 for CMC Supporting Members).

A discussion on this class was held. Rev. Tony spoke in favor of the class because he knows that some ACIM students want to read and study the book with him. Rev. Peter voiced objection to the material in the book because it includes private thoughts that Jesus gave to Helen and he felt her privacy should be respected. A motion was made to approve the class.

Motion: Rev. Tony will teach a class on Robert Perry’s new edit of ACIM based on Helen Schucman’s notes. Passed 4 in favor 1 abstention.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Next Meeting Sunday March 26, 2017, 1:30 p.m. at CMC office 3006 Buchanan St.

Respectfully Submitted,
Peter Graham, CMC Secretary

**Infrequently, the CMC may generalize certain items and/or names, or may eliminate an item altogether, that might be embarrassing and/or painful for a particular person and/or institution from the "Public Copy" of the Minutes. The "Legal Copy" of the minutes, held at the CMC office, may therefore be slightly different from the "Public Copy." The CMC guarantees that, to the best of it's ability, the "Public Copy" of the minutes contains no inaccurate or misleading information.