161st Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors (**Public Copy)
July 24, 2016 / 12:45 p.m.

Members Present (8): Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Roxie Benson, Rev. Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Rudy Colombini, Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Paul Marinkovich. 
Member Absent (1): Rev. Daniel Tipton

Welcome Rev. Paul Marinkovich to the CMC Board of Directors! YEA!

Minutes from the 160th Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors were read and accepted as amended. Unanimous. 

Regular Business:

Financial Reports:

Profit and Loss: Jan. 1 2016 to Mar. 31 2016 (1st qtr. 2016)
Income $56,927.61  Expenses $52,787.93  Income Remaining $4,139.68

Equity Report: Mar. 31, 2016
Current $85,303.46  Jan. 1, 2016 $78,981.32  Gain of Equity $6,385.14

Good news. At the 158th meeting on Jan. 24 we looked at the full 2015 Financial Report and we reported ($15,059.45) overspent with a loss of equity of ($11,730.32). This was NOT correct. There was a large posting error. $13,441.68 was posted to 2 Liability accounts (debiting one account and crediting the other) instead of a Liability account and an Expense account (debiting the Liability and crediting the Expense). What this created was a $13,441.68 Liability (debt) which we actually did NOT have. There were several other smaller adjustments

Therefore we actually had a gain of equity of $776.92 instead of a loss of ($11,730.32), with an income overspent of only ($2,552.21) instead of ($15,059.45). 

Rev. Tony apologizes. Sometimes the obviousness of the error isn't apparent until more reports are generated. Plus we had a rush to complete the 2015 Financials after the end of the year in time for the January 24th meeting. Rushing manifests mistakes. We are slowly catching up the bookkeeping. The 2nd quarter (Apr., May, Jun.) should be done in a couple of weeks.

Supporting Member Report:

Currently 106 Supporting Members — $5,481.66 / month, $51.71 / members (net loss of 8 Supporting Members and $555/month)

Gained 2: Peggy Griffith, Alex Melgarejo
Lost 11: Ilyas Iliya, Ann Dreux, Rev. Regina Dawn Akers, Rev. Michelle McNichols, Rev. Iolanda Salte, Helen DelGrosso, Rev. Patricia Herrin, Kimberly McGinnis, Georgann Fuller, Rev. Greg Mishaga, Rev. Judy Junghans

This is not good. There are many factors in play and we are still experiencing repercussions from the Las Vegas Conference finale and other related San Francisco talks. Then we had Rev. Judy quitting the CMC and thus her classes, taking her students, and then her students quitting being Supporting Members as well. There are many other factors which caused Supporting Members to leave: job loss, terminal illness, multiple family issues. Many left because they had now completed ACIM-2 and were ordained, so they were no longer required to be Supporting Members. We always try to find out why people are quitting.

Rev. Judy left the CMC after an altercation with Rev. Kelly over the Sunday announcement, and the use of a promotional image. It was not directly because of the Conference, although in discussions afterwards she cited the Conference as well.

Discussion was had about Sunday announcement and Sunday program images and procedures. The process of having an image on the Sunday Service Program was discussed, which related to how the announcement was normally completed. The discussion also included needing to have this task handled in a timely manner. There was reminder to remain respectful in all correspondences. 

Rev. Peter suggested twice yearly Supporting Member meetings that will use some sort of Audio Visual technology and equipment to allow everyone to participate. There was a general discussion on how to facilitate this. 

Motion: The CMC will have a Biyearly Supporting Member meetings utilizing an appropriate Audio-Visual technology. Unanimous. 

Associate Ministers:

Lost 4: Rev. Judy Junghans, Rev. Sal Dossani, Rev. Patricia Mawson, Rev. Patricia Herrin
Gained 2: Rev. Kim Wilson, Rev. Sharon Gustafson

The ministers who left as Associate Ministers chose to leave for various reasons. The two who were gained are Rev. Kim Wilson, who is teaching the ACOL course, and Rev. Sharon Gustafson, who has been leading meditation groups at the last 2 Conferences and will now work as Conference Staff taking Rev. Roxie’s place. 

Old Business:


New Business:

New Ministers Ordained:
 6 CMC Ministers ordained 4.24.2016:
90. Sharon Gustafson, 91. Patricia Blanchard Herrin, 92. Michelle McNichols, 93. Rachel Mohr, 94. Kathleen McGhail Moon, 95. Lillian Iolanda Salte

3 CMC Minister Ordained 7.17.2016
96. Joshua Haun, 97. Elvira Sanchez (Diaz-Sanchez), 98. Mary Thomson

Class Report:
Number of students that we currently have:

ACIM-1 14 Students  
ACIM-2 14 Students
ACOL 2 students - Rev. Kim now teaches
LGBTQ and Beyond ~ 4-5 (average) students. Rev. Peter says things are going well.
Marvelous Monday Miracles Meeting (M4) continues.
~ 3 to 5 (average) students attend the class. Rev. Dusa Althea says things are going well. 

Rev. Tony gave update on ACIM-2 ministerial projects. Most students are doing their projects. There a few ACIM-2 students who have to get working on an approved project. Rev. Tony will follow up on this. 

Rev. Paul wanted to discuss class receipt procedure. Rev. Tony said the teacher no longer has to get the Credit Card numbers. Rev. Paul would like to have the CMC take over the billing process. 

Motion: The CMC office will take over the billing for the ACIM classes at the regular intervals. The teachers are required to communicate to CMC office if the student is choosing to discontinue taking the class, or if their attendance in class is going to be interrupted. Unanimous. 

Rev. Vincent wanted to discuss refunding Rev. Judy's students a portion of their tuition as an expression of good will. They were in the 2nd or 3rd week of class. Some said that it would be an offer of peace or of love. 

Motion: The CMC will refund a 30% portion of the student’s tuition for those who chose to leave the ACOL Class when the teacher resigned. Motion does not pass: 2 yays, 5 nays. (President did not vote)

Rev. Kelly believes we should have a non-competition clause/agreement with our teachers. Rev. Kelly also believes we should include in the regular class agreements that the student understands the class is with the CMC, and that the CMC can change instructors if needed, and if that happens, all the agreements remain in place.

Motion: We add to the existing agreements that the student understands that they are taking the class with the CMC and that the CMC can change instructors as needed. Motion passes: 6 yays, 1 nay. (President did not vote)

The larger discussion about a non-competition clause for the teacher was tabled.

CMC vs. Nevada Department of Taxation NVDOT:
Rev. Kelly prepared an excellent legal brief arguing our case. The brief is 15 pages long with 96 pages of supporting attachments. This is truly a superlative work on our behalf. A hearing is scheduled for Mon. Aug. 15 with the Nevada Tax Commission (NTC) an independent oversight body appointed by the Nevada governor. Hearing will take place in Carson City, NV and the decision will be known immediately. Rev. Kelly and Rev. Tony will go and present our case. At stake is $7,692.13. Final accounting for Las Vegas Conference is delayed because of this unsettled business and being behind in the bookkeeping.

2018 Conference Update:
We are getting closer to the launch. We have a fine logo. We have signed contracts from Presenters now using DocuSign. No substantial new enrollments will happen until after the launch.

We have had several interim pianists with the most frequent being Jim Washington. We need to decide if we want to make him permanent at $100 per Sunday. General agreement to hire Jim at the stated rate and he needs to open a Bank of America account so that we can pay him through our payroll service.

We have been using 2 cleaners Myrna Gonzales and Ricardo Esquivel. They are a couple. We have been paying them by check $40 week. Rev. Tony is going to have a discussion with them on making their compensation more formal.  

"2016 ACIM Conference Finale" now has 626 views and has been well received. Rev. Kelly did an excellent job editing the video. "Viva Las Vegas" is the next highest with 418 views.

Rev. Kelly is preparing YouTube video of 2007 San Francisco Conference that featured “Rev. Antoinette.” This video does have some mature content. The discussion that ensued was wide ranging, and many views were discussed. Some felt we needed to understand that our less traditional presentations are going to offend the sensibilities of some ACIM students and Supporting Members. Others expressed that these presentations provide sound teaching content and they are delivered in a creative, engaging manner which makes the message more appealing and soundly communicated.

Motion: The CMC should release “There’s A Crack in Everything” YouTube video of the 2007 Conference. Motion passes: 6 yays, 1 nay. (President did not vote)

CMC Web Site:
We had severe problems with malware on our website. Rev. Tony explained current web site platform that has resulted. Things are very high-end and professional now. They are also expensive. Web site has been reworked so local events are not as obscure, while there is still a global design emphasis. We are adjusting the mobile device responsiveness.

Board Members: Roles, Responsibilities, & Protocols:
Rev. Vincent wanted to discuss our adherence to these principles as Board members.

A broad discussion was held. Some expressed that we had the right to speak freely on the various platforms including the social media with which we communicate. Others spoke of the need to consider the use of discretion when we were addressing issues that the Board might be making decisions on, or having discussions about. The discussion included the view that when we post or speak, to please speak from our heart and consider our role and responsibilities as Board members.  

Castro Street Fair Booth:
Oct. 2, 2016 (Sun.) 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Total estimated cost $500 to $700. Need 4 to 5 volunteers.

Several Board members agreed to help defray the cost and Rev. Peter agreed to lead the organization of the booth.

Motion: The CMC will have a booth at the Castro Street fair. Unanimous. 

30 Year Birthday Fund Raising & Remodel Project:
Need Board Members and Supporting Members to be totally supportive with publicity: Facebook, email lists, Twitter etc. Create list of things needed to inspire giving: handicap lift, new recording equipment, office furniture, carpet maintenance. Rev. Tony's idea: "30 for 30" $30,000 for our 30th Birthday. We may need more than $30,000 as lift would need to be A.D.A. compliant. Rev. Kelly will organize.

Motion: A major fundraising campaign for our 30th Birthday to focus on remodeling and improvements to the Center. Unanimous.

Meditation Class:
Rev. Kelly wants to start "Meditation Class." Thu. 7 p.m. $10 suggested. Start Aug. 25. Style of meditation will vary.

Motion: We start a meditation class on Thursday nights 7 pm with a $10 dollar suggested donation taught by Rev. Kelly. Unanimous. 

New Class for Rev. Roxie:
Rev. Roxie would like to teach 2 new classes. Rev. Roxie had to leave the meeting due to it extending beyond the usual time. This item was tabled. 

Satellite Church:
Rev. Paul wants to start a CMC satellite church named "Miracles by the Sea a CMC Affiliated Church." This would be under CMC BOD control. From Rev. Paul's proposal: "This would grant Rev. Paul Marinkovich the right to make reference to a different geographical location and extension of the church. It would give CMC members who have trouble with some particular aspects of CMC San Francisco another option and allow us to expand membership." Rev. Tony shared what he knew about chartering churches. After some discussion, this proposal was tabled as Rev. Paul suggested it was a long term goal of his. More discussion and groundwork was needed. 

Practical Spirituality Phone Class:
Rev. Kelly wants to start a Practical Spirituality Phone Class. Sat. 10 a.m. $50-$60 per month. Start Oct. 1. Focus of multiple books and other material related to ACIM. Check-in, meditation, teaching, discussion. Students would have advance reading assignments. This discussion was tabled till the next Board Meeting. 

Conference Presentation Submission:
Rev. Paul wanted to have a discussion about the CMC Board of Directors being submitted the outline of the Conference Finale presentation in advance. This would provide Board members the opportunity to give feedback. It would also, at the least, give them the information they need to decide if they want to attend, and if they want to invite others. A discussion was held.

Motion: Rev. Tony will present to the CMC Board an outline of his presentation for the 2018 San Francisco Conference Finale for feedback with the final decision  on what to do being Rev. Tony’s. Motion passes: 4 yays, 1 nay. (President did not vote)

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Next meeting scheduled Sun. 09.25.2016 at 12:45 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Rev. Peter Graham - CMC Board Secretary

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