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04.02.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello - "Part of 'The Holy Trinity'"
Traditional Christianity teaches the triune nature of God: "One God in three divine persons" - the Father, the Son. and the Holy "Ghost." This is what I was taught as a young Catholic boy. A Course in Miracles is clear that we humans need to identify with the Christ - the Son of God - and thus realize we are part of the God-Head. This teaching may NOT be as radical as we think because I was taught this during my early religious instruction. This is also justified in the Christian Bible. "For ye are all children of God by faith in Christ, Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ." (Gal.3.26-27) Where are you in this discussion? Are we all ready "put on Christ" be part of the God Head?

03.26.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Kelly Hallock - "Live Your Purpose!"
Often we make decisions and live our lives based on what feels right in the moment. Yet we often look back and realize that the outcomes were painful or feel like we waster our time. We wonder "Why did I do that???" and then continue without a clear goal hoping for a different outcome. A Course in Miracles tells us what our purpose is and gives us a means to accomplish it. Join Rev. Kelly this Sunday to get clear on what the Course says and to learn a process that will support you in developing a clear vision of your life purpose!

03.19.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello - "Saint Patrick: From Slave to Savior"
Saint Patrick is the much loved patron saint or Ireland. Many do not know that he was actually from England and was brought to Ireland as a teenage slave at 16 years of age. After 6 years a slave he received a vision from God that inspired his escape. He was able to return to England,entered the religious life and eventually became a Catholic Bishop whereon another vision inspired him to return to Ireland and spread the Good News of the Gospel. He built churches and established a thriving Christian community. He used the common three lobed clover leaf to teach the Holy Trinity. How is St. Patrick's journey our journey? What can we learn from this exemplary life? Join Rev. Tony this Sunday to find out!

03.12.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Kelly Hallock and Rev. Tony Ponticello - "CMC's 30th Birthday Celebration!"
Come out this Sunday to celebrate Community Miracles Center's 30th Birthday!! It's been a time of change, a time of growth and now a time of celebration! Rev. Tony Ponticello, CMC's Executive Minister, and Rev. Kelly Hallock, CMC's Assistant Minister, will be sharing their thoughts during the Sunday Gathering! Then afterwards, we will have cake and champagne (both alcoholic and non-) to acknowledge this very special day! We would love to have as many people join us as possible to celebrate this very rare accomplishment!

03.05.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Peter Graham - "Your Brother's Sinlessness Will Set You Free!"
We live in age of hyper-criticism under the belief that pursuing the crucifixion of our fellow humans and human institution will set us Free and bring us Peace. Really???? Rev. Peter will focus on how seeing the sinlessness of your brothers and sisters will free you of the attack and blame cycle leading you to experience greater peace and true freedom of mind.

02.26.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello - "The Top 1%"
We all want to do our best, and isn't that why we study A Course In Miracles? We look around and see successful people. Perhaps they are successful in worldly issues, and perhaps they are successfully being happy and at peace. Perhaps they are successful at relationships. What about those long term, happily married couples? We want to be as successful as the top 1% that we observe. Is there anything "wrong" with that? Perhaps there is. Does it matter who is in the 1% if that means 99% didn't make it? What we COULD aim for is something entirely different - something we have never even seen - yet?

02.19.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Kelly Hallock - "Making Work Work for You"
Statistics say on average we spend over 90,000 hours at a job in our lifetime yet 88% of us are dissatisfied with our employment. We end up calling in sick due to stress-related illnesses. We cancel our vacations because we think we have too much to do at the office. And often we are working to buy things that we can't enjoy because we are working too much. This is nothing short of insanity! So join me, Rev. Kelly, this Sunday to look at how we can make work work for us! Work can be rewarding. Work can be a joy. Work can be the means to awaken to our presence in heaven. Let's work together to make work work for us in our spiritual journeys.

02.12.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello - "Siding With Freedom"
Does being a student/teacher of A Course In Miracles make one a-political? Recent events in our country have brought up many troubling questions for Course people. What freedoms DO we have be willing to fight for? Any? What does it mean to be "honor bound," and how do we spiritual people relate to that idea? "You can never be bound except in honor, and that is always voluntary." (OrEd.Tx.4.51)

02.05.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Roxie Benson - "Entering the Dialogue with Truth"
Truth isn't static. It's unchanging. but, never static. Truth is a dialogue. Truth dialogue is the acknowledgement of Divine Relationship wth all Creation. If you judge any aspect of Creation unworthy of your love and understanding you remain outside the comfort of Truth. The acknowledgement of Relationship as who we are and who we are to God is entering the dialogue. Until you enter the dialogue with True Relationship you are simply deluding yourself with dreams of fear, unworthiness, lack and other such insanity. When you realize you literally can't exist outside of your Relationship with your Divinity, you will have entered the dialogue.

01.22.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello - "YOU Are the 100th Monkey"
You are the critical mass our world needs for a cultural and spiritual renaissance. Your brothers and sisters will evolve towards the light when your movement towards the light is being accomplished. The "sufficient number" ACIM speaks of, are all the enlightened ones who came before you plus... YOU. YOU are the 100th monkey.

01.15.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello - "Evolving Our Concept of Body"
We have thought that our body was who we were. As spiritual students we learn to connect with something larger and eternal - our soul. However to get to soul awareness an evolutionary process is useful and practical. How can we evolve our concept of our body to the soul level? Let's explore this question and more on Sunday as Rev. Tony shares on this soul-full topic!

01.08.2017 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello - "Why Do We Gather on Sunday?"
It's 2017, a new year with changes and new opportunities. The CMC said "goodbye" to 2269 Market Street. The happy habit of gathering with like minded people on Sunday mornings continues for many us. Yet, why do we do it? What is it that we hope to gain? What are the gifts that we can count on when we continue to gather on Sundays?

12.25.2016 Community Voices - "Christmas Community Voices Service and Farewell to Market Street"
This week is a VERY special Sunday Service as it is our annual Community Voices Christmas service! Several folks will share what the holiday means to them followed by a Potluck (so bring a dish to share - we will provide drinks and dessert). AND this will be our LAST service at Market St. Starting January 8th, we will be at our new location (and for January 1, we will be at the Fellowship Room at Rev. Dusa Althea's home). We will be sending emails closer to those dates with more information.

12.18.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Peter Graham - "The Christmas Star - The Light that Forgives, Guides, Inspires and ultimately Awakens us to Reality"
The Christmas Star, referred to in A Course in Miracles and also known as the Star of Bethlehem, guided the 3 Magi or wise men to Jesus at the time of his birth. ACIM wants us to see this Christmas Star as a light within to guide us toward our own awakening of our True Reality. Rev. Peter will talk this Sunday andl focus on how this spiritual metaphor of light can be used to inspire our awakening. -- "This is the season when you would celebrate my birth into the world. Yet you know not how to do it. Let theHoly Spirit teach you, and let me celebrate your birth through Him. The only gift I can accept of you is thegift I gave to you. Release me as I choose your own release.". (T-15.X.1:5-9)

12.11.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Vincent Fuqua — "Embrace Our Identity"
Throughout our lives will are on this constant journey to find out who we are. We find ourselves struggling to come terms with who we are. Whether that is allowing fear to come to forefront or I own self-doubt and so on. What is the "you" who are living in this world? How do we see ourselves? What is our identity? Come and listen to Rev. Vincent as share his thoughts on some these questions and how he is learning how to embrace all his identity with the guidance of A Course in Miracles.

12.04.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello — "Depend of Miracles"
A Course In Miracles frequently defines "miracles" as extensions of love. These extensions make it possible for shifts to happen, not ONLY in our minds, but in the world that we are perceiving as well. Teachers of ACIM have said, "I don't believe in miracles, I depend on them." With recent challenges, this idea keeps me focused and moving in the direction of my goals. if our goal are set with help from Holy Spirit, as long as we keep moving in that direction, we can depend on the miracles we need. Love WILL extend.

11.27.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Vincent Fuqua — "Gratitude"
As we enter into another chapter in our lives this a perfect time for some reflections. This has been a challenging time for many of us this year, yet it is important that we take the time to appreciate our gratitude. Come and listen to Rev. Vincent as he share his thoughts on how we can still remain in gratitude even when things appears to be challenging and bringing up fears in us.

11.20.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Kelly Hallock — "Walking in Gratitude"
It's the week of Thanksgiving. What does that mean to you? Yes, we'll all be having turkey and Rev. Tony's homemade pumpkin pie on Thursday, but should it mean more than that to us as A Course in Miracles students? Join with Rev. Kelly this Sunday as she explores what A Course in Miracles has to say about gratitude - what it is, what the obstacles to it are and how to fully celebrate in gratitude.

11.13.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Roxie Benson — "A New Choice"
We have been choosing separation both consciously and unconsciously for eons now. The entire election process and political system are creations the ego's fear based thought system of insanity. These systems have been gloried by the ego because they keep the separation game spinning. They are still trusted even in the face of the blatant lies, corruption, waste, abuse, use and rape of people and resources, and outright theft. Yet the sheep continue to sheep up to trough to feed on separation. Do you want to continue to feed the separation game by being it's witness, or are you truly ready to stop playing the game altogether? If you still want to "make the world a better place", If you still want to change or fix and illusory world, if you still believe elections either save or victimize you, this talk is not for you, this talk will piss your ego off. But if you want to join, if you want to create Holy Relationship, if you want to create Unity from Unity, this talk is for you. This talk is for those of you who are truly ready for "A New Choice."

11.06.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Tony Ponticello — "The Challenge of Change"
All of us have to deal with change. It is said the only constant in life IS change. A Course in Miracles tells us that when fear comes up, when change is at hand, it is because we are remembering our first experience of change which was our perceived perception of separation from God and Reality. What tools does A Course in Miracles give us to handle changes and what is it like to apply them? Explore this and other ideas with Rev. Tony!

10.30.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Linda Chappo — "Dissolving Ghosts, Releasing Skeletons"
Halloween gives us the opportunity to live out many of our favorite fantasies; ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. We relish our experiences of scary beings and things that go "bump in the night." Yet in real life those ghosts that haunt us, and the skeletons in our closets may hold us back from experiencing the peace of God.

10.16.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Kelly Hallock — "The Causation of Catastrophe"
We deem many things to be a catastrophe. Whether it be a plane disappearing over the Indian Ocean, a presidential nomination that we don't agree with or spilling our perfectly sweetened coffee on our new shirt, we call them all catastrophes. But what is the cause of the catastrophes in our lives and is there a way to avoid them? Join with Rev. Kelly in this video as she looks at the cause behind the catastrophes in our lives and what does A Course in Miracles ask us to do in response to them. There is cause and effect so how can we change the outcome? Let's consider what we can do and commit to releasing the blocks to knowing our innocence and awaken together as we apply the principles together.

10.09.2016 Main Teacher Rev. Roxie Benson — "That's Really Bad"
Have you ever taken a neutral event, made up an entire victim story about the event and then made the choice to suffer because of the story you you told yourself? Join Rev. Roxie at Community Miracles Center to look at how we make ourselves victims on our own fictitious victim stories and how we delight and even fight over "being unfairly treated."

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