ACIM Gather Radio Player

ACIM Gather Logo(This Radio Player is currently not compatible with the Safari browser. If on a Macintosh please use the Chrome browser.)
Anyone can listen to the ACIM Gather programs on any computer or modile device.

From the radio player at the top of the page choose ACIM Gather from the drop down menu. If nothing starts then there is currently no programing being broadcast.

In order to interact and participate you will need to log in with a PalTalk account. If you don't have an account click on the PalTalk logo (lower right) to download a PalTalk application. Then create your free PalTalk account. When in PalTalk look for the ACIM Gather room! You'll recognize it because of the logo (upper left).You will be able to interact with text chat, and also speaking when the speaker let's go of the microphone.

Click here for the current ACIM Gather ScheduleACIM Gather Schedule

ACIM Gather is a project of One Mind Foundation and Community Miracles Center.

David Dov FishmanDavid (Dov) Fishman is a beloved teacher and mentor. He is the founder of the One Mind Foundation and for over 10 years operated ACIM Gather. Started in 2004, ACIM Gather has served as an online "boot-camp" for dozens of A Course In Miracles student/teachers as they learned to develop trust in their Inner Guidance or Higher Self. Dov's knowledge and understanding of the principles of A Course in Miracles is legendary. Dov (it's short for "Dovid" his Jewish name) is indeed a true Teacher of Teachers. In 2014 ACIM Gather's name was changed to Awakening Together and put under the leadership for Rev. Regina Dawn Akers, a teacher who had gained prominence through ACIM Gather. Awakening Together has become a vibrant ministry of it's own, with a slightly different focus. In 2016, after a fine tuning of Awakening Together's priorities and staff, it was decided that ACIM Gather would resurrect. ACIM Gather reopened on September 1 2016, with a seven day programming schedule.

Lyn JohnsonLyn Johnson has been a key figure in ACIM Gather's past history, and certainly will be key in its future as well. Lyn has been a lifelong seeker of Truth. She has heard the Voice for God since she was a small child. When she was 14, she realized that God was not in the church, and she began seeking in earnest for the Truth. She was a Baha’i, a meditator, a born again Christian, and a Buddhist. Still not satisfied, she finally found A Course in Miracles — the seeking ended. Since 2003, she has devoted herself totally to studying and teaching A Course in Miracles. Lyn served as the online Sanctuary Director for Awakening Together for 3 years. She is a Deeksha Giver, a Supporting Member of the Community Miracles Center, a moderator on the Disappearance of the Universe Yahoo group, and she is active with One Mind Foundation and Teachers of God Foundation.

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