May (23), 24, 25, & 26 2019 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Held at The Omni Parker House in Boston MA, USA

All presentations, plus ...
Free Pre-Conference Workshop - Jennifer Hadley on Thu. May 23, and
Free Post-Conference Workshop - Lisa Natoli & Bill Free on Sun. May 26

(These workshops are only open to those registered for the Conference) plus ...

Neda was recently added to the line-up!

& Sun. Finale celebration.
(Sleeping rooms at The Omni Parker House are a separate charge.)
9 new Presenters for this Boston Conference Wow!!! All these Presenters are at ONE A Course In Miracles Conference! It must be GIGANTIC! (You bet!)


  • Robert Perry

    Robert Perry
    Circle of Atonement

  • Kimberly Cartwright

    Freedom Cartwright
    Love in Action

  • Maria Felipe

    Rev. Maria Felipe

  • Dov Fishman and Lyn Johnson

    David Fishman
    & Lyn Johnson

    ACIM Gather

  • Bill Free

    Bill Free
    Teachers of God Foundation

  • Jennifer Hadley 3in 72

    Jennifer Hadley
    Power of Love Ministries

  • Yasuko Kasaki 3in 72

    Yasuko Kasaki
    Center for Remembering and Sharing

  • Cake 3in 72

    Boston Cream Pie
    The Parker House Restaurant claims to have perfected the Boston Cream Pie!

  • Kevin Rice

    Rev. Kevin Rice

  • Cindy Lora-Renard & Gary Renard

    Cindy Lora-Renard &
    Gary Renard


  • Mari Perron and Mary Love 3in 72

    Mary Love &
    Mari Perron

    A Course of Love

  • Maureen Muldoon

    Maureen Muldoon
    Miracles Live 365

  • Jon Mundy

    Jon Mundy PhD.
    Miracles Magazine

  • Lisa Natoli

    Lisa Natoli
    Teachers of God Foundation

  • Reverend Tony Ponticello

    Rev. Tony Ponticello
    Community Miracles Center (CMC)

  • MaryBeth Scalice

    MaryBeth Scalice
    Foundation of Open Hearts

  • Swanboat 3in 72

    The Famous Swan Boats
    Since 1877 these one of a kind boats have been giving rides in the Boston Gardens just minutes away.

  • Dr. Bob Rosenthal

    Dr. Bob Rosenthal
    Foundation for Inner Peace

  • Vicki Thomas

    Vicki Thomas
    Open Doors

  • Manuela Tornow

    Rev. Manuela Tornow
    Course In Miracles Society (CIMS)

  • Craig Villarrubia & Corinne Zupko

    Craig Villarrubia 
    & Corinne Zupko

    Miracle Share

Current price is $599. You can reserve and guarantee your place by paying a $149 deposit (non-refundable).
To receive the $599 price, the full amount will need to be paid by May 10, 2019.

After May 10, 2019 tickets must be purchased for the "at the door price" of $649

Until May 10, 2019 full payment tickets can be canceled and you will get any excess paid above 50% of your registration price back. From May 11, 2019 on, there will be no refunds - sorry. Tickets can be fully transfered to another attendee but we must have full information on the new ticket holder: name, phone, email, & postal address.

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We have negotiated the low room prices of: Deluxe for $269 per night. This is terrific for downtown Boston. As soon as you register we will send you the link to reserve your room at The Omni Parker House Hotel.

“Nothing will be beyond your healing power because nothing will be denied your simple request.”
(FIP:T-11.VIII.10.4) (OrEd.Tx.10.85)

Historic Parker House

The Omni Parker House has the distinction of being the longest, continually in operation hotel in the United States. It opened it's doors to guests in 1855, 163 years ago.

Just like the CMC's Conferences in San Francisco 2018, Las Vegas 2016, and New York City 2015 and Chicago 2013 we will be organizing tourist activities:

... all day and night Thu. May 23,
... in the morning Fri. May 24,
... in the afternoon and evening of Sun. May 26,
... all day Memorial Day Mon. May 27.

Please come day(s) early and stay day(s) after and make a vacation of your trip. The low room price will extend to your extra days. The exact tourist excursion will not be planned until we are much closer to the event. Here are a few things we are thinking of:

* Private Tour of Fenway Park and an actual Boston Red Sox game
* Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
* Les Miserables - the Famous Musical Will Be Back!
* The Swan Boat Rides and the Boston Common (oldest park in the United States)
* Boston Symphony Orchestra
* Faneuil Hall Marketplace
* Freedom Trail & Old Ironsides
* Museum of Fine Arts
* Duck Tour on Land and Water


Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park: Join us to see this historical park that has been a fixture of Boston since 1912 and join in cheering them on as they play a game! What fun!

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: Participate in a colonial town meeting, “dump the tea” from a ship, and visit the museum! Multi-sensory movie, artifacts and fun!

Les Miserables 6x4 72dpi

Les Miserables: This sweeping epic is one of the most popular musicals ever. This musical is back just a year after closing on Broadway."

Swan Boats and Boston Common

Swan Boats and Boston Common: Wander through the oldest city park in the United States dating back to 1634 and take a trip on the historical swan boats.

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston Symphony Orchestra: See a performance at this historical venue (and one of the “Big Five” symphonies in America). It’s something you won’t want to miss.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace: History, shopping, street performers, and pushcart lunch vendors all rolled into one.

Freedom Trail and Old Ironsides

Freedom Trail: Follow an 18th century clad guide on the Freedom Trail.

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts: One of the most comprehensive art museums in the world with over 450,000 works.

Duck Tour on Land and Water

Duck Tour on Land and Water: You’ll cruise by all the places that make Boston the birthplace of freedom. Fun, funny, informative and fabulous!

Email: miracles@earthlink.net or call for more information: (415) 621-2556
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