Natalie UllmannNatalie first encountered A Course in Miracles on a visit to a friends house in upstate New York in 2008 or so. But it wasn’t until she moved to the Bay Area in 2012 that she joined local Course reading groups and began a consistent exploration of the Course. In May of 2020 her feline companion, Lakshmi, was placed on the prayer list at the CMC and, after observing the results Natalie joined up with the CMC Healing Team. She joined the staff soon thereafter.

Natalie worked as a patent paralegal for many years. She enjoys transferring her administrative skills to the non-profit arena, supporting CMC members and staff with processing class registrations, donations, and the preparation of the CMC’s array of digital and paper publications: Miracles Weekly, Miracles Monthly, the Sunday Announcement and the Sunday program.

Natalie studied and taught yoga as a spiritual path since the 90’s, and was encouraged by her teachers to delve the source texts of the various traditions. She considers the Course to be one of the world’s source texts. She found as she went deeper into her study and practice of the Course that her understating of the yoga philosophy deepened immensely. This forms a foundation of her current work as a yoga teacher.

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