Rev. Kelly HallockRev. Kelly Hallock joined the Community Miracles Center (CMC) in December of 2015 as Assistant Minister. Prior to that, she was the Chief Operarting Officer and Administrative Director of a new thought church in West Hollywood, named Inspire where she worked and attended for four years. She was originally ordained in 2014 and then ordained by CMC as minister #89 in September, 2015 after completing the ACIM-1 and ACIM-2 classes.

Rev. Kelly’s duties at the CMC include:

• working in the office, handling bookstore orders, conference registrations, and obtaining supplies.
• promotes CMC events and classes through email and social media marketing,
• supports Sunday Services through coordinating volunteers, speakers and general tasks,
• records, edits and uploads all YouTube videos of Sunday Service teachings and Miracle Shares,
• serves as the administrative assistant in all other office duties,

Rev. Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and youth work, and completed a six-month Community Counselor Course at the Southern California Counseling Center, a leading training facility where many complete their hours towards becoming therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Rev. Kelly has been involved in a wide-range of spiritual studies including conservative Christianity, Buddhism and Science of Mind, before centralizing her practice around A Course in Miracles. Her careers have spanned from being a waitress and school teacher, to Federal Law Enforcement, with her education covering almost as wide of a range of topics.

Personally, Rev. Kelly has dealt with extreme weight gain and loss (over 100 pounds), depression, divorce, multiple career changes, family addiction issues and other events that many might call challenging, yet she sees them as steps in her journey to learn forgiveness of others, self-love, how to take responsibility for her own experiences and how to cultivate peace and joy in all circumstances, sharing these lessons with those she works with.