ACIM is a metaphysical masterpiece that shows us how to undo the ego as we encounter the experiences of our daily life. This essential spiritual philosophy is presented in one book with three sections: the Text, the Workbook and the Manual For Teachers. The Text provides the theoretical background of the Course’s fundamental teachings. The Workbook provides a daily healing lesson that allows us to experience the affects of practicing these principles. Finally, the Manual For Teachers sets out to guide for those who chose to formally teach ACIM.

The fundamental teaching of ACIM is forgiveness. We must forgive the world that we made. Yes that’s right folks, we made it all up!

Privileged with this knowledge it is our responsibility to ask for miracles. And what is a miracle? A miracle is a change in perception. That’s right, it is not necessarily bringing the dead back to life (though we don’t doubt that can be done). It is asking the Holy Spirit to give us a new perception on something in our life because the current perception is causing us pain. We don’t like pain and so with a little bit of willingness we ask the Holy Spirit to relieve us of our perception.

Does the miracle happen right away? Sometimes, but often it takes time. For the really big stuff of life it may be a process that reveals itself over years – nonetheless, we ACIM students are a hardy bunch and the experience of miracles past, which brought us peace and love, readies us for miracles now. May the Course be with you as you start your miraculous path. Y