One of the first things I say is that ACIM is about working on changing your mind. This is about shifting your thought system so you can better perceive the world. Frequently we think we are in lack. Most people are more able to tell you what is wrong then to tell you what is right.ACIM is about giving up judgment. I often mention that people do not need to believe in God, they just have to practice the lessons and read the Text. I often use many of the ideas from ACIM that have been helpful in my life.

• We do not know what is in our own best interest.
• We give things all the meaning they have.
• Everything is neutral.
• There is no order of difficulty to miracles.
• We can not understand ourselves alone.
• Every relationship offers us an opportunity to heal and learn.
• Every loveless thought must be undone.
• Giving and receive are one in the same.

ACIM is also poetic and has beautiful expressive words to help us understand the information we need to understand. It gives us many opportunities to gladden ourselves. It show how the ego works and how it keeps us distracted from our healing. There are many quotes from the Bible ACIM has helped to make better "Many are called but few are chosen" should be, "All are called but few choose to listen.” This quote helps me to not think limited thoughts about people. No judgment, no guilt and no blame, is helping me to take more responsibility in my life. Y