We face two constants in life, change and choice. Change is constant in our perception of the world around us in every second of every day. Choices also occur for each of us in every second of every day.ACIM is a choice to mir your life in love and not fear. This is a philosophy where we each choose to see love and to know in our hearts that fear does not exist. For me this is the foundation of ACIM. God has no qualification one must meet to feel love – to be love. The Course helps us see that love is in everything, in everyone. We only need to choose love. I strongly believe in this ideology. How could God be judgmental over children created in his image? Why would I believe I needed to meet a standard, God’s standard or a judgment standard, when I have been created with love in the image of God?

What about sin? What if sin did not exist? What if sin is a fear based concept? If sin does not exist then we are not being judged by God. We would all be guaranteed Heaven no matter what our behavior here. We would all be responsible for our actions and forgiveness by God would be: automatic, complete, instant and forever. I believe Heaven is guaranteed. I believe God does not judge us. We are responsible for all of our actions.

We are not able to go "above" for forgiveness. Forgiveness is within. If we can forgive ourselves we can see all our brothers in forgiveness. Embracing this forgiveness we would avoid hurtful fearful behavior in ourselves and towards our brothers. I believe ACIM is a path to see and embrace the beauty and love we all share. Y