ACIM is a spiritual teaching based on the teaching of Jesus Christ. It shows the reader how to deal with this experience we call life in a way in which we can find joy, love, peace and understanding. It uses the concept of “forgiveness” as the tool to achieve this result.

Forgiveness, for the Course, is a way of “letting go” of the painful experiences in life and coming to an understanding that it’s our thinking that needs to change.

In the Course a change of mind is considered a miracle. A miracle can happen at any time or any place. The Course points out that our real purpose in life is to extend ourselves in love. Love is a state of thinking in which the reader comes to understand they are most wonderful. They are at the center of everything and only their negative thinking creates a painful experience.

The Course identifies the “ego” as the source of our negative thinking. Our ego is to be forgiven, as are all of our negative thoughts. We come to an understanding that the ego is simply our fear, trying to direct our mirs. We have allowed this fear to “run our mirs” because this is how we’ve been trained to do it. When we come to a point where the pain is too much to bear and we begin to look for a way to relieve the pain, we discover there are many tools available to us. The Course is one of these tools.

Many people who come to the Course, find it confusing at first, but if they stay with it, they will eventually come to understand the Course is talking about a part of themselves they have not seen before, but may have suspected is really there. Y