ACIM is a spiritual discipline that consistently focuses on mind training. The idea is that we, as humans, have separated ourselves from our Creator or God and we have designed our own process devoid of God. We call that the ego or the separated thought system. We are taught that we can, at any moment that we choose (free will), tap into the mind of our Creator or God. We do that by asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. There is a strong emphasis on constant vigilance of the ego thought system or, if you will, noticing when we are entering into thoughts that are fear based.

We also are taught that the whole material universe is a dream that we perpetuate from the idea that we are somehow stuck in an existence separate from our Creator or God. The word "miracle" is a term for a collapse of time, which is achieved when we ask the Holy Spirit for help. Time being here only a means for us to learn. The world being here only for us to learn.

The Course, ACIM, is very patient and very loving as it gently, but consistently, guides us to ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit in all things that we do. Holy Spirit and God are Love. When we enlist the help of Holy Spirit we engage in our Higher Self or Higher Mind and in that mind state we are capable of making decisions that are grounded in Love. ACIM is a spiritual thought system which directs to look within ourselves for our answers. It does not direct us to eat, dress, or engage in special rituals. It is quite practical and it's teaching can be used at anytime by anyone. Y