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(On Sunday, February 24, 2013 something new happened at the Community Miracles Center. We conducted out first telephone conference call Ordination Ceremony. Seven deserving students graduated from our two year program, *ACIM-1* and *ACIM-2*. They  became *A Course In Miracles* Ministers of the Community Miracles Center. They were from all over the country, but an inspiring joining happened regardless of the distance in miles that separated the bodies of these individuals. Also participating in the ceremony were nine of the CMC's previously ordained ministers. This means by the end of the ceremony there were 16 *A Course In Miracles* Ministers on the call. Wow! The energy of all those Miracle Workers being together was truly awesome. What follows are the lightly edited transcriptions of the newly ordained Ministers talks, which were given right after the recitation of the "Rite Of Ordination" which is a voice and response oath, administered to the new ministers. We're so proud of all our CMC Ministers, and we're very happy to be able to share their speeches with you.)


Rev. Regina Dawn Akers – CMC Minister #63

Rev. Regina Dawn AkersHello. I don't know for sure why you skipped number 69, but I was hoping not to be 69 so I think we appreciate that. (laughter) I'm happy to be Reverend #63, that's a nice number. I am grateful that we are all together again today,whether it's for our ordination or any other purpose. It's just wonderful after a couple of months of not being with my friends, to be with my friends again. I want to say "Thank you" to Rev. Tony and to Rev. Marci – and to everyone who was in my ACIM-1 or ACIM-2 classes. It was a wonderful experience. The two years went by much faster than I imagined they would when I first signed up. It's rather amazing.

My time with A Course In Miracles started in 2004. I was looking at the original book that I studied, which was of course, a Foundation for Inner Peace edition. It has all of the underlines in it, and the stars and the notes that capture the learning that I went through my first time with the Course. One thing that is really interesting to me when I look at page 15, which may have occurred on my third or forth day of reading the Course, is that at the very bottom of the page I wrote a promise to myself. This is what that promise says. "I promise to let myself be led by love within an experience of joy to the full and complete realization of Self."

This path hasn't all been giggles. There's no doubt about that. There have been times on this path when I had to look at some very painful beliefs that I was very much attached to. And because I was very much attached to them, there was pain in letting them go. But what I find, when I look back, is that overall this really has been a path of joy. And it's been a path of joy because of willingness to be led by love and joy, and part of what that has done, is that it has given me a perspective: that no matter what I seem to go through on this path – which has now been approximately nine years – no matter what I seem to go through I always trusted that it was for my good. I have never perceived myself as the victim of any circumstance since the day I made those comments on page 15 of the Course. I've always trusted that everything, no matter how difficult, came only to awaken me and only to bring me to that full realization of love, joy, and true Self.

While we were in this ordination today, ... so this was not premeditated, ... and I had my Foundation for Inner Peace version of the Course open to page 15 so I could read this promise to you, I happened to glance and I noticed paragraph 2 on this page. I want to read it to you because it really is a pretty special paragraph.

"Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful and the holy. Do not forget this. The Love of God, for a little while, must still be expressed through one body to another, because vision is still so dim. You can use your body best to help you enlarge your perception so you can achieve real vision, of which the physical eye is incapable. Learning to do this is the body's only true usefulness." (FIP.T-1.VII.2)

In fact, as I read this paragraph now I really feel like this extends not only to the body, but that this extends to the world. Learning to enlarge our perception so that we can achieve real vision is the only purpose of the world. It's wonderful to be joining with a group of ministers because, at least in my perception, when we become a minister what we are saying is that we are willing to mir with the right mind as much as possible. Not only to demonstrate to ourselves, but to everyone, true perception, true true vision. What's interesting to me is when I say, "living with the right mind as much as possible," that doesn't mean that it always has to be perfectly right minded. That means that even when I fall into the wrong mind, there's a right minded perception of my wrong mind. You can say that's not judging myself, or judging myself as little as possible, or forgiving myself as quickly as possible – returning to the right mind as soon as possible. It just seems as though there is always the ability to be right minded even as we go into the wrong mind, once that right mind is discovered and realized. And as ministers, that's what we're promising to do. We're promising to always mir as right minded as possible even in the heat of the moment, when the rubber meets the road, as they say, and our emotions are rising to the surface. Just to look within and ask, "What's the best I can do now?" To be happy and joyous with that and to see everything as a gift.

This wasn't at all what I had prepared and I am happy about that, because the truth is I like it better when everything is spontaneous. I trust it more. I am very grateful to be a Community Miracles Center minister, and I am very grateful to be a CMC minister with this group of people.

Thank you and I am complete.


Rev. Andreaya "Nyki" Dobson – CMC Minister #64

Rev. Nyki DobsonThank you very much. It's so funny when I start saying that my legal name is "Andreaya" people look at me really strange, like I'm somebody different. But I am still "Nyki," and on my birth certificate it says, "Andreaya Nichole." First, before I start talking, I really want to share that there are actually 11 of us who I feel have moved into this ministerial position together. I really want to say "Congratulations" to Daniel, Paul, John and Dianna. Congratulations to all four of you. I also wanted to thank Rev. Tony and Rev. Marci for your loving space that you have held for these last two years. It's just beautiful.

When I began the Course two years ago, when I began this program, there was a part of my mind that still had an idea that somebody had something that I needed to get from them. That the Rev. Tony was going to give me something that I didn't already have. Or that the Rev. Marci was going to lay something on me that I didn't have before.

The way that this ministerial course is set up is so incredible. It is about tuning into your own Higher Self, to your own Holy Spirit, to tap into that inner guidance. I remember for the first few months of being in it I was expecting Rev. Tony to correct somebody, or to tell someone that that is not what this says. And he never once did that. What that allowed for me to see, is that the solution is always within my own mind as soon as I become willing to ask. Whatever did arise, and things did arise for me, I am really grateful that I could allow those things to come up and to see them for what they are without having to have somebody tell me that I was wrong. It didn't feel like the school that I grew up in and tried to avoid most of my life. I didn't want anybody smacking my hand telling me I was wrong. What that was really about, for me, was learning that I can never be wrong, that everything is here for my own healing, for my own learning. There is that inner guidance that is always there that is always teaching.

I am very grateful to my other Reverends: Regina, Reja-Joy, Linda, Lisa, Pamela, and Seth. Those moments, those mornings, those afternoons that I spent with them. When I first heard that we were going to spend time on the phone doing the lesson every single day, I thought to myself, "How is that possible? How is this even going to be possible?"  And one thing that really allowed a deepening with that, there's many that I couldn't even begin to list, one thing that really was incredible is that I can read the Course and sit in contemplation, and somebody else can as well, and I can hear something that deepens the perception that I just received – or is just a different perception, which is fine. It's all perfect. It's all about the content; it's not about the form. So it deepens the content, for me, of A Course In Miracles. Even though the words spoke different to me than they did ten years ago, there still lies within, that truth that is always present, that is always there and always will be.

I love as we went through the "Questions," and Rev. Marci was asking the questions this afternoon, "Are you willing to strive to see the truth and the love of God's Kingdom which lie beyond the fear and illusions of the world?" I really felt a deepening of the "Yes." I feel like I had that two years ago, but there's this deepening, this desire to know only God's Kingdom, and this "Yes" that lies beyond the fear and the illusion of the world.

"Are you willing to recognize that giving to your brothers and sisters is giving to yourselves, making sacrifice impossible?" With each one of these there's such a deepening of that absolute "Yes." This path is awakening, and I am so grateful for all of my brothers and sisters who have continued on this path with me and remind me of who I am and continue to do so.

Thank you very much and I am complete.


Rev. Reja-Joy Green – CMC Minister #64

Rev. Reja-Joy GreenThank you Rev. Tony and Namaste everyone. As you may know "Namaste" is a universal greeting and it's actually a greeting I use when I teach my yoga class. We all repeat the meaning of "Namaste" inside as we greet one another. It means, "The love and light in me greets, and honors, and acknowledges the love and light in you." So I say to all of you "Namaste."

And Hallelujah!! My name now is "Rev. Reja-Joy Green!" Yoooo! I am deeply honored and I am blessed. I look at it as I am a leaf on the branch on the tree that's the Community Miracles Center's tree of life giving miracles. That's how I see it and I'm just honored and blessed.

I want to let you all know, first of all, how grateful I am to Rev. Tony Ponticello, and for all those at the  Center, who have provided so many incredible services to the Course community over these many, many years. And one of which is this awesome ministerial program. Rev. Tony was my mentor during the first year and Rev. Marci the second year. I had actually wanted to become a minister many years ago, but in those days I would have had to move to California. I was living at that time on Nantucket Island, then I moved off to the south shore of Boston. As you know, I am now in Omaha, Nebraska. But now we have technology. I look around ... "How did I get to Omaha?" "Ohm." I see that as "Ohm-Aha." Actually, now technology has allowed the CMC to extend the program to anyone who wants to take part, and I'm really very, very grateful. 

 I want to bring up a memory. It was 13 years ago, and I don't think Rev. Tony will remember this, but I was going through a very rough time in my life. My father had just passed away. My little white Maltese had died. My engagement had ended. I had no home and no job. Everything was pretty bleak. For some reason, Rev. Tony called me. I think it might have been something to do with the Course In Miracles Society (CIMS). I'm a founding member. I don't recall why he called me. All I remember of that call was laughter. Rev. Tony made me laugh so hard. I was walking outside. I was looking at an apartment, trying to decide on where to mir. I couldn't even see the sidewalk I was laughing so hard. What he did – what you did Rev. Tony – was help me with your humor, to take a different look at my situation and to laugh. And that's something that seems so natural for you. You see what is so, in any situation, and I see that, and you tell it like it is. I actually have to say that Rev. Tony ... I want to say that you are the most authentic person I know. You bless me with your honesty. You bless all of us. Your willingness to see the truth and to mir it. I'm just honored to know you.

Next, I want to take this chance, this opportunity, to express my deepest gratitude to Rev. Marci. Rev. Marci was my mentor for the second year of the CMC ministerial program. Rev. Marci you shared with all of us in your group your willingness to stay aware of the ego, aware of it, and what it was trying to say in those situations, and then you went the other way. What comes to mind is an American saying, an American idiom, "Keep on, keeping on." And that's what I see you doing. You express that. You just "keep on keeping on." You keep the faith, and you believe the truth even when you are tempted to loose it and give up. And you demonstrate very clearly, for me and the people in the group, the process of forgiveness and then the miracles that it bring. Bless you and thank you so much.

Many years ago I studied Edgar Cayce, and that actually brought me to A Course In Miracles. Around the time that I would read something by Edgar Cayce, and then I would hear ACIM mentioned. I finally had to investigate both of them. One of the prayers that Edgar Cayce brought forth has meant a lot to me.  It comes to mind in the context of this day of ordination. The prayer goes like this:

"Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done in me and through me.
Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now,
to those that I contact in every way
May my going in, my coming out
be in accord with that thou would have me do
And as the call comes, "Here am I, send me, use me!"

I feel that is what becoming a Community Miracles Center minister will allow me to do. "Here I am. Send me. Use me." Actually the first opportunity I have to be used is I am going to be assisting at the 2013 ACIM Conference in Chicago and I'm really, really happy about that. That's my first opportunity to serve.

What I'd like to do is end with a concept that you find in yoga. It's called Sankalpa. That's a Sanskrit name for a positive intention. I remember it by the the four "Ps", as in the letter "p." It's personal. It's a prayer. It's in the present tense, and it's positive. And it doesn't have to remain secret. So I'm going to tell you my Sankalpa. It's the healer's prayer in the Course:

"I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Christ, Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,
because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes,
knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal." (OrEd.Tx.4.106)

Rev. Tony and everyone at Community Miracles Center, you have given me, through this ministerial program, an opportunity to be a channel of blessings. You've given me a way to be truly helpful, and way to heal as I let him teach me to heal. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste. I'm complete.


Rev. Linda Snow – CMC Minister #66

Rev. Linda SnowHello everyone. I don't know if I can talk either. But I just want to say that Rev. Marci, Rev. Reja-Joy and all of you are not the only ones who have tears in your eyes. I cried during Rev. Tony's song. I cried during the readings. Now. I cried during what everyone else has said. I feel so joyous. They are tears of joy, definitely.

Being Reverend, Minister #66 is just awesome! It's the culmination, for me, of a lifelong dream, a childhood dream to become and be a Minister of God. I'm not a superstitious person, but I guess I'm glad that there is not another 6 after my number. (laughter) But I do want to say that I am so, so honored and really, so grateful, first of all to Rev. Tony who was there for me on a frantic call when my son died a couple of years ago. Has been there for me ever since ,and is such an inspiration. Has inspired me to become a Supporting Member and a life long Supporting Member for sure. This is just such a great honor. To be able to have studied with two of the most dedicated and knowledgeable ministers I could have imagined. Rev. Peter Graham, you were just outstanding. There were times when my mind was just blank with a question and you would so beautifully, and so eloquently, phrase the answer. I love that so much. I learned so much from you and from the other members of that class. Also to Rev. Marci Benson who was just always, always, an inspiration to me. I have no idea how she kept up with all of the things that I was learning, and I learned so much and I had many struggles during the last classes there. Rev. Marci, you were always there for me. So thank you to both of you and to everyone in those two classes.

And here we are. Here we are graduating, so to speak, and we have pomp and ceremony, and I'm thinking someone is going to play "Pomp and Circumstance" maybe at the end. (laugh) I'm kind of hoping. I want to quiet my mind right now. I followed Rev. Tony's advice in terms of seeking guidance for what we wanted to say, what we wanted to do. I wrote some vows. I am going to try to quiet my beating heart right now and take a deep breath and say:

"Here I am Lord. I am yours.
And I give myself to you, again this day.
As I dedicate and devote my life
To the extension of God's love in the world
Through A Course In Miracles.

I charge to honor my fellow ACIM Ministers,
Teachers, and Miracle Workers
As the Mighty Companions
    and travelers on this journey
That you have sent to us
One for another and all as one together.
As we accept the Atonement for ourselves
I accept my role in your plan for salvation of the world
And everything I think and say and do
From this day forward and forever
I say these ACIM words that follow
For and to you God
    in my belief they are true
And that your love
     cannot be compromised.

Can I imagine what it means to have
     no cares, no worries, no anxieties
But merely to be perfectly calm
     and quiet all the time?
Here is the only sacrifice you ask
     of your beloved Son.
You ask me to give up all suffering,
     all sense of loss and sadness.
All anxiety and doubt.
And freely let your love
     come streaming in to my awareness
Healing me of pain and giving me
     your own eternal joy.

In you I have no cares,
     and no concerns, no burdens, no anxieties, no pain
No fear of future and no past regrets
In timelessness I rest, while time goes by without it's touch upon me.
And my rest can never change in any way at all.
I rest forever in the arms of peace in perfect safety
Nothing can reach me here out of the past.
And it is here that I am completely absolved,
Completely free and wholly uncondemned.

I need be neither careful, nor careless
I need merely toss my cares upon you, because you care for me
All hope is mine because of your care
You cover me with kindness and with care
And hold in love the Son you shine upon.
Your care for me is infinite
Your protection dawns upon my mind.
Assuring me that I am perfectly safe forever.
In your hands I rest untroubled.
Sure that only good can come to me.

Surrounding me is everlasting love.
I have no cause for anything accept perfect peace
And joy I share with you
And I am safe, untroubled and serene in endless joy
Because it is your will that it be so.
Today I will not doubt your love for me.
Or question your protection and your care.


And I am complete.


Rev. Lisa Trevino – CMC Minister #67

Rev. Lisa TrevinoThank you. I know those of you who know me really well are probably expecting me to say this, but I was actually the opposite of Regina, I was actually secretly hoping for the number 69. (laughter) But, I'm learning not to be attached to these things.

I just want to start off and say that, as Nyki said also, my expectations of what it was going to be like and how Rev. Tony was going to be in the first year, and then how Rev. Marci was going to be in the second year, were completely the opposite of what ended up happening. I am so grateful for that because in it, it taught me a really big lesson of what really …. Even when we slip into these roles of believing that we are this identity that we have in the world, that humility, and honesty, and willingness are most important. And I found all three in both of you and I am very grateful for that.

I also found that in working with and, every single day, being with my co-ministers, my sisters and brothers, and I am very grateful that Seth was able to join us as well. It wouldn't have felt complete without him.

The whole idea of being a minister is really what I wanted to, I felt to talk about. And I was thinking back to my whole story around being a healer or a teacher. When I was a child, I dreamed of saving the world. But my dreams were tainted with my own projections of guilt, and fear, and shame. Everywhere I looked, I felt sorry for people, or I envied people. There was never any "being right" with others or being "a part of" for me. Sometimes, the self I thought I was would be the guilty one. And sometimes it was the victim, but always was this feeling that I needed to fix this identification out in the world. 

The shame I felt, the inherent unworthiness, that sense of aloneness and unlovability, I too saw in the world.  I vacillated between feeling sorry for myself and feeling pity for what I saw in the world, and what I called the "less fortunates." Feeling sorry for others would ease my guilt. I'd push myself to do more to "help."  Of course, at the time, not knowing how to be truly helpful, because at the time, I didn't really know what the real cause of what I was experiencing was.

As I grew in body and self, I played what I believed the "righteous role:" the martyr, the people pleaser, the teacher, the fixer, the hero.  I sacrificed and denied my own needs and I stuffed my feelings. I taught myself that feeling my feelings and taking care of my body or myself was a sin. I taught myself more and more that what I saw in the world was real and that I couldn't do what I thought I should do because all the feelings and thoughts were denied, repressed, and those untruths were dying to come up and out and they would come out "sideways." I vowed to try even harder to be that image that I thought I needed to be in the world, not just for my own good but for the world's good.

Then the most amazing thing happened, although at the time I would have thought it was the worst thing. That self lost almost everything that mattered to it: the car, the house, the guy, the friends, the idea of family caring for it, the ability to walk, to dance, to try for much. Gone was any confidence that I had in fixing the world, in fixing myself, let alone the body, for there it lay dying after all I tried so hard to do. Now there was silence for the first time. And now there was a Voice. And that Voice taught me to forget the world, forget doing anything specific in the world, and listen to Him instead. That Voice taught me the Course. Although I didn't know it yet in form that it was the Course. And then the Course did appear and I recognized it as Truth instantly without reading more than a few words of it. It resonated.

And like Regina said earlier, it wasn't all giggles and peace from that point on, "ha ha." (laughter) I've heard of people who have had this experience where the world just come to an end it seems and they hear this Voice for God and have this HUGE revelation and it's like, "AHHHHH" after that, and that was so not my experience. (laughter) Now, I was able to hear from the right Teacher, but it didn't mean that I didn't have plenty to learn.

So all these years, I think it's been eighteen, or eighteen and a half, something like that, of walking this walk with Spirit and having Him teach. Teach me how to use my mind and how to see the world, how to heal, help me to forgive, to learn how to work with my feelings not against them, to see them as an amazing "gauge system" and how helpful it is with listening to Him, and be able to discern what's True from what's not.

A Course In Miracles is, to me, the epitome of that. It's all of it in written form. For some, A Course In Miracles is to get you in touch with your own internal Teacher. For many people that I work with, that is exactly where they are at. They don't really recognize that they can hear the Voice for God, even though I can hear that they can hear it. They don't trust. And yet, for some like me, it was to let my own internal Teacher keep teaching me with a very powerful explanation of how the mind works. To give it context. To continue in teaching and learning Truth.

So, being something in the world, I learned, was a special relationship with the world. I'm not the body, so I'm not the separate self that seems to be the minister either. However, in being truly helpful, I am continuing to teach and relearn what is Truth. And that is "ministering." So, when I say I am among the ministers of God, it is not just here, seemingly in this virtual room, but rather, it is seeing everyone I meet as a minister. Listening to the Voice for God within, within everything that they say and do and in what they extend. Trusting that we are all led. Encouraging them to hear it as well as by my listening myself.

What I love most about this process with you guys is that there was no overemphasis on the story about being a minister in the world. There was no arrogance. There was no, "I know this is the right way to see the Course and you better listen to this because you don't know anything." It was totally in alignment with A Course In Miracles in that it was always a return to, "... well, what resonates for you and what is true for you?" and really listening to each other as equal sons, as one Son of God. That was a testimonial and that taught more than any words that anybody could have said on how to be a minister could have possibly conveyed.

We are all one minister, ministering to our Self. Sharing the love that we are with our Self.  So, this ordination and this title is a beautiful symbol of the commitment to God and Love and Light. And it is a celebration of that purpose. And I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of this. And to continue to be a part of this.


Rev. Pamela Whitman – CMC Minister #68

Rev. Pamela WhitmanHi. I see A Course In Miracles as a path of contemporary discipleship, and now I have something I can put on forms. Once my dentist asked me what I did for a living and I said I used my mouth for the powers of good. (Rev. Pamela is a professional flutist.)

In middle school I was given an aptitude test. At that time I had already decided for myself that I wanted to be a musician when I grew up. I remember that the test asked questions about logic and spatial visualization. One question asked if I would rather have a pile of rocks or a bundle of sticks. I wanted the test results to say that I should be a musician, so I tried to imagine how a musician would answer the questions. It was surprising, to me, when the results said that I should be a musician or a minister, because I didn't like church. The Course says, "I cannot choose for you, but I can help you make your own right choice." (OrEd.Tx.3.49)

Years appeared to pass and I became an orchestral musician, but my spiritual life was strong. It kept calling to me. I wanted a pile of rock and a bundle of sticks. Still, I did not like church. I prayed to merge my musical career with my spiritual life. I prayed for a book that would stretch me.

A Course In Miracles had been on a shelf in the living room and suddenly it appeared on the directors chair in my bedroom. The training began. I had given my life to the Real Director, the one who knows my own will, my own right choice. Through this Course I learned to step back and listen to the cues from the Inner Director. My experience in the orchestra, in which a director keeps the song together by leading a whole group of people who can't see one another's different parts, comes in handy. Actually, it's part of my training. When I miss a cue it's not time to make myself guilty. There's literally no time for that. I have to let go of the past immediately. Stay in the moment. Listen. Focus on the director. There will be another cue. The director finds me and brings me back into the song whenever I get lost. My part is essential to the whole.

The Course tells us that God himself is incomplete without us. We're told to remind ourselves of this whenever we are tempted to doubt our worth. I love this part, "God Himself is incomplete without me." (OrEd.Tx.9.46) Remember this when the ego speaks, and you will not hear it. A Course In Miracles disciplines my mind so I can hear the song. With increasing trust I'm shown that there is no separate Will. Our Will is one. There is one song. The Course trains me to remember that the Holy Spirit. The Inner Director, is in my mind, was put there by God and can never be obliterated. It's Divine Love that is being transmitted from God's Mind to mine. This Will is shared by God and me, by all of us throughout time and space.

In A Course In Miracles Jesus tells us a church is where an altar is and the presence of the altar is what makes it a church. He tells us he must found his church on us because we are his disciples. We have accepted him as a model. He tells us that disciples are followers.

A Course In Miracles teaches us how to follow the mind of the Holy Spirit. By doing this we are able to keep Jesus as a model for thought and behavior. We learn how to listen here, and accept the thoughts of love. This dance becomes graceful as I allow Him to lead. I'm learning how to relax into the everlasting arms of God and find that I am safe, forever.

I can hear a song of gratitude, love, and praise. Today I joyously accept the messages of love. I join the Ministers of God and share the song of praise that shines forever. Thanks be to God. Amen.


Rev. Seth Hoerth – CMC Minister #70

Rev. Seth Hoerth(Rev. Seth still had two weeks of classes to go when this ordination happened but the Community Miracles Center decided to let him participate with all his other class mates on the contingency that he would have to finish the final two weeks before we would send his his certificate. That is why there is a jump in the numbers because there is someone else who will be ordained in the interim. He did finish his two weeks and we did send him his certificate.)

Hi everyone. Just got to finish out a couple of weeks. Thank you Pamela, Lisa, Linda, Reja, Nyki, Regina. Everything you said is the reason why I was so lucky to be involved with this last ACIM-2 year. I was the guy in the class. There were seven us in class with Rev. Marci, and I was the guy. I just felt so lucky. I still do. I love you ladies, and I mean that. I missed you when you were gone, but Rev. Marci and I are carrying the torch every day and that's kind of fun. I really enjoy that.

I want to say a special "Thank you" to Rev. Tony. What you've done ... at one point in life you raised your hand and you said, "I volunteer."  The Holy Spirit has taken that, and everybody that is on this call has done the same thing. That's what the extension part is about. It's really meaningful. It's meaningful to the world, to all of us.

I want to say "Thank You" to Rev. Peter and Rev. Marci for being there for us every day, every week. Now. of course with ACIM-2 it's every day we do the lessons. It's had so much value to me.

I'm not an old timer. I literally picked the book up, I call it a book because basically it's got a cover and pages. We all know that the pages are a little different than the normal book. At least the words are. I was brought to A Course In Miracles. I never heard of Marianne Williamson. I read everything that Wayne Dyer had ever written, and I was real interested in Eckhart Tolle's book and they both mention the Course a few times and one day I thought, "I wonder what this is about?" So I did an App search on my iPhone. I never had picked the book up till about two and a half years ago, first time ever. I read the introduction and I was like, "Wow!" So I started reading about the book and it was like, "Channeling Jesus? Yea, okay!" (sarcastically)  I got that this was what I thought. I started reading the first chapter in the Text and 17 days later I finished the 17th Chapter. I read a chapter a day.

I've been a reader all my life. I've got thousands of books. Ever since I was a little kid. I started the house on fire because I had a shirt on top of a lamp in the middle of the night. I was probably 10 years old and my dad would come in and yell to me, "Turn the light off and get to bed!"

Anyway, I took up this book and I read the introduction and I'm like, "This sounds good." And after 17 days I thought I don't care where this amazing thing comes from, because this is good stuff. I put the book down. I kind of over did it a little on the Text. I took about three weeks off and in the mean time I started researching Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman, the whole story. I found this law suit thing going on, and I saw this guy's name, Tom Whitmore. I looked around on the internet and I found this phone number, and sure enough Whitmore Law Office answers the phone and I say "Is Tom There?" And I swear to God, I said, "What's this story on this A Course In Miracles and all this law suit and this stuff that's going on? What is this channeling Jesus stuff?"

Tom is such a great guy. Just a giant ball of love and a big heart. I became friends with Tom and thank God for that. I said, "Man I love this book and I've got to learn more about this book." Tom said, "You should get a hold of Community Miracles Center because Rev. Tony's got this ministerial group going." I'm like, "What? ministerial? I don't want to be a minister, but I sure want to learn this book."

I had never heard of the Community Miracles Center. I went on-line and I found Community Miracles Center. Okay, up in San Francisco. Oh, I see they have courses, and one thing led to another. I was very thankful to have this opportunity to join and in the mean time I found out about the Community and what the Course really means.

So here we are. We're all volunteering.  We're going to do something. We're going to show love to people, and I'm thankful for that. So, today I know that what I was seeking ... I wasn't whole, as in "w - h - o - l - e." I didn't think I was. I knew I had a hole, "h - o - l - e." Hole, I knew I had that, but I wanted to plug it. You guys just kind of covered it up with Love and now it's Holy. That's what I can tell you.

I just want to thank you guys, cause it means a lot to me.

Here I am number 70 and I volunteered. I'm complete. ♥ 

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