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Prayer for Healed and Holy Relationships

Holy Spirit, I come to You, asking You to guide me through the Mind of Christ in my relationships. May all relationships to which I enter, be holy where we rest in God, we know Peace, and we know the surety that we will endure forever, together.  I know that You, Holy Spirit, rest in holy relationship. Come to me and mine. I seek You within all relationships. “The holy relationship reflects the true relationship the Son of God has with his Father in reality. The Holy Spirit rests within it in the certainty it will endure forever.” (OrEd.Tx.20.54)

Heal my relationships. I accept the miracle of healing in my relationships, NOW! “An instant is sufficient. Miracles wait not on time.” (OrEd.Tx.27.44) I willingly hear Your call for holy relationship. I am willing to listen and learn and do, as You Will. I am the Voice of the Father, the Voice for God. I will be the Mind of Christ for all the lessons You would have me give, You would have me receive, and all the relationships You would have me share. I am Yours… Father, God, Abba, Lord. Amen.