ACIM Talks Frequently About Our Creations. What Are They?

"Our Creations," or as A Course In Miracles calls them frequently "Your Creations," is one of the more perplexing ACIM ideas. It is very unique to the Course discipline itself and I am not aware of a similar concept in any other spiritual path. There are 39 references to "Your Creations" in the Text and the concept is referred to numerous other times using different words, so it is not an obscure, seldom mentioned idea but a common, frequently mentioned one, and as such must be important. Our Creations do not exist here in the world of time and space that we find ourselves in, so don't look to experiences of this world to give you any clue about Your Creations. Our Creations only exist in Reality, the level of eternal Spirit.

For me, the most important thing to remembers is that Our Creations have the same relationship to us as we have to God. I interpret these as the eternal beings that we have created, our Sons/Daughters, our Divine Children. They are the "Christ(s)" that we have created. They establish our Fatherhood just as we establish God's. We are incomplete without them just as God is incomplete without us. We are their true Cause and they are our true Effect. Here's a difficult idea, they are appropriately in awe of us as we are appropriately in awe of God. "Without your Father, you will not know your fatherhood. The Kingdom of God includes all His Sons and their children, who are like the Sons as they are like the Father." (OrEd.Tx.7.113) "[God's] joy lay in creating you, and He extends His Fatherhood to you so that you can extend yourself as He did. You do not understand this because you do not understand Him." (OrEd.Tx.8.47) Here's a longer passage that spells it out clearly, "The creative power of both God and His creations is limitless, but they are not in reciprocal relationship. ... you are inspired to create like God. Yet in creation you are not in reciprocal relation to God since He created you, but you did not create Him. We have already said that only in this respect your creative power differs from His. Even in this world there is a parallel. Parents give birth to children, but children do not give birth to parents. They do, however, give birth to their children and thus give birth as their parents do." (OrEd.Tx.7.1)

I think it is important not to get too hung up on this concepts because we are trying to use words to describe the Divine Reality beyond words, and there will always be problems. The Course tells us to be careful of this pitfall, it can be an ego distraction. "Yet is this magnitude beyond the scope of this curriculum. Nor is it necessary we dwell on anything that cannot be immediately grasped." (OrEd.Tx.26.19) When the Course talks about our true function in Heaven as the extension of creation, "Our Creations" is what it is referring to. Thanks for the question. This question always comes up for students eventually.


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