Why Does It Seem So Hard To Remember We're Divine?

Your question is very well worded and shows how much you do know. It only "seems" hard. In truth it isn't hard. It seems hard to think we are a Divine being because we cling stubbornly to thinking of ourselves as something else and we want that something else to be true. A Course In Miracles has numerous ways of explaining this, however all the explanations don't truly help if all we do is intellectually learn them. The only way out of this illusion is through it. For  me, I keep doing my best to come from an awareness of my Divinity, my God self, and then offer up to the Holy Spirit for correction all the beliefs that I can identify that stand in the way of this. When I remember that it can not actually be hard to remember who and what I am I feel encouraged to keep doing my best.

One way ACIM describes "why" is because we, in our insanity, believe that God is going to punish us for the the "sin" of separation we think we have committed. So we, in another futile act of defiance, punish ourselves first by believing we are limited, weak, and mortal. It's like we're say, "I'll show you Divine Creator. You think you're so omnipotent do you? I punish myself worse than you could ever think of. I'll get sick, have terrible pain, and die! Yah! How's that Big One?" ACIM says, "But if he chooses death himself, his weakness is his strength. Now has he given himself what God would give to him and thus entirely usurped the throne of his Creator." (OrEd.Mn.5.3)

We are very attached to this type of thinking. Instead of surrendering into our eternal, infinite perfection we inflict suffering on ourselves to show the Divine, God, that we're just a big and powerful as It is. Except the God doesn't want to punish us. That's our insanity. This is the thinking that makes it all "seem" difficult.


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