What Is An Idol? Can ACIM Itself Be An Idol?

The ego can make an idol out of everything -- including A Course In Miracles. Ego can make an idol out of the book itself. The ego can make an idol out of the Course teaching, or certain aspects or ideas in the teaching. An idea like "There is no world" can easily become an idol justifying all kinds of unloving thoughts and behaviors. The ego definitely makes idols out of certain ACIM teachers. The ego wants to accept these teachers as external authorities and discourages us from believing our own valid Holy Spirit guidance which comes from within us.

I believe this is one of the most import passages in ACIM. I try never to forget the last sentence. "Simply do this: be still and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is, all concepts you have learned about the world, all images you hold about yourself. Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy and all the ideas of which it is ashamed. Hold onto nothing. Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught nor one belief you ever learned before from anything. Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God." (my emphasis) (OrEd.WkBk.189.7)


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