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“A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.” (Clar.Intro.2.5) This is the “Celestial Speed-Up.”

Why We Must Rethink the Book of Revelation

We need a new way to look at the book of Revelation. Fortunately, one has been given. It is a “time saving” device for those seeking a new understanding of the Apocalyptic Myth and “The End of Time.” It is based on teachings from A Course in Miracles and specifically on a manuscript given to Edgar Cayce’s library (Association of Research and Enlightenment ARE). This edition contains terms and concepts of great import in rethinking our Myth of the Apocalypse. From this new perspective, tales of death and destruction are absent a horrific end. By redefining its purpose, the book of Revelation releases its grip of grief and suffering on humankind.

The Last Judgment - Fresco Italian ChapelThis plague on Western mind is coming to an end. Hastening to that end, we will begin to experience: (1) a continuous stream of miracles in the minds of a few with, (2) a rapid expansion of spiritual knowledge into the minds of many, (3) followed by transfer of Knowledge from the Great Rays into the mind of all, (4) this will initiate the “second coming” in the universal collective conscious, as foretold by the Holy Bible and the Koran. Expanding at an accelerated rate, it will heal doubting minds. This quickening is the “Celestial Speed-Up.”

God has employed the use of Special Agents among us who are completing their part of God’s Plan of Atonement. Many have been called back to use their special talents, because of our worrisome plight here on Planet Earth. Our destination in Heaven is delayed as long as we are in the grip of this Apocalyptic Myth.

Can you answer this question: “Are you a Spirit with a body, or a body with a Spirit?” If it’s the former, it’s time for you to accept your part in the Plan of Salvation, as you have been ordained by the Holy Spirit. Just offer the “little willingness” or become willing to stop deigning we don’t want to take our part in God’s Plan of Atonement. Muster the little willingness and ask for the right direction, then listen. We have work to do. If you still doubt your spiritual indemnity is your core being, made in the likeness of God, then you are for sure under the grip of the Archetype of the Apocalypse.

An archetype is living energy in our collective unconscious minds. Those who are individually possessed by this archetype embrace the concepts of Armageddon and End Times scenarios, acting out their prophecies. We have several examples of religious mass cult suicides which are the signs following. Both Christians and Muslim share this end of times scenario, including the return of Jesus to lead them each in the war against evil.

The Archetype of the Apocalypse and the “Celestial Speed-Up”

This Archetype of the Apocalypse, this constellation of angst, fear, trepidation, will always speak first and loudest in our mind. We must call upon the Holy Spirit to correct our thinking. Otherwise, for individuals, possession is fatal, but for cultures it becomes apocalyptic. When fixated in the grip of this transpersonal energy, inhumanity has no limits. It releases anomie: wars, famine, blight, and disease. This need not be.

Dr. Carl Jung was asked during World War II if he thought we, as a culture, would survive the holocaust of death and destruction then underway. He responded, “Yes, if enough of us do our inner work.” Part of the inner work he referred to was “Self-realization.” In a Western religions context one could define this awareness as development of a personal relationship with our highest Divinity: the Christ or Self within. Self-realization leads us to this ultimate potential.

Forgiveness is the method prescribed by A Course In Miracles for awakening our greater Self. In this context, forgiveness is an understanding that we are not just bodies and minds, but eternal spirits. Seeking an awareness of Christ consciousness, or the higher spiritual Self, is the first step. Seeing with “Christ-vision” is the next.

Forgiveness Awakens the Christ-Self

Forgiveness is the remedy for our misperceptions of each other; we need corrected vision. This is a central focus of A Course in Miracles. Collectively we will develop an intuitive understanding of each other as living spiritual beings, not just human beings limited to physical bodies. ACIM uses the terms Christ, or Self, as a symbol of our higher spiritual identity. This is the central archetypal energy now descending into our conscious awareness, both as individuals and in the collective mind. Archetypes present themselves as images and motifs in our consciousness. They are known by the results they produce. Realizing the content of this Central Archetype, the Christ or Self, as our living reality, is the spiritual goal for which we strive. This is the mighty sea to which all rivers run.

As more of us commit to our “inner work” of awakening the Christ-Self, this process begins to quicken. As more commence a course of action, the time it takes to initiate Self-awakening will shorten. What at one time was uncommon knowledge, intimating from the collective unconscious, now sweeps into the individual conscious awareness of many. The critical mass of those required to initiate the quickening is not known. Like many of the mysteries of our Apocalyptic Myth, we can only suggest a number. But, in time, we will amass a nucleus forming the “critical few” necessary to begin our acceleration. This quickening or acceleration is the “Celestial Speed-Up.”

I have used the term Christ or Christ-Self as a name given by A Course in Miracles to this inner Central Archetype which is the core being of every man, woman, and child. In this context, the term Christ follows the Greek definition of the “anointed one.” You may think of this as the individuated and enlightened thought of God in our mind. Jung used the term “individuation” to describe the process of Self-realization, to avoid prejudice from non-Christian religions. This process has different names in every religious tradition. Its outcome is the “universal experience” which is not only possible, but necessary for our survival from horrors of the Apocalypse. It can and will overcome our conscious and unconscious fear of “End Times.”

In our Western cultures, we alternate between literal and inerrant religious beliefs on one extreme, then swing to symbolic and metaphorical perspectives on the other. This cyclical pattern can be traced through the centuries. Our recent rash of literalism began in the late 19th Century. When ensnared in a belief of religious inerrancy, we tend to attack each other like trapped rats. Instigated by fear, it appears as Great Crusades and “Wars on Terror.” We are unconscious players in a great passion of hopeless travail.

The War on Terror

We suffer yet another world war. The Children of Abraham: Jews, Christians, and Muslims are fighting evil on the faces of each other. Defending holy ground, we each await the appearance of a Prophet or Messiah. Peace is of no consequence; destruction of each other is justified. Cultures now clash on a mission to destroy the Anti-Christ. Looking within the midst of each other, we cannot agree on its identity, yet it preoccupies each group. We must answer Jung’s question again. Will we survive our global conquest of a war on terror in our outer world, while a solution patiently waits in our unconscious minds?

Jung’s answer is the same. We will survive if enough of us do our inner work. Answering this call to forgiveness is our inner work. Learning to see those we call evil, as our saviors, begins the process. It does not require action, just a “little willingness” to change our mind.

The Universal Experience

You are introduced to a process that initiates awakening to the “universal experience” referenced in the opening quotation from the Clarification of Terms, accompanying A Course in Miracles. This experience is preceded by a period of discomfort and confusion we may call our personal apocalypse: a time of self-doubt and discord. But this is a transitory phase which precedes our personal awakening. It is followed by the appearance of our greater spiritual identity, now coming into our conscious awareness. According to its author, this Course is inevitable, only the time we choose to take it is optional. May you be blessed with God’s speed as you take your place among the “critical few” necessary to initiate this “Celestial Speed-Up.”

Celestial Regards – R. Lane Plaster – Author: The Celestial Speed-Up, the Apocalypse, and the End of Time –  Y

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