Standardized Reference Notation for A Course In Miracles Original Edition

The Community Miracles Center decided on September 29, 2011 that this is how CMC will reference the ACIM Original Edition. This notation evolved after an open discussion by ACIM Students/Teachers held on the CMC's ACIM On-Line Discussion Group. This notation may evolve more over time. The guiding idea was to create a notation that was intuitively easy to understand and not arcane. The notation does not use the fewest characters possible, but uses two and four letter combinations that are easy to understand and will draw readers and students naturally into the material. Periods separate natural material divisions. Prior to setting this standard, writings from the CMC contained various derivations on these general notations.

Basic Notation: (covers ~95% of the material):

OrEd.Tx.6.24 – Original Edition, Text, Chapter 6, paragraph 24
---- "You cannot love what you do not appreciate ..."
OrEd.WkBk.186.4 – Original Edition, Workbook, Lesson 186, paragraph 4     
---- "All false humility we lay aside today ..."
OrEd.Mn.13.7 – Original Edition, Manual, Section 13, paragraph 7
---- "Do not forget that sacrifice is total."

Special Situations / Text:

OrEd.Tx.In.5 – Original Edition, Text, Intro., paragraph 5
---- "Herein lies the peace of God."
OrEd.Tx.25.X – Original Edition, Text, Chapter 25, Section X (entire section or just section title)
---- "The Justice of Heaven"

Special Situations / Workbook:

OrEd.WkBk.In.2 – Original Edition, Workbook, Introduction, paragraph 2
---- "The exercises are very simple."
OrEd.WkBk.106 – Original Edition, Workbook, Lesson 106 (entire lesson or just lesson title)
---- "Let me be still and listen to the truth."
OrEd.WkBk.RvIV.11 – Original Edition, Workbook, Review IV, paragraph 11
---- "Each hour of the day bring to your mind ..."
OrEd.WkBk.In181.2 – Original Edition, Workbook, Intro. to 181-200, paragraph 2
---- "Our lessons now are geared ..."
OrEd.WkBk.Pt2In.1 – Original Edition, Workbook, Part 2 Intro., paragraph 1
---- "Words will mean little now."
OrEd.WkBk.SpTp231.5 – Original Edition, Workbook, Special Topic before Lesson 231, paragraph 5
---- "From here we give salvation to the world."
OrEd.WkBk.FnLs.2 – Original Edition, Workbook, Our Final Lessons, paragraph 2
---- "His is the only way to find ..."
OrEd.WkBk.Ep.4 – Original Edition, Workbook, Epilogue, paragraph 4
---- "And now I place you in His hands ..."

Special Situation / Manual:

OrEd.Mn.In.3 – Original Edition, Manual, Intro. paragraph 3
---- "The curriculum that you set up ..."