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The CMC is a strong believer in communitarian values for the A Course In Miracles community. We feel we all should be helping each other do the healing work and that we are not in competition. Given this, we only link to ACIM web sites that also link to other ACIM web sites, and thus are what we would call "community friendly." The CMC expects that if we supply a link to you, that you will supply a link back to us. It's a win / win for everybody.

If you have an A Course In Miracles web site that you would like to be listed here, and your web site is "community friendly" as defined above, send us an email with a 100 word description of your web site and your ACIM related work. Please include physical location (if applicable), principle people involved, web address, email address, and contact telephone number.

(Being included in this list does not mean an endorsement by the Community Miracles Center. This list is maintained for reference purposes only.)

A Center For Inner Peace
A Center for Inner Peace is a nonprofit organization in Marin County California seeking closer union with God through our interactions with our sisters and brothers. Our purpose is to integrate the teachings of A Course in Miracles within our daily mirs in order to experience the greater peace, love, joy, and healing the Course promises. In our desire to share the vision of the Course with others, we pursue deepening our practice of the principles of the Course and keeping our community linked through workshops, lectures, classes, and events. The Center has evolved out of the teaching work of Sharon Sherrard. Please visit our website for up to date information on ACIM.
Web Address: http://www.acenterforinnerpeace.org
Email Address: sharon.sherrard@acenterforinnerpeace.org
Telephone: (415) 925-0700

ACIMblog.com shares conversations, events, resources for students of A Course In Miracles. It is an expanding forum; an online reference and resource center for ACIM communities around the world, integrating a variety of media, including video, audio, text, humor and imagery. Our aim is to help each other learn and apply the principles of pure non-dual metaphysics, inclusive kindness, shared interests and quantum forgiveness. Our inspirations include ACIM, teachers such as Dr. Kenneth Wapnick and Gary Renard, and countless others who are finding and following the inner guidance to gently - with a smile - undo the belief in separation. Bruce Rawles is the person responsible.
Web Address: http://www.acimblog.com
Telephone: (541) 973-3512

ACIM Devotional Center
We are a center dedicated to the practical application of A Course in Miracles. We mir devotionally together in spiritual community to practice applying the clear metaphysics from ACIM in everyday living. "The Peace of God is my One Goal" is our shared purpose for coming together and is the basis for everything that we do. If you want to deepen your experience of ACIM, then we offer a safe and uncompromising environment for residential retreat stays from one to six months to those interested in applying ACIM in this way.
Web Address: http://acimcentre.org
Email Address: info@acimcentre.org
Telephone: (435) 709-2535

ACIM Explained
ACIMExplained.com is a website of articles and a running blog maintained by Kenneth Bok, a 27 year old Singaporean living in London. ACIMExplained seeks to be an online resource for anybody interested in A Course In Miracles, and especially for new students. Ken, a spiritual seeker for most of his life, has had a number of mystical experiences and numerous life changes which have led him to believe that ACIM is an incredibly effective and coherent spiritual path, and is one of the most important spiritual texts in the world today. His website is a fresh, young take in attempting to explain the perennial, universal truths that lie in ACIM, both in theory and in practice in daily life.
Web Address: http://acimexplained.com
Email Address:ken@acimexplained.com

ACIM Gather
We are a worldwide Ministry committed to the idea of Equality and Inclusion of All. Our mission is to encourage all to share as Guided by their Inner Teacher, taking their rightful place among the Teachers of God. We practice developing trust, the bedrock of God's Teachers, by diminishing self-doubt, through the practice of stepping back, to let What we are, tell us of Itself. We Gather 24/7 by PC or MAC through PalTalk, to hear our brothers and sisters at all levels of teaching and learning, share their Light and Love. Organized by David Fishman with the help of many other Teachers of God.
Web Address: http://www.onemindfdn.org/acimgather.htm
Email Address: david@ACIMGather.org
Telephone: (914) 969-3363

A Course In Miracles International
"Serving humanity through the healing power of forgiving love." A Course In Miracles International represents the millions of teachers and students of the Course who individually or through healing centers or transformational study groups are discovering the peace of enlightened mind for which all humanity yearns. The healing of body, mind, and spirit through the training of our Course is being practiced in virtually every country of the world. Our interest in educational dissemination and outreach follows from our personal imperative to extend Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness to the world.
Web Address: http://www.acimi.com
Email Address: contact@acimi.com
Telephone: (608) 253-1447

ACIM St. Louis
Established in 2005, ACIM St. Louis promotes interaction among students of A Course in Miracles through coordination of ACIM resources, communications and events. We sponsor an annual weekend ACIM retreat, which features national ACIM speakers. We also have a local quarterly ACIM speakers’ series. ACIM St. Louis is a nonprofit organization coordinated by St. Louis ACIM students who have a deep commitment to the Course and helping students learn and apply the Course principles. Our events are based in St. Louis and open to all. Organizers include: Richard Donnelly, Corinne Esneault, Carole Glauser, Ellen Hendricks, and Nancy Storm.
Web Address: http://www.acimstlouis.org
Email Address: cglauser@earthlink.net or awaken1@charter.net
Telephone: (314) 570-5704 Carole Glauser, (636) 625-1277 Richard Donnelly

A Place For Miracles
A Place for Miracles is a teaching and learning center for A Course in Miracles. Located in Las Vegas, A Place for Miracles is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Nevada. As a teaching and study center, our purpose is to support each other in awakening to our one true Identity as God created It by exemplifying the teachings of Jesus as revealed to us in the Course. We provide weekly study groups and Sunday Service to facilitate applying these teaching. Rev. Jerry Cusimano is the Senior Minister. Other principles are Rev. Janet Miller, Rev. "Skipper" Flippin, and Rev. Judy Irving.
Web Address: http://aplaceformiracles.org
Email Address:info@aplaceformiracles.org
Telephone: (702) 388-1553

Carol Howe
Official site for Carol Howe's services and products. Student and teacher of A Course In Miracles for more than thirty years, close friend of Bill Thetford's and author of his up-coming biography, Carol is known for her clear, practical, and inspirational methods for making the Course the natural centerpiece of one's daily life. Carol mirs in Altamonte Springs, Florida and is active in that area. She also travels extensively to teach and share. Carol's other books are Healing the Hurt Behind Addictions and Homeward to an Open Door: Exploring Major Principles of A Course In Miracles.
Web Address: http://www.carolhowe.com
Email Address: carol@carolhowe.com
Telephone: (407) 339-8866

The Circle Of Atonement
The Circle of Atonement — based in Sedona, Arizona and led by teachers Robert Perry and Greg Mackie — serves as one of the most comprehensive sources in the world for the intensive study and practice of A Course in Miracles. Our approach to learning is founded on striving for the most faithful interpretation of the Course possible. Among the services we offer are a variety of educational programs, a website with an extensive collection of writings on the Course, a free monthly newsletter, Course-based healing by Nicola Perry, and a publishing house (Circle Publishing) which publishes many books, e-books, and audio programs by Robert Perry, Greg Mackie, and Allen Watson.
Web Address: http://www.circleofa.org/index.php
Email Address: info@circleofa.org
Telephone: (928) 282-0790

Community Miracles Center (CMC)
CMC was formed in San Francisco, CA in 1987. It's web site serves the worldwide A Course In Miracles community. CMC hosts large international ACIM conferences. CMC has a two year class program that leads to full, legal ordination as an ACIM Minister. Classes are done via telephone conference call so anyone can take it regardless of geographic location. CMC sells the largest and most diverse collection of ACIM literature available anywhere through its web site. There is also an extensive ACIM study group directory, a community blog named the Miracles On-Line Discussion Group (MOLDG), a comprehensive web links page, countless in-depth ACIM articles, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. CMC publishes a printed journal named Miracles Monthly and distributes the CMC Ezine via email. Locally the CMC has Sunday Service, classes, and numerous Fellowship activities. The CMC was cofounded, and is still organized, by Rev. Tony Ponticello.
Web Address: http://www.miracles-course.org
Blog, the MOLDG: http://www.miracles-course.org/cgi-bin/discus/discus.cgi

Email Address: miracles@earthlink.net
Telephone: (415) 621-2556

Community Miracles House
Community Miracles House is committed to helping students practice A Course In Miracles by sharing our understanding of the material, gleaned from over 20 years of study. At Community Miracles House you will find a supportive, loving environment with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth. Using the highly beneficial principles of the curriculum, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life. Join us for any of our four weekly study groups located in Eustis, FL. Donna Kersey is the key facilitator.
Web Address: www.allthingsacourseinmiracles.com
Email Address: teamkersey@hotmail.com
Telephone: (352) 999-1333

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Course In Miracles Society (CIMS)
CIMS incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2000 to publish A Course in Miracles – Original Edition [initially referred to as Jesus' Course in Miracles.] This is the 1972 edition of A Course in Miracles as completed by the scribes prior to further editing. CIMS is now in its second printing of A Course in Miracles – Original Edition. The ACIM Original Edition is available in hard cover, soft cover, and pocket book editions, as well as e-book and audio books. The "Links" area of the CIMS website has information regarding a comparison between versions as well as a cross-reference.
Web Address: http://www.jcim.net
Email Address: cims@jcim.net
Telephone: (800) 771-5056

Craig Villarrubia - Discover a Peace of Joy
Craig Villarrubia is a speaker, student, and teacher of A Course In Miracles. As a result of deep study with the Course Craig experienced what he describes as an ephemeral shift in identification from ego to Oneness. This awakening inspired him to share his message. Based out of Los Angeles his website Discover a Peace of Joy is an ACIM resource for spiritual growth. Here you'll find FREE resources such as video posts, articles, and podcasts that offer insight to enlightenment and the teachings of A Course In Miracles.
Web Address: http://www.craigvillarrubia.com
Email Address: craig@craigvillarrubia.com

Fearless Books
Fearless Books was founded in 1997 by D. Patrick Miller, author of Understanding A Course In Miracles: The History, Message, and Legacy of A Spiritual Path for Today. Miller was the original publisher of Gary Renard's book The Disappearance of the Universe, and he has consulted on many other publishing projects by Course authors. A section of the Fearless website is devoted to "The Continuing Story of the Course" with interviews, ACIM resource links, recommended books and the news and opinion column "Matters of Course" at http://www.fearlessbooks.com/ACourseInMiracles.htm.
Web Address: http://www.fearlessbooks.com
Email Address: info@fearlessbooks.com

Foundation for the Awakening Mind
This is a non-profit Foundation established by David Hoffmeister for the purpose of teaching / learning true forgiveness. David and the Messengers of Peace are a small modern day monastic community living on Divine Providence, with a large global ministry, committed to the practical application of mind training and extending the message of Love, Joy, Peace and True Freedom! They hold gatherings and retreats wherever there is a strong call, make available multi-media materials, facilitate an on-line teaching and ministerial program, and provide counseling and support to those on the path of awakening.
Web Address: http://www.awakening-mind.org
Email Address: requests@awakening-mind.org
Telephone: (435) 709-2535

From Anxiety To Love
Anxiety sucks. Yet it can be a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth. FromAnxietyToLove.com is a site dedicated to sharing the lessons and teachings of A Course in Miracles that helped Corinne Zupko find true inner peace after struggling with mega-anxiety since childhood. Peace IS possible, and Corinne’s mission is to share the loving messages of A Course in Miracles with those who are looking for “another way.” Principal contact person is Corinne Zupko.
Web Address: http://www.FromAnxietyToLove.com
Email Address: info@fromanxietytolove.com
Telephone: (732) 655-4221

Gary Renard
The official website of best-selling author Gary Renard, provides much information including appearances, interviews, reviews, comments, links to all of Gary's books, tapes, CDs and DVDs, podcasts, discussion group, Arten in this lifetime, foreign translations, etc. The site is based in Southern California, but Gary speaks internationally. Gary is the most recent recipient of the Infinity Foundation Spirit Award. The award is given to a person who has made a meaningful contribution to personal and spiritual growth. Past recipients include Dan Millman, Ram Dass, Gary Zukav, James Redfield and Neale Donald Walsch. For more information contact Jan Cook by email (address below).
Web Address: http://www.GaryRenard.com
Email Address: Jan@garyrenard.com
Telephone: (808) 754-1597

Living Miracles
This global ministry is based upon the teachings of A Course in Miracles and provides services, gatherings, retreats, devotionals, concerts, a ministerial program, membership, newsletters, an online TV channel, printed materials, teaching videos, music, and hundreds of free online resources. The term "Living Miracles" is inspired by the living experience of the miracle, of which God/Love is the Source and forgiveness its means. Our focus is on the practical application of ACIM and the extension of its message. Founder David Hoffmeister has traveled the world for over 25 years shining the Light of God's Love wherever there is a strong invitation.
Web Address: www.livingmiraclescenter.org
Email Address: info@livingmiraclescenter.org
Telephone: (435) 709-2535

Love Communications
Established in 2005, Love Communications, Inc. is an A Course in Miracles Education Company. We are exclusively devoted to promoting greater awareness and use of ACIM. We offer a variety of educational programs, products, and services to assist all levels of Course students. Our vision is that of a happier, more peaceful world brought about, in a significant way, through the widespread use and study of ACIM. Our mission is to serve as an accurate, respectful, and user friendly resource for quality ACIM promotion and education. Simply put, our goal is to make ACIM a "household word” (like the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita and other holy books). Jim White is President and Founder. Regular workshops and classes in Livonia, MI.
Web Address: www.lovecomm.org
Email Address: jim@lovecomm.org
Telephone: (734) 446-5536

Lorri Coburn
Rev. Lorri Coburn, MSW, is the author of Breaking Free: How Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles Can Set You Free. Her website contains links to her youtube videos and blog on ACIM, an “Ask Lorri” question and answer column, and dozens of audios on various ACIM topics. There are excerpts of Breaking Free and a link to purchase it from Community Miracles Center, $2 less than Amazon. Lorri has conducted workshops on A Course in Miracles for seven years, and offers spiritual coaching based on its principles. She was a psychotherapist for 25 years. She mirs in Manchester, MI.
Web Address: www.lorricoburn.com
Email Address: lorricassie@sbcglobal.net
Telephone: (734) 646-6585

Milagros en Red
Milagros en Red is an ACIM study centre for the Spanish-speaking miracles community. It is based in La Plata, Argentina and led by Patricia Besada. Founded in 2001, this centre has become the comprehensive source for the understanding and practice of ACIM. Among the services offered, we can mention a free monthly newsletter, workshops, introductory talks, and a website packed with information and translations of articles by many popular ACIM writers.
eb Address: www.milargosenred.org
Email Address: patricia@milagrosenred.org
Blog: www.milargosenred.blogspot.org
Telephone (Argentina): +54-221-470-8313

Miracle Network
A United Kingdom (UK) Registered Charity founded and run by Ian Patrick in London. Miracle Network offers: a free support, contact and information service for 3,500 Course students, mainly in the UK; a bi-monthly magazine, Miracle Worker, containing news, thought-provoking and inspiring articles, listings of ACIM study and support groups and Course related events all over the UK; its own A Course In Miracles talks, workshops, at local and national level, and a bi-annual conference in London; a mail-order service for the lowest UK prices on all Course related books, CDs and computer programs.
Web Address: http://www.miracles.org.uk
Email Address: info@miracles.org.uk
Telephone (UK): +44-20-7262-0209

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Living the Spirit-led life through practical application of A Course in Miracles is the purpose of Revs. Paul and Deborah Phelps’ ministry. MiraclesOne offers ACIM Certification and Ministerial Programs that provide in-depth study of ACIM and the skills needed to truly minister others within the world. The theme-based ACIM Practical Application Programs support spiritual growth via tele-conference, group, mentored, or personal study. Free audio podcasts of lessons learned from Holy Spirit while applying Course principals to normal, everyday situation are available on the our website. MiraclesOne also provides spiritual and relationship counseling, online radio broadcasts, publications, blogs, e-courses, workshops, and more.
Web Address: http://www.miraclesone.org
Email Address: revs@miraclesone.org
Telephone: (844) 444-ACIM or (608) 318-4444

MiraculousMusings is an online presence supporting the work of A Course in Miracles. This website offers ACIM related information in the form of blogs, class information, educational materials, articles, newsletters, and resources. Miraculous Musings audiences are those searching for deeper meaning in their mirs to ultimately find more inner peace. The philosophy of ACIM teaches us that we choose every moment whether we are experiencing pain or peace. The publishers, Rev. Hal S Lafler and Beth Griffith, CPCC, have been students of ACIM for over 20 years and bring their ‘musings’ as reflections of the principles of ACIM and how they affect our everyday mirs.
Website: www.miraculousmusings.com
Contact Us: http://www.miraculousmusings.com/Contact-Us

MiracleShare.org is The Social Network for Students and Teachers of A Course in Miracles. Miracle Share warmly welcomes students and teachers of all editions of ACIM and at all levels of study. The intention of Miracle Share is to hold a loving space online for those who are helped by ACIM, while not substituting for the work we are each called to do with the Holy Spirit. Member content is featured monthly to the entire Miracle Share network. The global community was founded by Danielle Boonstra and Corinne Zupko, and belongs to the Holy Spirit.
Website: http://www.miracleshare.org
Email: info@miracleshare.org

Pathways of Light provides help with applying the principles of A Course in Miracles in daily life through minister training correspondence courses, Miracles Practitioner courses, ACIM workshops both mir and on DVD and CD. The ACIM Minister Training prepares ministers for an ACIM based ministry, including spiritual and relationship counselor training. Free online resources include ACIM Text Made Simple, ACIM Daily Lesson Insights, inspirational daily blogs and journals an on applying ACIM principles, and Miracles News magazine with hundreds of articles about miracles of forgiveness through applying ACIM to everyday life situations. Founded by Rev. Robert and Rev. Mary Stoelting.
Web Address: http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
Email Address: info@pathwaysoflight.org
Telephone: (800) 323-PATH (7284)

The Power To Stop
Karen Bentley is an A Course In Miracles inspired author, educator, and seminar leader. Her Power to Stop program teaches a simple and doable four-step daily process for undoing any unwanted behavior. It features a step for mind, spirit, heart, and body. Each one is a powerful tool for calming self down, releasing tension, and relying on inner peace to transcend the impulse to self-destruct. Stopping is presented as an uplifting path to self-love, personal power, and moments of enlightenment, and is the practical application of Course ideas. The Power to Stop is available in three formats: as a book, a 30-day coaching program and as a weekend seminar.
Web Address: www.powertostop.com
Email Address: karen@karenbentley.com
Telephone: (603) 253-4800

Robin Busfield
Robyn Busfield is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. During her first year of the Workbook lessons in ACIM, she was inspired to relay her personal journey through the lessons. She shares this personal journey in her book, Forgiveness Is The Home of Miracles. Robyn shares on ACIM Radio Gather 3 times a week, details can be found on her website. She also facilitates a weekly study group in Kaneohe on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.
Web Address: http://robynbusfield.com
Email Address: robyn@robynbusfield.com
Telephone: (808) 384-8890

Rocky Mountain Miracle Center
The Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (RMMC) is a teaching center in Denver, Colorado for students and a learning center for teachers of A Course in Miracles. We are dedicated to awakening by applying the Course’s unique form of forgiveness to all our relationships. We offer ongoing ACIM classes and study groups on general and specific topics, as well as a variety of special events, and maintain a lending library and bookstore providing up-to-date Course publications. Tim David is the current President of the Board. Rae Gilmore is Vice President and David Morrissey is the contact person.
Web Address: http://miraclescenter.org
Email Address: miraclecenter@earthlink.net
Telephone: (303) 759-3409

Spiritual Ear: A Course In Miracles Study Tools
Spiritual Ear is dedicated to A Course In Miracles study tools and two local meetings. You'll find hours of free ACIM meditations and audio albums straight from the book, as well as specific audio study tools (MP3 and CD) for focused study of the Course itself. What's different in these recordings is the actual pronoun is read for to clarify meaning among a string of "it, he and He." You can also find a copy of the original typing of the A Course In Miracles Urtext, a lessons timer, a free all-in-one-year study guide companion for the book, and more. Peace to our mind! Andrew Allansmith is the producer.Local meetings are in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California.
Web Address: http://www.SpiritualEar.org
Email Address: info@spiritualear.com
Telephone: (831) 272-ACIM (2246)

Undoing The Ego
In their best-seller, Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego, Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira offer a profound and practical road map to undoing the only block we have that keeps us from experiencing consistent peace, love and joy. This book arose from the authors’ sincere commitment to mir out (over 17 years) the principles outlined in A Course in Miracles. They are a divorced couple who are living examples of the power of Quantum Forgiveness. The result is this revealing guide to the Six Stages of Spiritual Awakening. The website contains articles, interviews, newsletters and workshops. Sparo Vigil is also a key contact person.
Web Address: http://www.undoing-the-ego.org
log: http://undoing-the-ego.org/noukblog/
Email Address: Sparo@undoing-the-ego.org
Telephone (USA): (505) 603-7416

The Voice For Love
Inspired by A Course in Miracles, The Voice for Love, founded by DavidPaul Doyle and Candace Doyle in 2004, is dedicated to teaching people how to hear the Holy Spirit within them in a very clear and recognizable way. They offer books, CD programs, workshops, and certification programs on hearing the Holy Spirit as a distinct and recognizable voice within.
Web Address: http://www.thevoiceforlove.com
Email Address: love@thevoiceforlove.com
Telephone: (541) 488-0426

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