How do I get my 10% Supporting Member discount on books?

You must be a Community Miracles Center Supporting Member in order to an additional 10% discount on all the products through the bookstore. After you become a CMC Supporting Member we send you your login name and password.

1) Click on "ACIM Bookstore" on the top of the page.

2) Once at the Book Store, click on "Account" from the top, maroon title bar, or from the "Click here to log into account" link which is on the top of the "dusty rose" category list on the left hand side of the page.

3) On the next page between the red and blue lines you will see a field for "Login:" and a field for "Password". Type in your login and password. (We sent these to you when you became a member. If you need them again, email us and ask for them.) Do not click, "Create New Account" even if you have never ordered before. We have created an account for you and you must use the one we created. If you created your own account previously, we have eliminated it and created a new Supporting Member account for you.

4) You should now find yourself back at the home page of the On-Line Bookstore, except at the top of the blue category list on the left hand side you will now see:

"Welcome back: 'Your Name'"

5) All the products will now show a 10% discount in the price and the totals will reflect this discount automatically.

To become a CMC Supporting Member click here: CMC Supporting Members.

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