The Community Miracles Center is an official recognized "Church" organization with an approved ordination program recognized by the State of California and the United States Of America. CMC ministers have all rights and privileges of ministers anywhere and can put the "Reverend" title in front of their names. The CMC ordination program take a minimum of two years.

There are many organizations which offer Ordination programs and students should be aware that some, although "well-meaning," may not actually legally have the right to do so. In the service of prospetive candidates everywhere the CMC has decided to make all it's oganization documents pulbic. Please click on the appropriate link to view the legal documents. Please call for any further clarification.

1. Articles of Incorporation Secretary of State of State of California dated Feb. 9, 1987 (Shows Church intended purpose)
2. Recognition Letter Franchise Tax Board State of California dated  Jun. 17, 1987 (Shows legal Church status)
3. Recognition Letter Internal Revenue Service U.S.A. dated Jan. 8, 1988 (Shows 501[c]3 Public Charity status)
4. Amendment to Articles Secretary of State of State of California dated Jan. 14, 1998 (Shows name change)

The first year is it's class ACIM-1. This class studies the Text of A Course In Miracles.It uses the ACIM Original Edition version of the book published by the Course In Miacles Society.  This is a Zoom Video Conferencing class so it is easily available to all ACIM students all over the world (please make adjustments for local time zones) who have internet access. Zoom is a free application for he user and works on all modern computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. The Text is read aloud in class and discussed after each section. The class is offered on a sliding fee schedule. The suggested fee is $120 for 10 weeks ($95 for CMC Supporting Members). If this is not an appropriate amount less or more may be paid after an agreement is made with the instructor. The  students must enroll in ten week segments. After five consecutive, ten week segments a student can just pay for the remaining two weeks and complete the year's cycle. Students can join at any time. They do not have to wait for the beginning of the year cycle. They will complete after they have been in the class 52 consecutive weeks. After successful completion of this year long class students are certified "A Course In Miracles Practitioners Of The Community Miracles Center." These CMC Practitioners can go on and enroll in ACIM-2.

The second year class, ACIM-2 is also a 52 week class. This class studies the Workbook of A Course In Miracles. This class again uses ACIM Original Edition. ACIM-2 also studies the books: Manual For TeachersClarification of Terms,  Psychotherapy: Purpose Process And Practice and Song Of Prayer. This class also uses Zoom Video Conferencing and is also offered on a sliding fee schedule. The current suggested price is also $120 for 10 weeks ($795 for CMC Supporting Members) and less or more may be depending on the students financial situation. Again, after five consecutive, ten week segments the student can just pay for the remaining three weeks (365 days takes a little more than 52 weeks) and complete the year cycle. Again, a student can join at any time of the year and completes the class after 53 consecutive weeks. This class requires more of a time commitment than ACIM-1. Students have rotating lesson partners, fellow students, who they call on the telephone every day and read the Workbook lesson of the day with. Students also have a year long service commitment These service commitments must be something that directly benefits the  Community Miracles Center. Students must also do some kind of volunteer work for a local non-profit organization. After successful completion of this year long class, students are certified "A Course In Miracles Ministers Of The Community Miracles Center." They are then legal "Pastoral Counselors" and can perform legal weddings.

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