Sunday Gathering April 21 2019Since the Community Miracles Center was formed, a Sunday Gathering has been held where local A Course In Miracles students, and always welcome visitors, can find a place where the healing, metaphysical thoughts from ACIM are explored and practiced. The Sunday Gathering contains lecture, discussion, meditation, singing, and, of course, socializing. This is the perfect introduction to ACIM and the CMC. Meet “mighty companions” for your spiritual journey into healing in San Francisco every Sunday Morning at 10:45 a.m. There is fresh brewed Ritual Coffee, bagels and croissants with butter and jam.

At 25 Van Ness Avenue
(@ Market)

Downstairs in lower level across from the New Conservatory Theater Company (NCTC)

San Francisco, CA, 94102
(This is a totally acessible location. There are no stairs or steps and there is an elevatory to go down to the lower level.)

Sunday 10:45 a.m.

Call us at: (415)621-2556 or email us at: < > for more information.

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