Guest Article 1987 to 1999

Guest Article 1987 to 1999

Is Transgenderism Wrong ?

Though at first glance this might appear to be a subject that has little relevance to your life or to A Course In Miracles, if you'll stay with me you may find that you'll come away with a different attitude toward what, up until relatively recently, has been a hidden minority: The transgender community.

Lauren Renee HotchkissBefore going further, let me take a moment to define a few possibly confusing and often confused terms. "Transgendered" refers to anyone who feels uncomfortable with the gender role of their anatomical sex. Within this overall category there are three main sub-communities: transvestites, who periodically dress in the clothing of the opposite sex; transsexuals, who have sexual reassignment surgery to become the opposite sex; and finally transgenderists (those who cross gender boundaries), or ambigenderists (those who combine them) who live permanently in the opposite gender role, or androgynously (like myself) and who may either take or not take sex hormones as an aid to developing the desirable qualities of the opposite sex, but do not desire sex-change surgery. In all cases, these can be either male to female, or female to male individuals.

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A Spirit Having A Body Experience

Rev. Larry Bedini gave the following talk at the Community Miracles Center on October 17, 1999. Rev. Larry's demirry had the congregation laughing all through this inspiring talk. His spirit and sense of humor have been a blessing for us all. Even through many of his most painful times, he still managed to cook his famous breakfasts for us and kept his spirits high. It is with great pleasure and honor we present this article.

I'll start by saying this may sound like a self-indulgent sermon, but I assure that it is not. My talk this morning is to explain to you that I, too, put into practice A Course In Miracles, applying it to what I've been going through these past five and a half months. I thank God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, and myself for manifesting a book called A Course In Miracles. It has proven to me it works. I have proven to myself it works. I hope to prove to all of you around me it works. Whether it's the Course or some other spiritual practice really doesn't matter. The important thing is to have a spiritual practice, something you believe in, that helps you through the most difficult times of your life.

Rev. Larry's Spirit AngelWe all have difficult times. My story isn't going to be any greater than yours. We could have a "can-you-top-this" session, because to each of us our experiences, our traumas, are the most devastating of all. So please understand as I talk about my story, and show you how I've applied the Course and show how it works for me, it's not a "can-you-top-this" situation. My story is simply statements of the facts and how the Course helped me – and is still helping. As you can see by my attitude, I'm not down. Nor am I on a poor me, self-pity, oh what a tragic life, oh what a miserable life, life is hell, why did this happen to me, etc., mode.

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