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A Present Love 2015 NYC ACIM Conference

by 8 CMC Ministers - Conference Staff

Jon Munday & Rev. Tony Have a Dance Off

Jon Mundy & Rev. Tony Have a Dance Off

The 2015 A Present Love conference was a professional challenge and, ultimately, my greatest career accomplishment. All together there were 507 ACIM students gathered at the Hotel Pennsylvania in midtown Manhattan which made this the largest ACIM Conference the CMC has put together. From the inception of choosing a theme, to the final packing up of boxes for shipping back to San Francisco, everything was working together to create this awesome experience of joining with like-minded brothers and sisters so that our belief and experience of the healing ideas from ACIM could strengthen and manifested. In my mind, it's all about healing the world of the separation and lack illusions that seem to inhabit it. It's all about being Miracle Workers, and it is my job to be in the middle of all that swirling energy and make it happen.

When people ask me what the best part of the Conference is for me, I usually think of an important "behind the scenes" event. This is the Presenters' and Staff meeting on Friday morning at 10 o'clock. It is my goal to get all the Presenters and Staff together in one room and have us all join for the purpose of introducing ourselves and getting clear on our goal and purpose for the weekend. For me, just being in the same room with all these wonderful and dedicated ACIM teachers and students is an energy boost that is over the top. Look at the 36 of us in the picture. Wow!


Ordination 3.15.15 – Pt. 1

by Rev. Daphne Blunck & Rev. Gwendolyn Evans

Four New CMC Ministers

Four New CMC Ministers

I know a lot of people don't believe in the concept of "God" or don't resonate with that word. It is pretty hard to undo a lifetime of religious indoctrination about God as personified, human-like, all-powerful, and yet judging and punishing. Regardless of what you call it, there is another reality going on here. For me, it is where physics meets metaphysics. It is where I discovered that I have two minds, the mind of the ego, that which my friends happen to know, and access to the Mind of God. By agreeing to study A Course in Miracles, I've taken up the challenge to find out what I am really. Am I consciousness floating around this electromagnetic energy stew? But guided by what? Creating realities that we think we see but for what purpose? Just because we all seem to agree that we see the "world" as it is (this is called consensus validation) does that make it so? If we have the power to create worlds with our thoughts, which the Course assures us that we do, and daily, why are we creating the world as we see it right now?

A thought does create a world. If you don't think this premise is true, follow one of your thoughts through the day – your seemingly innocent thought – and watch what it creates in your emotions and how it ripples. That is your world. So this ordination, for me, is just the beginning of my journey. It is my agreement to accept responsibility, to communicate about spirit. It is my commitment to maintain conscious contact with the field of all possibilities, which I prefer to call God.



by Rev. Roxie Benson

Daniel & Angel Standing in Lion's Den

Daniel & Angel Standing in Lion's Den

However there is one premise that we have to trust as A Course In Miracles students for the entire discipline to make sense. If we don't trust this one thing then the rest of it can't work. We have to trust that there isn't a world. We have to believe Jesus when he tells us that the world is an illusion, because if we don't then we can't trust. If we think that the world is real, that bodies die and people get killed, that suffering is true, and that wars can change our reality then we can't trust. We can't trust this discipline at all.  We have to trust what he is telling us, which is that there is no world except in our own perception that we have made up.

If you start with that, if you are willing to trust that the world is an illusion – or even if you are just willing to become willing to trust – then the rest of what he promises in this Course is available to you. Jeshua talks about trust in a lot of different ways in A Course In Miracles. Once you trust the premise that there is no world then you need someone to help you reinterpret the world. We put our trust in fear. We put our trust in ego; we put our trust in separation. We put our trust in all the laws of the world, and now we need something else to trust in. So, we turn to the Holy Spirit. Jeshua tells us, "Trust Him to answer quickly, surely, and with love for everyone who will be touched in any way by the decision. And everyone will be." (OrEd.Tx.13.81) If I trust that – if I trust that I have within my own mind the perfect answer, the most loving answer for anyone involved in the situation – then I can get through anything. I can get through anything in this world. First we trust that the world is an illusion in our own mind, and then we trust in Holy Spirit to give us a different interpretation of it.


Ordination 3.15.15 – Pt. 2

by Rev. Jean Pope & Rev. Kim WIlson

Four New CMC Ministers

Four New CMC Ministers

The Way of Mastery says to "... realize that it is not necessary to know, to interpret, and to analyze." (TWOM.p.219) There's a revelation for me — really? I thought I had it figured out, and I really already thought I knew what you needed, right? Right?! Right! Y'all all have my number. "For Christ does not store perception and knowledge." (TWOM.p.219) As I abide in Christ, my job — to abide in Christ – just thinking about my Source, my Creator all the time. I'm going to abide in the mind of Christ and just think about God, or think about Creator or Source. "Christ, eternally in Love with all that God is, merely opens, receives and gives ..." (TWOM.p.219) Let Him know what you need. I don't know what anything is for. "Christ, eternally in Love with all that God is, merely opens, receives and gives, knowing that that which is given comes not of himself or herself, but rather through himself or herself, from infinite mystery that I have called Abba Father." (TWOM.p.219)

Then as we contemplate a little further into the meditation, what is it today that I'm going to do as I head out into my busy bee world? What am I gonna do to store up Heaven in my consciousness? What am I gonna do? Am I gonna just love somebody? I'm gonna feel it. You know just anything. Just name it. I'm going to extend love. That's all I want to do. I just want to love.



CMC Mission Statement

" The Community Miracles Center is a worldwide community for anyone who is interested in the spiritual teaching A Course in Miracles. We are on the "Great Crusade" in learning how to forgive the world that we are in. We do that by LISTENING to guidance from Holy Spirit or our Higher Power, LEARNING about true cause and effect, and actively DOING things to shift the errors in perception. Our mission is to transform the world we see into a reflection of Heaven and manifest the "Real World." We do this locally, nationally, and internationally "