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Judy Skutch-Whitson 1931-2021

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Judy Skutch-Whitson

Judy Skutch-Whitson

Judy became the very public face of A Course in Miracles in the late ‘70s. She personally introduced it to thousands of people in events around the country. She told a compelling story of how ACIM had been scribed by Helen with connection and support from Bill, how miraculously it came to Helen word for word just as it was printed, and how the whole copying, distributing, and then publishing of it was one miracle after another. She told how she at first had to “xerox” copy after copy to give to people who were interested and how there was no way she could keep up with the demand for early copies. She talked about how the money to professionally publish was miraculously received. The story seemed almost too good to be true.



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The Community Miracles Center is a local and worldwide fellowship. We share our experience of A Course In Miracles and other related spiritual teachings in order to heal our perception of ourselves, our relationships, and the world."

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What Does ACIM Say about "Church?"

"There is no choice in this because only you can be the foundation of God's church. A church is where an altar is, and the presence of the altar is what makes it a church. Any church which does not inspire love has a hidden altar which is not serving the purpose for which God intended it. I must found His church on you because you who accept me as a model are literally my disciples." (OrEd.Tx.6.12)

Trust2 (Trust Squared)

by Rev. Tony Ponticello 

Exponential Curve and Coffee

Exponential Curve and Coffee

Trust is listed as the first of ten characteristics of the Teachers of God. There are ten characteristics of the Teachers of God and trust is the first one. Then A Course In Miracles tells us that trust is the foundation of the other nine. It says, "This is the foundation on which their ability to fulfill their function rests." (OrEd.Mn.4.3) Everything that we are going to do as Teachers of God, all the miracles that we are going to do and our part in the atonement, it's all founded on trust.


Masculinity, Miracles, and the End of Dreams

by Rev. Peter Graham 

Traditional Masculine Image

Traditional Masculine Image

Now coming back a little to my story. I think we all go through our ego development, we form who we are, at a certain point. I would say most people are fully formed by 18-22. I started deconditioning myself from the negative aspects of masculinity during college, when I started to become more honest with myself about my sexuality and I started coming out in therapy. (Rev. Peter is an out gay man.)  I experienced depression for mental illness, because I was having a very hard time reconciling myself with who I had appeared to be as a ball player – I was captain of my college football team. I had all these obviously stereotypical masculine traits and a conservative Catholic upbringing – though that was changing in my mind. I realized, "Oh my God!" I've had this attraction to men, and how am I going to reconcile these things. It seemed that my masculinity was really in conflict.


Challenges of Being a Miracle Teacher & Healer

by Rev. Tony Ponticello

Circle Dragons of Fire

Circle Dragons of Fire

The guidance that I got is that it is the teacher's job to help the student, or it is the healer's job to help the patient, keep following the Holy Spirit through the seeming terror that may come up for them, understanding that the student and the patient are going to be severely tempted to abandon the Holy Spirit's guidance when they confront their fear. Often A Course in Miracles says things like, "You're severely tempted." So if Jesus is telling us that we're going to be severely tempted, I think he wants us to understand how strong that temptation is, and that it is the teacher's job, it is the healer's job, to help students get through that.


Words for Christmas Eve

by Rev. Tony Ponticello


Chocolate Cookies and Sambuca

We heard some quotations read earlier from A Course In Miracles that have to do with Christmas. This one I've always liked. "Welcome me not into a manger but into the altar to holiness, where holiness abides in perfect peace." (OrEd.Tx.15.31) Jesus is saying, don't think lack. Don't think lowly. Don't think manger. We can make manger into a positive thing, but I think in this quotation he means manger, you know, the barn. The place Mary and Joseph went when there wasn't any place for them at the inn. They had to go to the manger, the barn, where the animals were. Jesus is saying to us in the Course, "Don't welcome me in that kind of lack energy." We might see that as poignant, and we could feel sad that he was birthed in a manger, a barn, but let's transmute it. Let's move it up to the sublime.